12 Reasons Why My Father is My Hero

Moms are our pillars. They are our go-to emotional support system. But we often forget to give credit to our dads.

A father plays an essential role in a child’s life and they teach them valuable life lessons. We look up to our dads when something goes wrong cause we know no matter how hard the situation is our dads will handle them.

Without showing or talking much, a father protects his family and therefore every father is a superhero for his kid.

Everything he has ever done has always been in the best interest of his family.

Here we will discuss why we believe that fathers are superheroes.

12 Reasons Why My Father is My Hero

1.     They Teach us the Value of Hard Work

If anyone taught us anything about working hard, it’s our dad. He never fails to get up and work hard every day to provide the best for his family. No matter how difficult situations he might encounter, a father strives to solve them without fail. Nothing comes easy in life and our father is the best person to teach us that.

2.     They Make things Harder to Make Life Easier

Some fathers are like coconuts, they are hard from the outside but soft from the inside. They may act tough but that’s just to prepare their kids for the future. A father may shout or punish their kid but he does that to make them tough and strong in life. He acts strictly to make sure his kids are strong enough to deal with all types of situations and people in their life.

3.     They Take Care of Our Needs

A father might not have everything for himself but he goes beyond the limit to make sure his family has everything. A father is selfless and it is reflected in his unconditional giving when he works day and night to make sure his kids are happy. No matter how many difficulties they encounter, fathers always ensure their kids don’t have to compromise for anything.

4.     Father: An Epitome of Strength

Suppose you’re walking down the road and a bunch of dogs starts barking — your father will jump and save you from the dogs. We all know that no matter what your dad will be there to protect you.  Our dad will save us from any kind of situation with his heroic strength. And this is because deep down we know that our father is our superhero.

5.     They Make Us Strong and Brave for the Future

A father tries everything to ensure that his kids are strong enough to cope with any kind of situation. He may criticize for the things that may seem wrong but he also praises when kids do good things. Seeing their dad behind them makes the kid feel strong as they know he is there to protect them no matter what.

6.     Fathers are Always There to Make You Happy

You may or may not know what is going on in your father’s mind, while he tends to know all your challenges. Despite his personal problems and challenges, a father ensures that his kids are always happy and enjoying themselves. He can’t see a single teardrop in his kid’s eye and therefore doesn’t mind playing a monkey to make his kid laugh or smile.

7.     They Know What Work’s Best For You

Believe it or not but a father knows all about his kids’ likes and dislikes. So, next time when you are not getting something that you want it’s because your dad knows those things can work against you in the future. He thinks in your interests more than you will realize.

8.     A Father is Always There to Support You

Dads never let you make any wrong decision. And even if you make a wrong decision they are always there to solve it for you. He is always there to support you even when you see no one around you. Fathers always push their kids to aim higher and support them to make sure they achieve everything. He is always there to pick you when you fall.

9.     He Acts as a Shield

A father never wants his kids to make any wrong decisions. He will sit down with his kids, teach them, and even punish them when they do something wrong. But no matter what he does, he will be there to protect his kids with his life and you can be certain about this. A father tries his best to protect his children from all sorts of disappointment and hardships.

10.  A Father is a Problem Solver

Whether you’re having troubles with studies or any other activities, when your dad learns about it, he directly or indirectly tries his best to solve the problem for you. If you have done something wrong, your father might scold you at first but then undoubtedly rescue you even from the deepest of the problems.

11.  A Father is Selfless

You would not realize how many sacrifices a father makes to ensure his family is happy. He would drop anything and everything to help or spend time with his family. Whether it’s missing his important meeting to take you out for a vacation or supporting your decision for college, he always puts kids first.       

12.  He Always Loves You No Matter What

A father might not show you much but he loves his kids unconditionally. He may be harsh at your face but he secretly cheers for you all the time. He might never tell you but he is always so proud of you. No matter how many times he gets angry or annoyed at his kids but he always loves them.

So, next time you see your dad, hug him and thank him for being a superhero in your life. A father does more than you think and never asks for anything in return. He never complains about anything and works day and night for his family’s happiness.

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