Is Ikea Coming To Montana Or Billings? [full Guide]

ikea has about 52 stores in the US, and can make your furniture and home needs across the united states.

There is nothing official that IKEA is opening stores in Montana. However, they are working with different construction projects across the country. If you look on the IKEA website on, they have a gallery with different construction projects that are currently under construction.

Is IKEA Coming To Montana Or Billings In 2022?

IKEA usually opens up stores in areas with a high population numbers (2 million+). When they do open a store, they stay within a 60-mile radius from where they were previously located. This is why there is no viable location or city in Montana that IKEA could open a store.

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Why Are There No IKEA Stores In Montana?

Helena is the largest municipal city in Montana. It’s about the same size as Billings.
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In order to be able to open a store in a particular location, there are certain economic criteria that must be satisfied. In terms of the criteria for a successful store, Montana is unlikely to materialize as a viable shopping location for IKEA.

Are There Any IKEA Stores Nearby To Montana?

Unfortunately, IKEA’s United States store locator can show us an approximate location for any IKEA store in the U.S., but we can see that Montana is generally one of the states furthest away from any IKEA store.

While Montana has no IKEA stores, Idaho is located only two states over, and it actually has two IKEA stores. This is also important as when going from one state to the other, you would need to change planes and connect flights. This means that the entire trip from Idaho to Montana would be considerably easier than the trip from Montana to Idaho, as there would be only one connection.

The problem was that the company was not very good at running warehouse operations and the stores were never designed properly.

Does IKEA Deliver To Montana?

ikea is planning to expand further in the United States, even if you are in a state without a dedicated IKEA store.

Since the IKEA distribution centers are physically separate from IKEA Stores, IKEA deliveries arrive at different stations then IKEA Store deliveries.

Delivery to Montana may vary in price depending on the number of items being delivered, the size of them, the delivery method, the nearest distribution center’s distance, and your zip code.

Your best bet is to use a truck and delivery service at the last minute to have furniture delivered from IKEA.

Keep in mind that the delivery time of your furniture may be different from the time you place your order, which could cost you a considerable amount.

IKEA Montana Potential Locations

Montanans can now look forward to finally being able to go to their beloved IKEA for the first time in over 30 years, since it closed its doors in Montana.

There might not be any Indian states in 2022, but if the population of the state continues to grow, there might be.

This means that a new retail location will soon be opening in New Mexico, Iowa, Alabama, or South Carolina.


A representative for IKEA stated that the company will not open any stores in Montana because of location issues. However there are currently no locations in Montana that will allow the IKEA to open. This was confirmed by a representative for the company.

The only store to my knowledge that has the product in stock is a large, nearby city where I have had issues before where they have been unwilling to fulfill my order for me.

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