How Long Does Usps Parcel Select Take? + Other Common Faqs

If you are an individual, you might have to ship out a few packages. Some companies are even starting to allow customers to ship their packages for them.

This includes U.S. Postal Service Postal Service Parcel Select (PS), an affordable package delivery service that is positioned to appeal to medium-to-high volume shippers.

If you’re shipping a $200 item, you’re looking at an average of $14.95 to get the item shipped. If you’re shipping a $3000 item, you’re looking at $89.95 to get the item shipped.

How Long Does USPS Parcel Select Take In 2022?

You can reduce shipping costs by choosing to wait until the package is shipped before notifying USPS if your package hasn’t arrived. In the meantime, you can also add items to your tracking account to keep an eye on the progress of your package, and the USPS will text or email you whenever your package is available for pick-up.

To learn more about the Parcel Select service, if most people consider Parcel Select to be slow, if this service delivers on Sundays and more, read on!

What Is USPS Parcel Select?

They are the only shipping service offered by the post office that you cannot access from their website. I believe they are a branch of the U.S. Mail, but I don’t know for certain.

It’s pretty simple, I just use my Google Satellites.

If you want to send to multiple recipients with one parcel, you need to use the postage stamp.
If you want to send to multiple destinations with one parcel, you need to use the postage stamp.

If you’re signed up with one of the sites, and you find that you’re shipping dozens of packages every single day, Parcel Select could be for you.

Once you’ve been approved for Parcel Select, you can choose the shipping option that’s right for you.

Customers can save up to 70 percent off of regular shipping rates with USPS when shipping heavier and larger items.

So no matter what, you’ll get your package delivered anywhere, if you place the order within the next 2-8 business days. Just be sure to keep an eye out for what shows as “Tracking” on the top. The tracking number will appear on the top of the order form, along with the estimated delivery date, depending on the delivery method selected.

– When you are near the destination, the delivery duration will be shorter.
– When you are far away from the destination, the delivery duration will be longer.

If your customers aren’t in a hurry or they are willing to pay for faster shipping, Parcel Select is a great way to keep the shipping costs from eating up your profits.

Is USPS Parcel Select Slow?

You can get it in just about any country and it’s cheap… the prices per kg will depend where you get it from.

A delivery timeframe is exactly the same as; the difference is that the delivery is carried out by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Not that any other system is perfect, but at least Parcel Select is a free and open source solution.

One of the commenters, said that the delivery can take a long time and can take weeks.

That could cause significant problems for some, especially for those with smaller packages, if the postman says the package is too big for today.

The second person claimed that he never had any problems with shipping with ParcelSelect.

One of the reasons why I use Dropbox is that I don’t have to worry about file synchronization issues, and I can share files with my friends without worrying about losing data.

While they may be slow, they are certainly reliable. If I’ve paid a premium for the express option, then I’d rather have the package show up on my doorstep on the promised date than the next day. I can’t speak for the USPS (the shipper), but I expect their service to be very good.

Does USPS Parcel Select Deliver On Sunday?

Priority Mail and Priority Express can be upgraded to also deliver on Sundays, but there is no such add-on service for USPS Parcel Select.

If the package arrive at the delivering Post Office on Saturday, it will most likely go out for delivery on Tuesday.

You can only order an additional day of delivery if you are a Parcel Select customer and you request that service.

A Sunday delivery fee would defeat the purpose of Parcel Select’s fast shipping, and slow shipping.

Does USPS Parcel Select Have Tracking?

But does not provide any option to change the destination.

For no additional charge, the sender and the recipient can keep track of the progress of the package, watching as it makes its way toward the destination.

The offer is good for small business owners, who have to think of shipping as well as packing.

The longer an item is in the USPS’s hands, the greater the chance that it will not arrive in time.

While not true, it’s definitely better to be safe then sorry.

Is USPS Parcel Select Or Priority Mail Faster?

USPS Priority Mail is much, much faster – 1-3 days – but it is also much more expensive, especially when you get into larger parcels that are heavier and traveling further.

It is better to use the UPS shipping calculator. Use their shipping calculator (not the USPS one), enter the ZIP Codes of the areas you are shipping to, the weight, and the number of boxes.

We don’t guarantee that every item sent via Overnight Delivery can fit in a Priority Flat-Rate box so you may be left with the choice of paying for additional Priority service or shipping by a different method and having to pay additional Priority rates.

I can do a flat rate of $134.45 (which is the same amount they quote as a flat rate for priority shipping), but I’d rather pay less than pay a higher shipping surcharge.

If you’re willing to pay an additional $35 for shipping, then you can be sure the package will be delivered to your doorstep within just 2 days.

But if your recipient is in no hurry, you could save yourself a tidy little sum of money. I would recommend giving them the best seat.

It’s probable that, because of its Zone 8 placement, the recipient, with all of the delivery extensions, would still receive the item on time.

To know more about USPS, check out our posts on how long does USPS hold packages, when do they need a signature, and what are the types of insurance of USPS packages.


If you send parcels through USPS Parcel Select, you can track your package by going to the Tracking Status page and clicking on the “View a PDF” link.

There are several companies that provide shipping services, but Parcel Select is known for its speedy shipping services. It charges a little more than other shipping services but offers more reliable and quick services.

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