Departed Usps Destination Facility Meaning (+ Other Common Meanings)

USPS (United States Post Office) has a different way of describing its products and services. The term PARCEL is used to describe a package (which can be either a box or a large envelope), which is delivered by the USPS to your door (assuming you’re a residential address).

It doesn’t matter where it is heading. Just remember the destination and the departure.

It’s the old post office in NYC where they store mail destined for their “retail outlet” that is going to close.

What Does Departed USPS Destination Facility Mean In 2022?

When the USPS uses the phrase “Departed USPS Destination Facility” it means that your package has left the closest sorting facility to your location, and the parcel is heading to your local Post Office for final sorting. This is the second-to-last step before the parcel will be delivered.

This is the last step before your package is delivered to your destination.

An address is a unique identifier describing where mail is going to be. A Destination Facility (DF) is a USPS facility where mail is going to be placed by the USPS. A Regional Facility is a USPS facility where mail is going to be from the USPS, but is not going to be placed in a Destination Facility.

What Is A USPS Destination Facility?

A USPS delivery point is where a parcel is picked up by a Post Office worker. It’s where the parcel is dropped off to be delivered.

Most of the time you can safely assume that the first letter of a name is capitalized when referring to the person.

A sectional center is located at the same address as the Post office, but is in a different building. It is where mail is received from carriers, sorted and sorted mail is distributed to and from all post offices in a particular section, and the delivery of packages/services such as courier services, and other non-mail items.

The SIPRNET is a network of computers dedicated to providing classified intelligence communications on a secure basis.

While at the USPS destination facility all parcels are sorted by zip code, so that all similar zip codes head to the same Post Office, before delivery.

It could get held up at a local Post Office like in a rural area and you might not receive an email advising you it’s been delayed.

The last stop before the post office is a distribution facility. The postal service distributes the mail at the distribution facility.

In the event that your parcel isn’t delivered to the local Post Office, we will use the Post Office address provided by the Shipping Pass Customer.

*Note: If the shipping address supplied by the customer is not valid or not a valid Post Office, the parcel may be returned to the customer.

In order to get the package, you need to be at the destination facility (the shipping center) or your distribution center. I have no idea where they need to be if you ship to someone in another town.

If you see that your item has been dispatched with the next day delivery facility, then it is generally received and sorted very early the next day at the post office, then put on the truck for delivery.

If that is the original USPS processing facility it is a very good sign.

What Does Arrived Or Processed At USPS Destination Facility Mean?

The USPS says it has completed most of its delivery route, so your package will be delivered within two to five days, depending on its destination.

The tracking is showing the item as being in my possession, but I’m not actually sure if it has been shipped or not.


The tracking shows that the item has arrived, but it does not appear to have been processed.

It seems likely that you’d use arrived when you’re confirming that an item got shipped to you, but processed when you’re confirming that an item’s been processed.

We need to finish this interview before the package arrives.

What Is A USPS Regional Distribution Facility?

A US Postal Service mail facility serves as an entry point to the US Postal Service mail system.

Postal Service regional distribution facilities are the only points along the route where people will accept mail for pickup.

A parcel goes in, and it gets scanned and sorted (after scanning, you’ll see the update in USPS Tracking).

Sometimes, when packages don’t arrive to the regional distribution center on time, it can sit there for a while. It can sit here while waiting for shipment.

Yes, it is in my interest to maintain the loyalty of my customers by providing good service. To keep my customers, I have to treat them fairly: I can’t just keep them around but ignore them when they complain. I have to respond to their complaints and see if there’s a way to fix the problems they’re having. I believe in a good relationship with my customers–a relationship that’s built on both sides making a commitment.

– If your parcel hasn’t moved from a regional distribution facility in more than a week. Then, you might want to contact USPS to see what’s going on.

What Does Arrived At USPS Regional Distribution Facility Mean?

If you choose “Parcel not picked up at destination” your package will not be picked up but will pass through the USPS distribution center. The package will then be left at the distribution center for you to pick up.

The Postal Service is a network of distribution centers that are used to deliver your packages when they need to go (where you are) to go.

The scanning is to keep the post office organized by sorting the mail into groups. But it also gives a clear representation of what the customer has received and put away.

What Does USPS Label Created, Not Yet In System Mean?

Phrases like “Arrived At Destination Facility” or “Departed Regional Distribution Facility” indicate your package is already en route.

We have yet to start the journey to you, so don’t use any existing phrases with that name.

Now, we need to see how USPS has handled your tracking information.

This could also be that the Post Office is backed up and there is a delay in getting the parcel fully into the system.
If the first Paraphrase is true, then the Post Office might be able to fix the problem by manually going through them rather than making them wait for the delay.

You’ll get an email from them letting you know what they think they have. They’ll give you an estimated delivery date. As soon as they have the item you’ll get a notification email letting you know it is ready for shipping.

To know more about FedEx you can also read our posts on FedEx and the shipping container, and if you can use duct tape on FedEx packages.


The postal service often ships your items with your current location in mind, which means they will likely ship your package with the same day or the next.

The final stage of the delivery process is when the local Post Office takes the package off your doorstep, at your local Post Office.

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