How to Choose Children’s Clothes for a Family Photoshoot?

Skillfully selected outfits and accessories for a family photoshoot will help create an image of unity and harmony in the family, emphasize the mood and warm relationships of the family members.

In this article, we will tell you what clothes are suitable for a family photoshoot, how to harmoniously compose clothing ensembles for parents and children, and choose accessories by color and style. Let’s start!

Selection of Clothes for a Family Photoshoot

Sets of clothes that match in style and color will help to emphasize the unity of the family. Parents can dress in one color scheme and children in another if you want to focus on children.

In such a case, toddler girls clothes should be bright and stylish. The photo will also look interesting if everyone will put on an item of the same color: for example, a yellow mom’s blouse, dad’s pullover, and daughter’s skirt. 

If you are planning a children’s photoshoot in a family-style, but with an emphasis on children surrounded by loving parents, try to choose an outfit that will highlight the baby. Remember to keep the general style and color scheme of the clothes of all participants.

For example, you can choose striped items of clothing for children, and leave plain colors for parents.

Remember that clothes of different colors and styles will “separate” the participants visually, which is contrary to the purpose of the family photo.

It is better to remember about bright colors when choosing accessories for a photoshoot, which, first of all, should be combined in color and style. For example, mom’s handbag, dad’s tie, daughter’s tights, son’s shoes. Headdresses, belts, jewelry, umbrellas – remember everything that can make photos more interesting.

What not to Wear for a Family Photoshoot?

Here is the list of outfits to be avoided:

  1. Clothes with prints:

Printed clothing distracts from the emotions on the photo and sometimes even conflicts with the clothing of other family members and the environment. Even if these are very funny prints created especially for the photoshoot, wear these T-shirts for one or two shots, but take the entire photo series in more neutral clothing.

  1. Clothes with bright stripes, dots, etc.:

Such small prints distract attention from the heroes in the photo. Moreover, if the whole family will wear clothes with different prints, this dissonance is even harder to perceive.

  1. Total black:

The same-color looks, especially red, black, or other bright colors, do not work. Even if you are a very beautiful and harmonious family, no one will notice it, everyone will only look at your clothes. 

  1. Synthetic outfits:

Satin and other glossy fabrics look very cheap in photographs. Children should not be dressed up in synthetic suits and dresses. On the shooting, they should be comfortable first of all, so that no laces and ribbons can hinder movements.

So, choose clothes for a certain location and match the outfits of all family members. If father and son are in shirts and jeans, then mom should also wear casual clothes. 

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