Can You Buy A Visa Gift Card With A Home Depot Gift Card?

Visa gift cards are versatile gifts that can be used to pay for merchandise or refreshments at any retailer that accepts Visa payments.

If you have a Home Depot gift card, you can use it to purchase a Visa gift card. It will be your name on the Visa card and you can only use it at Visa locations.

Can You Buy A Visa Gift Card With A Home Depot Gift Card In 2022?

In case you want to use Visa gift cards on Home Depot, make sure to purchase the card from a vendor that has an affiliation with Home Depot. Home Depot gift cards cannot be used on general merchandise at other vendors, as it goes against the company’s policy.

I need to mention that in the U.S., you cannot buy a Visa gift card with a Home Depot gift card. The way you can buy a Visa gift card is to go in person to your local store or online through the Home Depot website.

Why Can’t You Buy A Visa Gift Card With A Home Depot Gift Card?

It is obvious that you can’t use a gift card for another gift card.
However, as you may have noticed, you cannot use a Visa Gift Card to purchase Home Depot Gift Cards.

Home Depot will start giving out rewards for customers using a prepaid MasterCard, the home improvement chain said Tuesday, but it will still charge a 3 percent fee for each transaction.

How Do You Buy A Visa Gift Card At Home Depot?

The Company now accept payment through Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and some other payment methods by certain merchants.

Home Depot accepts the following modes of payment: Check, Cash, Credit cards, Debit cards, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Online Banking.

Visa gift cards are issued by our service provider through the payment gateway which also is used to process the payment.

Depending on the amount you are loading onto the gift card, these costs vary.

What Can You Purchase With A Home Depot Gift Card?

When you have a Home Depot gift card, if you spent money on the website, you will not get a credit that you can put towards other purchases.

This means you’ll have the freedom to choose from a range of power tools, home decor, furniture, flooring styles, paint, and lighting fixtures sold by Home Depot. The Home Depot will always have the best home decor and furniture available, but you’ll always have the freedom to pick out just the right style; including choosing the right lighting fixtures and paint selections. You’ll always have the options you want and need.

However, customers cannot use gift cards to pay for a loan balance, tool rentals or in-home purchases. Instead, customers should seek payment by check or bank transaction.

If you’re thinking about using a Home Depot gift card, you should know that some merchants offer Home Depot gift cards for sale. Some of these merchants specifically sell Home Depot gift cards that can be converted to Visa gift cards. Check with the merchant if they offer this service.


Home Depot will refuse its customers to use their gift cards as it’s policy.

Additionally, you are not allowed to purchase Home Depot gift cards from the Home Depot online store or using your home address on the phone. However, you can purchase a gift card in person, using cash or a debit or credit card.

Customers can use any debit or credit card at the Home Depot and they can use their Personal check or a Home Depot business check.

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