What Does Cloud 9 Mean? The Answer Will Surprise You

Cloud 9 is the new age buzzword given to any experience that makes you feel like floating on air.

The term has been around for decades, but many people still don’t know what cloud nine means or where it came from.

As revealed in this article, many people use mysterious expressions to describe intense happiness and euphoria.

With examples of this experience in almost everyday life, the phrase’s origins may surprise you. If you want to know what cloud nine means, keep reading!

What Does Cloud 9 Mean?

The phrase “cloud 9” has become common parlance when referring to someone feeling happy or euphoric. 

It can be used when talking about how you felt after your team won the game or when your crush finally agreed to go out with you.

Cloud 9, the state of happiness and joy, is often associated with heaven. It is a place where blissfulness reigns supreme. 

This is why it’s called cloud 9 because the clouds are so high up in the sky that they rise above all of the negative things that happen on earth like war, poverty, disease, and crime.

The Origin Of The Phrase Cloud 9

The term cloud nine is a metaphor for being on top of the world, going to heaven, and feeling happy.

The phrase originated from the sky, which was believed to be a solid thing that contained “nine clouds.”

In fact, at one point, people thought that clouds were solid masses floating in space. The nine cloud phrases come from the organization of the highest-level clouds in the sky.

There are around ten different cloud formations, with some experts claiming higher or lower numbers, but generally speaking, there are nine types of clouds.

The Cloud 9 phrase was first used to refer to a state of extreme happiness and bliss.

It came into usage after World War II when returning soldiers who had experienced flying in airplanes for the first time described their feelings as being similar to what they imagined it would be like to be on Cloud 9.

The phrase “cloud nine” was first used in this context by the United States Senator Paul Douglas during his campaign for President in 1940.

He would say, “I feel on cloud nine today,” whenever he felt pleased about something. Today, however, cloud nine has taken on a new meaning. It now signifies euphoria or extreme happiness and fulfillment.

The Definition Of Cloud 9

Dictionary definition

Cloud 9 is the term used in the dictionary to describe something that gives you an unbeatable feeling of happiness.

There are two everyday use cases for cloud 9. The first is used when someone feels they are on top of the world, with everything going their way

The second is where someone has won a contest or competition and cannot believe how lucky they are to have won. They feel like they are floating above the ground.

Cloud 9 Real Meaning 

Cloud 9 is a state of euphoria or intoxication. Cloud 9 definition is a feeling of extreme happiness and excitement.

It is used to describe the high that comes from something that makes one thrilled, ecstatic, or delighted.

Achieving cloud 9 means you have reached the highest level of success in your life, that everything has fallen into place perfectly, and that you are experiencing an overwhelming sense of joy.

The term can also be used in more general situations, such as when someone is pleased about an event in their life.

It can also be used in response to someone else telling you good news, like they got engaged, received a promotion at work, or won the lottery.

Cloud 9 is a state of mind. It means being in a happy, blissful, contented state. It can also mean being elated or ecstatic.

We’ve all been there before, feeling so good about life that we want to float on Cloud 9 for a while and not come down! When you’re on cloud 9, you don’t have a care in the world, and everything is going your way!

Cloud 9 is a lovely place. It’s like the top of the world, and it feels so good to be up there when you get there. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been in your life because it’s like magic every time.

The Phrase Cloud 9 Can Be Used In Many Ways


Cloud 9 is associated with love because it’s the highest of the highest. It represents love.

The term cloud nine first originated in the 1940s. Thomas Purnell described a euphoric experience to his psychiatrist, stating that he felt like he was floating on a cloud nine.

The psychiatrist then began to use this phrase to describe a patient who had found bliss or was in a state of happiness or joy.

Cloud nine is used when someone has reached the highest level possible for them, and they are happiest within their current situation.

When you are on cloud 9, everything comes with love. You enjoy yourself and feel great about yourself and everyone else around you.

There is no negativity with love around us. We want to spread that happiness everywhere we go.


9 in 10 people feel like they’re “cloud 9” after an incredible sexual encounter. A new study examined the emotional and psychological state of people who recently had sex.

It found that almost all respondents (92%) reported feeling extremely happy or cheerful right after sex.

This is twice as high as the general population, where about half (53%) claim to be satisfied at any given time.

When we feel like we made the right choice and things turn out in our favor, we experience a feeling of ecstasy known as “Cloud 9.”

This blissful state can be felt when we make the correct business decision or when we fall in love.


Cloud 9 is a common term in the business world. It’s used to describe a level of euphoria, a mental state of happiness and bliss beyond what most people experience on a day-to-day basis.

Cloud 9 is a term used in the business world to describe an employee who has reached the highest level of job satisfaction. Cloud 9 is not just an encouraging word; it is also a state of mind representing complete happiness in one’s career, workplace, and personal life.

Drug-Induced High

It’s not uncommon for people to describe feelings of euphoria, a “runner’s high,” or a “natural high” when talking about exercise. However, how often do you hear someone mention a drug-induced high?

When we think of drug abuse, we usually focus on the dangers and adverse effects. We don’t talk much about the high or the pleasurable experiences. Yet, drugs create a range of different emotions- some positive and some negative.

Those emotions can be so intense that they feel like an out-of-body experience. This feeling can be attributed to the use of certain recreational drugs such as marijuana, LSD, and MDMA (ecstasy)

Take LSD, for example; many users report that it causes a “cloud 9 feeling” and improves their mood and life satisfaction.

Even among those who become dependent on LSD, less than half report experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Drugs like ecstasy and magic mushrooms can induce a state of euphoria and happiness, referred to as a ‘cloud 9’ feeling.

Scientists think this is because the drugs flood the brain with serotonin (the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness and well-being).

There’s also some evidence that they work by increasing the activity in parts of the brain involved in attention, perception, movement, and hearing.

Synonyms Of Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is one of the most popular idioms around. It’s used to describe how you feel when something good happens, like winning something or getting accepted into an award-winning university.

Other idioms related to it are in seventh heaven, on cloud seven, head over heels, have the world at your feet, through the roof, or even standing atop Mount Olympus.

Other similar expressions are floating on cloud seven, walking on air, or living in La La Land.

This is another familiar idiom that has a similar meaning to cloud nine. It uses the word “high” instead of “clouds” and describes feeling high on top of the mountain, not just on top of clouds.


Cloud 9 is a term that was used to describe a high level of happiness or bliss. Today, the term cloud nine is more commonly used as a synonym for heaven.

During times of extreme happiness, people often use phrases like “I’m on cloud 9!” and “cloud 9 doesn’t even begin to describe how happy I am!”

Cloud 9 is a place that is free from the worries of life. It’s a place where you can enjoy yourself without worrying about anything.

It would help if you tried to live your life like that every day and find ways not to let the pressures of daily life bring you down.

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