What Inspires You?

In life, no matter what you want to be or where you want to go, you can only achieve it when you positively feel good about it. To truly accomplish your goals and become the person of your dreams, you need to begin with having a dream in the first place. A goal that keeps you awake at night. 

But how do we set a goal for ourselves? By noticing something or someone that brings a sense of fulfillment into our lives.

That’s what brings us to the topic: Inspiration

What do we precisely mean when we use the term “Inspiration”?

Have you ever been in a situation where you witnessed someone accomplish a major milestone in life and you thought to yourself “Woah, I wish I could do it just like them”?

Or maybe you dream of a particular kind of life you want to lead as an adult? Maybe a penthouse in Manhattan with the best view?

No matter what it is, whatever drives you to keep working hard, staying focused, and taking a big step towards your goal is your inspiration.

The very purpose of this blog today is to talk about all the things that inspire me to get ahead in life and to become a better version of myself, in every possible way!

Let’s get to it!


First and foremost, the thing that inspires me the most is independence. I am the kind of person who values their independence over everything else.

Be it social independence, financial independence, or independence of time and place, this has to be one of my biggest motivators that keep pushing me to work harder and achieve the freedom to live the kind of life that I dream of.


Success is definitely another factor that keeps me inspired to achieve great things in life. Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? When we speak of success, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in terms of major financial or social status. The parameters of success can be very different for every individual!

Sometimes, success can come in the form of little victories, like accomplishing your “bucket list before I become 30” checklist or making your first big investment. No matter what success means to you, it can truly be a huge inspiration to get ahead in life and bring out the best version of yourself.


Family is definitely a huge source of inspiration in life. We grow up, looking up to our parents, learning important life lessons from them every day.

We watch them single-handedly tackle all the hardships in life to give us a future worth living! This is why they inspire us to grow up and become great human beings, responsible citizens.

Not just parents, our siblings, friends, and even our partner are crucial parts of our lives and all of them contribute to teaching us something that makes us feel inspired to become better, be it the value of friendship, love, trust, or kindness. We learn from our family every day and that gives us reason to go on, no matter how tough life gets.


If someone tells you that money doesn’t inspire you, even to the slightest extent, they’re just blatantly lying! Either to you or to themselves! 

Money can be a driving factor behind most people’s efforts. Even if you’re someone who isn’t crazed upon the financial aspect, we all need to work our way to make ends meet. Money can be a huge inspiration behind working hard and shaping ourselves to get into prestigious careers that can lead to a fulfilling life for us and our families!


Earning money doesn’t end with buying yourself luxurious items and taking long international vacations with your family. There can be a bigger inspiration behind making money and that is charity.

The act of giving away a part of what you earn not only says a lot about you as a person, but it also paints a clear picture of your upbringing. This is what makes charity a huge cause of inspiration in my life!


A huge part of who we become as adults depend on what kinds of challenges we’ve been exposed to in life. Be it anywhere, at our workspace, our social life, friendships as well as relationships, challenges give us the much-required adrenaline rush- a thrill to overcome all the hurdles! 

Facing challenges help to improve one’s problem-solving skills and makes an individual better adapted to stressful and tricky situations. It helps in major character development. If you know how to utilize it correctly, challenges can be a major source of inspiration for you.


Who doesn’t want to be happy in life? Happiness can come from a lot of factors, depending on who you ask!

Some people derive happiness from the simple things in life such as watching a sunset or spending quality time with a loved one whereas for others can be bigger things like cracking an important business deal, a family trip to Hawaii, etc.

No matter which category you may belong to, happiness definitely acts as a crusader in the line of all the things that inspire you. We do everything in life for our happiness, making it a huge source of inspiration for us.


Of all the things we contribute to the world every day, kindness is the least talked about, isn’t it? Yet kindness is the most powerful quality any human could ever possess! 

Being kind is inexpensive yet the impact of a tiny act of kindness can be massive. Also, kindness is a quality that I aspire to inculcate within myself.

When I witness a small act of kindness in my life, it instantaneously inspires me to mold myself into a better human being. That is the power that kindness holds on me. No wonder, this quality makes it to my list of 10 things that inspire me!

My Idols

Choosing an idol in your life seems to be a decision that we make in a moment but hardly do we realize how much this one decision can impact our lives. No matter who your idol is, some singer, an actor, or maybe even your own parents, you end up learning your biggest life skills from them.

It is said that “Choose your idols carefully”. Your idols make you the person you are, majorly contributing to your character and behavioral traits. My idols inspire me to shower the world with kindness and generosity, making a significant contribution to the world.


Dreams are the windows to one’s soul. Dreams are what keep us alive and going. Without dreams and ambitions, our lives come to a standstill of monotonicity. After all, what’s life if it doesn’t have vibrant dreams to chase and unfulfilled desires to achieve? Dreams inspire us to go on, it keeps the very essence of life alive within us when we are struggling through our darkest times.

Life is all about ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Our inspiration are the small glimpses of happiness that give us the ultimate will to fight the hard battles with a smile on our faces. They’re worth fighting over. That was all about things I draw inspiration from. What inspires you?

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