Who Manufactures Great Value Products? (Everything To Know!)

Walmart strives to be a low-price retailer by offering essential goods at affordable prices to customers. Walmart offers household items under the Great Value brand to help clients save some money.

You might now be asking yourself if there are any quality differences between Walmart’s regular grocery and Great Value products. Who is responsible for making Great Value products for Walmart? This comprehensive guide will reveal these manufacturers.

Who makes great value products?

ConAgra and Sara Lee are the most well-known manufacturers of Great Value groceries. They produce products like cheese, coffee and salsa. Walmart also has a Fort Wayne dairy plant that produces milk. Kraft, Ziploc and Danon are all great brands that produce Great Value groceries.

Continue reading to learn more about the manufacturers of Great Value’s amazing products.

Natural Springs Offer Water of Outstanding Value

Great Value spring water is a great way to quench your thirst right from the Bosswood Springs, Platte County.

It is possible to buy multiple bottles of water at $0.80 per gallon. The water has an ozonated purification, which gives it a neutral pH level.

It has also reduced harmful pollutants.

Cott makes great value root beer

Walmart beer is a great way to save money and not compromise on flavor. Cott is the supposedly Great Value root beer producer. Customers pay $2.28 per dozen cans of 12 fluid ounces Cott.

It will be difficult to distinguish the differences in taste between Great Value root beer and A&W beer because it contains almost identical ingredients. One thing you’ll notice is the difference in the prices. A&W root beer is more than $11 so if you drink Great Value root beer you can save almost $10

Ziploc makes Zipper Bags at a Great Value

According to rumours, Walmart sells Great Value Ziploc bags. Although the brand has yet to confirm any affiliation with Walmart, Great Value zip bags bear a striking resemblance to Ziploc bags in terms of design and quality.

You will pay $2.88 for 100 Great Value Zipper Freezer bags. This is a significantly lower price than Ziploc’s comparable item which costs $8.84 for 74 freezer bag. Imagine how much you could save!

Danon Manufactures Great Yogurt, and Greek Yogurt

Danon is a popular brand that makes Greek yogurt and Great Value yogurt. Great Value yogurts are equally delicious, but at a lower price.

The 32oz low fat vanilla yogurt at Great Value is $1.74, while Danon’s equivalent is $2.78. Even though the margin is not large, any savings are worth it.

There are many options for orange-flavored yogurts, including blueberry, key lime and mixed berry.

UTZ Makes Great Value Potato Chips


You may be familiar with the fact that UTZ potato chips can often be purchased in large quantities if you are a regular customer. Great Value potato chips are a great option if you’re looking for a snack that is affordable.

Peter Pan’s Peanut Butter is a Great Value Product

Spend $4.68 less on Peter Pan peanut butter, and get on board the Great Value Creamy Peanut Butter bandwagon. Walmart’s Great Value peanut Butter is only $4.34

Walmart offers a variety of peanut butters, including organic, crunchy, honey-roasted, smooth, and powdered, for as low as $10 per jar.

Walmart’s Dairy Plant Produces Great Value Almond Milk

Walmart is launching its own dairy plant to produce cow’s milk. It is likely that they will also produce almond milk under the Great Value brand.

The origin of milk purchased at your local store might vary due to the location. Borden Dairy Co. and Meadow Gold Diary are two other popular suppliers of dairy products that make their brands.

Almond milk can be expensive, but Walmart’s Great Value brand makes it more affordable with half a gallon selling for $1.98.

McCormick’s Spices at Great Value.

A recent report suggests that McCormick could be the manufacturer of the spices in the Great Value brand. These two brands are not easily distinguished. Great Value offers a way to transform your meals for a fraction of the cost of expensive seasonings and spices.

ConAgra makes great value flour

ConAgra, a well-known Great Value product manufacturer, operates a flour milling business based in the U.S. It is therefore a reliable Great Value flour producer. Walmart is the best option on the grocery market.

It would be foolish to pay $9.10 to buy Gold Medal branded flour, when you can spend $5.98 at Walmart for the same quantity.

Sara Lee makes K-Cups at Great Value

Walmart’s Great Value K-cups might be a good choice if you’re looking for a tasty and affordable way to start your morning. According to an online report, Sara Lee is the maker of Walmart’s Great Value coffee.

Walmart offers a wide range of Great Value K-cups that include coffee styles such as a French vanilla, breakfast blend, or blonde roast.

Great Value packs 48 cost $14.92, which is less than Starbucks 44 kcups at $28.98. You will end up spending quite a bit.

Kraft Manufacturers Great Value Mayonnaise

You may be a fan of mayonnaise and will be pleased to hear that Great Value Mayonnaise is being manufactured by global brad Kraft.

Only the packaging and price are different. Walmart will only charge $3.88 for a 42-ounce jar Great Value mayonnaise.

Is Great Value a good brand?


Great Value products are affordable and can be used in a variety of ways.

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ConAgra and Sara Lee are the two top Great Value producers. Walmart also produces milk at Fort Wayne’s dairy plant. Agaia makes great value cleaning products and laundry detergent.

Other notable manufacturers include Ziploc, General Mills and McCormick.

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