What Is Parcel Select Lightweight? (all You Need To Know)

Packages with an overall weight of less than or equal to 40 pounds and less than or equal to 16.4 inches wide can qualify for Select Lightweight shipping.

You’re going to save a lot of money by taking advantage of this service. You can take advantage of this service by comparing the prices of this service with your regular shipping company.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022?

Parcel Select Lightweight is a service offered by the postal service that only goes to the first floor of a house or apartment building and then uses the elevator to deliver items to the second floor. Parcel Select Lightweight is an economical ground delivery service offered by USPS for bulk packages weighing less than 16 ounces (1 lb) each. This service offers per ounce rates, making it cheaper than pound parcel rates offered through Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx ground services. Delivery takes 2 to 9 business days in 2022.

If you’re wondering any questions about Parcel Select Lightweight, then you’ll find the answers to these questions below.

What Does Parcel Select Mean at USPS?

Parcel Select is the new USPS parcel service that the United States Postal Service has launched this past week. It is basically a new and improved version of the old Priority Mail.

Parcel select is an economical ground delivery service from United States Postal Service for packages entering the company’s delivery system in bulk, including packages that enter the system at destination facilities.

This service is generally used by small shippers (i.e. those shipping more than 50 packages per year). The small shipper must be able to provide enough information to FedEx to route the shipment.

This service is not cheaper than other services, but it has a lower price per pound than other services.

That’s because parcel select mailers are paying a postage rate that reflects their contribution to the shipping process.

Rather than transporting a letter carrier or dropping off mail at a post office, Mailing Services utilizes a process called “drop-ship” to deliver mail to a destination facility located closer to the delivery location.

This means bringing Parcel Select items to either a destination DBMC, sectional center facility (SCF), or delivery unit (DU) for business and residential delivery.

Parcel Select mailers do a large part of USPS’ work for them and, as a result, get a cheaper mailing rate.

What Does Parcel Select Lightweight Mean at USPS?

Parcel Select is a ground delivery service designed for lightweight parcels. The Parcel Select service is available as part of a range of delivery services designed for parcels that weigh between 3.5 ounces and 16 ounces. Some services may include a return shipping option, while others do not.

– The USPS accepts most packages for processing. Packages received by USPS for processing will generally be processed within 5 days of receipt. Packages not processed by USPS may be held at the USPs location, usually for days, until they can be forwarded to an overseas location.

– The USPS does not accept packages of any size.

– USPS is an online service that can be used to ship a package to overseas locations. Online packages are processed within a few hours and are the most expedient option for most packages.

It is very important to ensure the weight is within the allowed range prior to shipping.

We are unable to accept oversized or heavy items for shipment. Please contact us for more information.

And while it may take longer to get to some of those places.

How Much Does Parcel Select Lightweight Cost?

However, you should note that most parcels have a shipping weight limit of 2 kg / 4.4 pounds. It’s not possible to send any larger packages by Parcel Select.

The prices are dependant on factors such as the following:
[Other]: And other factors.

Parcel Select Lightweight will start at $9.99 and offer free shipping with a minimum order of $100.99.

Parcel Select Lightweight also offers per ounce rates, however other service providers usually charge pound basis.

First-Class Mail, like all First-Class Mail, is less expensive, typically starting at about $6.60. 1 1/4 -lb and 5-lb boxes (UPS and FedEx) and the like are slightly more expensive and may start at $9.15 and go up from there depending on the distance you’re sending.

In other words, it would be more expensive to buy an HDTV and a DVR than it is to bundle these services and save $5.80.

What Size Is Parcel Select Lightweight?

Mail pieces must weigh less than 16 ounces in order to send through the Parcel Select Lightweight service.

You must be mindful of the size of the balloon, as it cannot exceed 108 inches in length, or the combined length and girth cannot exceed 108 inches. The size doesn’t factor in to the price, as rates are solely based on weight and distance to travel.

You’re probably going to have to break your packages up into multiple packages to satisfy shipping requirements.

What Is the Delivery Time for Parcel Select Lightweight?

You can select the Express Saver option and place your order by 4 PM Pacific Time. Orders placed before 4 PM Pacific Time will be processed the same day.

If your package is being delivered to or from Alaska, Hawaii or a U.S. territory, your delivery time may be 10 to 14 days.

Can I Buy Parcel Select Lightweight at the Post Office?

Parcel Select Lightweight cannot be purchased at the USA Post Office. The service is not available at a local Post Office or from any other authorized USPS Business Partner.

When Should I Use Parcel Select Lightweight?

Parcel Select, in the hands of large customers like you, is an economical and convenient way to ship lightweight parcels.

It will also offer more weight allowances for the UPS and FedEx rates. The USPS shipping method will remain at a flat rate.

Customers would be able to save up too 50% off of other comparable services. If speed is more important than delivery times, then this is the service for you.

If you need help with a USPS Parcel Select issue, you should contact the USPS Customer Service department on their website or call 1-800-841-3340.


Parcel Select Lightweight is a way of shipping many small packages through USPS, and these packages are often used by businesses who want to send out many packages at one time.

If you order from any service that has a flat rate shipping policy, you usually pay the same flat rate to ship a package across the nation.

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