Does Lowe’s Accept American Express? (your Complete Guide)

Amex is Lowe’s preferred payment method and most benefits can be enjoyed by using this card. However, it is not limited to only Lowe’s. Amex is available to people of any income level, and is one of the most widely accepted credit cards in the world. Amex is widely used in North America, UK, and other countries.

I researched whether Lowe’s accepts American Express, what the benefits are if American Express is accepted, and what other payment methods are available!

Does Lowe’s Accept American Express In 2022?

Lowe’s does not accept American Express credit cards as of 2022. Amex can be used with Lowe’s, its website, and its mobile app. Also, Amex has a Lowe’s business rewards card available, which gives customers discounts on products and services and gives 5% cashback on purchases for six months.

If you decide to apply for this card, the rewards are amazing!
There are over 4,000 stores so you can choose Lowe’s to find great specials, sales and discounts all year long.
Once you complete your account registration you will receive your exclusive Lowe’s card.
You can use your Lowe’s card for purchases at Lowe’s, at more than 4,000 store locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

When Can I Use American Express at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s has decided to accept American Express for all transactions.

When you are in a physical store, do not enter your account information into the payment terminal. You must scan your fingerprint.

Home improvement, such as plumbing, electrical, painting/decorating and handyman.

Does Lowe’s Accept American Express Gift Cards?

American Express gift cards can be used at any store that accepts American Express. You can also use the gift card at Lowe’s.

This can also be used at the end of the month, as the payment method has a monthly credit limit.

If you find out there is a mistake in your visa application, and you still have not paid any money, then you need to make sure you have a backup payment option.

What Are The Benefits Of Using American Express At Lowe’s?

You can acquire a Lowe’s credit card to pay for your Lowe’s purchases.

You are protected with a 0% APR on payments for the first two months. This is a variable rate APR of 15.74% to 24.74%. This rate will vary at markets rates based on your credit score.

There are also benefits to using the credit card at Lowe’s. These benefits consist of a discount program called Lowe’s ProServices, where you can get free delivery or bulk pricing. There is also the Lowe’s Business Replacement Program.

Lowe’s is giving 5% back on your eligible purchase. Additionally, you can get 5% cash back within the first six months as well as 2% cash back after the first six months.

What Other Payment Methods Does Lowe’s Accept?

Lowe’s Gift Cards have different ways of being used. You can use your cards in-store, online, or by mail. You can also use gift cards for the cost of the items, or for a specific amount.

After the American Express business reward card was banned in 2012, Lowe’s introduced its Lowe’s Business Rewards Card.

You can also set up a Lowe’s Advantage card to make 84 fixed monthly payments with reduced APR on eligible purchases.

The two payment systems will be replaced by Walmart’s VISA program.

You can also learn more about Lowe’s payment options by reading our previous posts: Lowe’s takes PayPal, Lowe’s takes Apple Pay, and Lowe’s accepts checks.


Yes you can use your card at Lowe’s in all of its physical locations, on its website, and the Lowe’s mobile app.

American Express even has it’s own Lowe’s business rewards credit card which gives customers access to Lowe’s proservices and give discounts for
eligible products.

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