Is Ikea Coming To Idaho Or Boise? (your Full Guide)

ikea furniture is the go to source for modern furniture and accessories. So we bought their furniture and some other stuff, and we used some of their ideas to make more of our stuff.

IKEA’s presence in the United States is just as popular as it is in many countries around the world.
People from Idaho can shop at IKEA at three different locations. This gives the locals a chance to shop for furniture that is designed just for Idaho.

Is IKEA Coming To Idaho Or Boise In 2022

IKEA has no plans of expanding to Boise, Idaho as of 2022. This is primarily because of the small population in Idaho and Boise, so it would not make financial sense for IKEA to open any stores there. Idahoans can, however, get IKEA furniture delivered or use and third-party sellers.

For your reference, the following are the cities with IKEA locations. The table is sorted by number of stores.

To learn more about the future potential of IKEA coming to Idaho, potential locations, and more, keep on reading!
I know, “You can’t make this stuff up.”
But it isn’t fiction.
A little more than a year ago, IKEA put out a news release
that their headquarters were moving to the U.S.
And it gave us a hint to an announcement
that would come more than a year later.
So this is actually happening.
They’re starting the process to open
an IKEA store in the Treasure Valley.

Why Is IKEA Not In Idaho?

The company will not expand into the Idaho market due to low population.

This means that in a literal interpretation of the sentence, the company will not expand into the Idaho market.

However, it may make sense to paraphrase it by using a pronoun rather than using a direct quote in order to make it sound more natural.

To make a profit, IKEA needs to sell more than they buy, so if their demand in the United States is less than their supply then they would have a profit problem.

IKEA is known for their minimalist home furnishing designs that are more of a concept than a space saver. Therefore, they don’t necessarily need a huge amount of space.

Where Would IKEA Be Located In Idaho?

This is the place where the people working at IKEA live. And they all live here because everyone can get here easily.

GALLERIA has been rumored to be a great spot for them to start along with other possible areas, Meridian being one of them.

Does That Mean There Is A Possibility Of IKEA Coming To Idaho?

The store in Moscow is a good example, it was a well-known store in the 90s and its sales were really high in Russia. Later it was sold and now a new owner is running the business. The store has really become popular with Russians and there are even some stores in Russia that are only selling items from IKEA.

Idaho’s population is growing faster than the national average and is expected to continue to do so, thus opening up more good opportunities for businesses to open.

Does IKEA Deliver To Idaho?

The difference between the two is that the “Assembled” service is a bit easier to arrange as they have a website that allows customers to shop for IKEA furniture and then order the items online.

If you would like to keep up with the project, you can see our full page on shipping here on the project and if IKEA is coming to Montana and if IKEA is coming to South Carolina.


According to our research, IKEA will not expand its business in the state of Idaho anytime soon. IKEA can be found in several cities across the United States, but there are currently no plans for additional stores. This is also a possibility for the future as more individuals relocate to the state.

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