What Does The Dhl ‘with Delivery Courier’ Message Mean?


DHL is the only company that I know of that says “with delivery courier.” So what exactly does this mean?

What does the DHL “With Delivery Courier” Message mean?

DHL’s “With Delivery Courier” message is very similar to the couriers’ “Out For Delivery” message. This message means that the package is currently on its way to you and that it can be expected at your home within one day. It shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours for a DHL package to arrive once it is marked ‘with delivery courier’.

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What is the DHL Courier Delivery Time?

DHL is the fastest courier service around. It takes DHL around 2-3 days to deliver most parcels in neighboring countries.

DHL sometimes takes up to 20 business days to deliver a shipment, especially if the destination country is far away or there are customs delays.

What does ‘In Transit to Delivery Courier’ mean?

“In Transit to Delivery Courier” means that the package has left the warehouse and is now on its way to its final destination, but it is not yet available for delivery.

After the package reaches its destination, it will be transferred to “With Delivery Courier”, which is the last stage of the shipment process.

It can take up to one to two days for the ‘In Transit to Delivery Courier’ stage to reach its destination and be ready to go.

DHL texts you before delivery?

If you live in the UK, you can sign up to receive text messages about your shipment. When your product is ready to be shipped, you will receive a “You’re Next!” message.

However, fraudulent emails and text messages are being sent using DHL’s logo and name.

Be wary of emails and texts claiming to be DHL if you haven’t signed up for these messages. They may ask for payment for customs or import fees.

DHL warns customers to be cautious about the following:

  • Many SMS scams include a short URL, e.g. To obscure the destination of the link, start with https://bit.ly/
  • You will not see the sender number, but you will find a generic name like “Delivery”
  • The prefix of the phone number begins with a country suffix that is not in an expected territory (e.g.

If your text message includes any of the above, DHL advises you to take a screenshot of the suspicious SMS and send to phishing-dpdhl@dhl.com, include the suspicious phone number in the message.

How do I know when my DHL package will arrive?

To track your parcel, you can visit DHL’s Track Your Parcel Page anytime during the shipping process.

To check the current location of your parcel, you will need the shipping number and the recipient zip code. You will then know when your parcel will arrive.

How Often Does DHL Update Monitoring?

DHL’s tracking system is automated, which means that your parcel will instantly be tracked if it is scanned.

It’s not a matter of how often they update their information but rather when your package changes status.

Once your parcel leaves a warehouse or arrives, it is scanned and you can view that information immediately in the Track Your Parcel page.

DHL is reliable

DHL Express is the most trusted courier in the world. DHL Express has been a trusted international courier for many years.

DHL has a great reputation for shipping anywhere (with the exception of North Korea).

DHL is one of the few companies that can ship to every corner in the world as efficiently and quickly as DHL.


DHL is the best international courier service in the world. The message ‘with delivery courier” indicates that the package has been shipped from the final warehouse to your address.

You can usually expect your package within 24hrs if you receive the message ‘with delivery courier’.

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