Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (is Cloud 9 Real, Parody Of Walmart + More)

Superstore was a sitcom that ran on CBS from 2015 to 2020. It revolves around a group of employees in a big box discount store.

Superstore is considered to be a Walmart-inspired store, being that there are some similarities between the two. However, Superstore was never Walmart but the reality of a low-budget company that had to find a way to be unique enough to stand out. They ended up changing the store, the employees, and so much more, in order to set themselves apart from their competition.

Is Superstore Based On Walmart?

The real world Walmart and Target both share many similarities to the superstore where main character Pete works, but Cloud 9 bears a resemblance to Target’s larger location in the suburbs, while Walmart’s larger, suburban store is called the Supercenter.

To learn more about Cloud 9, where Superstore is filmed, and whether any of the creatives working on the show have worked in a real grocery store, check out all the information I’ve compiled for you!

Is Cloud 9 Real?

The comedy Superstore makes fun of big box stores that have a hypermarket. They are named “Cloud 9”. But Cloud 9 is not real.

Superstore corporate is located in Chicago but their locations are all around the world.

The company is a complete, 100% ripoff- it pays its people shit wages, and takes advantage of them by not even giving them health insurance.

The Cloud 9 employees are not allowed to go to the bathroom during their shift and they are only allowed 15 minutes per shift for lunch.

like real-life, the company has a main office where they control everything and each department is given its own locks, music, and lights.

SuperCloud is the brand name for Halo.
Halo is the name of the product (or store brand), and SuperCloud is the name of the store chain.
If you’re not familiar with the Halo brand, it was a low-price, warehouse-store brand that sold items like batteries, cleaning supplies, and other household goods.

Is Superstore A Parody Of Walmart?

If an Oxford Dictionary defines “parody” as “comic imitation”, then I think it could be argued that the original has satire.

If Oxford Languages says Superstore is a parody of the Walmart experience, then the Walmart experience is definitely a parody of a real life experience.

 The employees in the video said they have witnessed many crazy situations and interactions with employees from other countries while working at Walmart.

Life has been more amazing than fiction.

Did The Writer Of Superstore Work At Walmart?

Since Walmart stores are so much the same as any other retail store, the writers probably did some sort of survey.

Our Walmart is a non-profit that is trying to give more respect to employees for their jobs. Our Walmart is a non-profit that is trying to give more respect to employees for their jobs.

A group dedicated to helping Walmart employees better their lives through social work gathered together and produced the documentary.

Is Superstore Filmed In An Actual Store?

Superstore was set in an actual Walmart but the first five seasons were actually filmed at a KMart.

Actors have been mistaken as employees. They have been asked so many times whether certain items are there, where they are stored, if they are open or if they are locked.

Filming moved from Paramount Pictures Studio to Universal Studios, California, on a three-story soundstage.

We put a lot of work into the trailer and the store was one of the most complex we had ever created.

There were about 22,000 square feet in this one-storey store and it was a huge illusion of a building with thousands of square feet just created with mirrors, making it look like there was a larger store than there was.

The checkout registers and scanners are actually, real. They were repurposed from the Ralphs and Fresh & Easy stores.

Are The Products in Superstore Real?

While most of the items are on sale, you will see the majority of the merchandise. I was just shocked to see a lot of products with brand names.

Brands like Pepsi and Keurig have signed clearance agreements with Superstore, allowing them to be shown on the screen.

But while the brand might have paid for the product placement, it is in no way a sponsored video.

It’s also clear that the items don’t have a lot of the unique flavor of a proper, real-world, N7 set.

It’s the only place I know of in the world where you can go to buy a house and you can get a haircut on the way to the store.

If you want to know more about Walmart and Wayfair, make sure to see if they own Wayfair, if they have a tax-exempt program, and if they take VSP & EyeMed.


This is pretty interesting since there’s not a whole lot of references from Walmart employees which would be more interesting.

I know! It is pretty great, because it is so relatable for all of us. You know, like everybody buys groceries, everybody shops for clothes, everybody buys things online at one point in time.

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