Walmart Logo Meaning [history, Evolution, Changes, Hex Codes + What It Means] 

Walmart has been around since 1962 and has evolved by offering new services, expanding to multiple continents, and bringing its e-commerce website to the forefront.

It is in the year 2014 that Walmart has rebranded and made a lot of changes with the original logo. Starting from the logo being changed to the color purple, as well as the font and the tag line.

Walmart Logo Meaning 

The colorful and friendly symbol of the smiley face, which also represents Walmart, with eyes, a nose and an ‘X’ above the eyes, has been a popular symbol for the American store. The starburst is a more recent addition to the logo, and it is a visual representation of the company’s mission to provide value. The starburst logo represents the company’s commitment to provide the lowest prices, highest quality everyday low prices and to be a great value.

To get more information about how Walmart’s logo came to be, keep watching!
We saw the first time Walmart’s logo appeared in its early years in our documentary.

The History Of Walmart’s Logo

The first logo for Walmart was designed in 1962 when the company first opened its first retail store in Texas.

After that, the letters in the logo were blue with a line between them and was used until the early 1980s.

The ‘unofficial’ logo the company uses today was designed internally by Walmart in the 1990’s as a logo for the entire company. Though it is not officially recognized by Walmart, it has been in use since at least 1995.

Walmart is one of the biggest stores in the world, and they have done a really good job of making sure that they’re recognizable.

Who Created Walmart’s First Logo? 

The original Walmart logo was designed as a symbol of the company, which Walmart’s founder,Sam Walton, chose to make sure that it would give the most positive impression to customers.

The first version of the Walmart logo was created by a man named Walter Dill Scott. The design of the logo was only created to be the logo of the chain’s first store.

How Has Walmart And Its Logo Evolved Over The Years?

Walmart has had an array of logos over the years. It has gone through a variety of names including: Wal-mart, Wally World, WallyMart, Wally World, and Walmart.

I always liked the initial design for the app, with the dark color scheme. But eventually they started implementing the current blue color scheme.

In 2000, Walmart made a few minor changes in its logo, when the word ‘Walmart’ was moved from the top to the side of the logo and the ‘W’ was removed from the word ‘walmart’.

What Are The Hex Codes For The Colours On Walmart’s Logo? 

The dark blue color appears in the top-right of the Walmart logo, the medium blue shade appears in the top-left of the Walmart logo, and the lightest blue shade appears in the bottom-right of the Walmart logo.

I have this orange and yellow color codes on hand, so this is the first time I used them.

The darker shade of green is known as Fresh Product Dark Green, and the slightly lighter shade is known as Fresh Product Light Green.

Why Does Walmart Use Blue For Its Logo And Store Design? 

The researchers said that the color blue has been shown to emulate feelings of serenity, peacefulness, and calmness, and this could be exactly why Walmart chose the color blue for their branding!

The gentle color of blue is also generally not too stimulating. It is not too strong, and it does not irritate the eye or burn.

This would mean that everyone can enjoy Walmart without having to feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Why Did Walmart Change Its Logo Colours? 

Walmart is going to redo their logo in a more modern and friendly style and is going to go back to their original blue color.

If Walmart offers very cheap goods at very affordable prices, the light blue color emphasizes the wholesome feel of the store!

If the logo were made in a lighter color, some users would think it was a generic Walmart logo that was not in the company’s own color scheme. Users would not be able to instantly recognize the company name and logo and therefore may not be as likely to click on your page.

– **Themes of the Page**: You should use descriptive and relevant themes for your pages.

What Is Walmart’s Slogan? 

The most recent video from Walmart’s YouTube channel is titled ‘It costs more to live at Walmart’. This video is a response to the ‘Walmart prices vs. Walmart store prices’. It says that prices are higher in Walmart stores as opposed to Walmart’s prices.

The above video shows that Walmart may not be the cheapest retailer, but it is a good value with its assortment of products.

Walmart’s founder said the company’s mission is to provide low-cost, high-quality, great-value everyday low prices and this mission statement is written on the back of every new Walmart truck.

What Are Walmart’s Four Core Values? 

Walmart’s four core values are the following:
[Explanation]: All four values are positive. They show that Walmart values people, which is a great thing.

Walmart considers instilling its core values as the keystone of its business. There is a corporate philosophy of Walmart, which is aimed at instilling these values into its staff and has created staff and store policies to uphold these points.

Walmart’s very own brand color scheme and design also helped to create a respectful and inclusive atmosphere within every Walmart store!

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Here’s a short video of the history of the Walmart logo:

From a marketing perspective, the Walmart logo is one of the most popular in the US because of its long history and versatility to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Walmart has a strong brand mentality that is weaved into every aspect of their identity, from their advertising to store design. The company’s founders are intertwined with the look and feel of the brand.

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