The Best Knife for Your Gloves — Butterfly Knife Marble Fade

For more than 20 years during the existence of Counter-Strike, the developers have changed everything: maps, firearms, grenades, shooting mechanics.

Only the presence of a knife remained unchanged, which has since become the real symbol of the game. The mechanics of playing with such a weapon made the cop much more fun and dynamic: now the one who fell from the blade is considered a loser.

The appearance of skins has turned knives into a fashion accessory that can be compared to an expensive watch.

For a long time, the Butterfly Knife Marble Fade has been one of the most popular and expensive skins in the game and has a very large number of fans. It appeared in CS:GO in March 2017. It is now available in two Spectrum cases.


In this skin, a gradient is applied to the surface of the blade starting from yellow to blue and then to red and black. Yellow, red, and blue gradient paint is applied to the surface of the knife ring. After that, these surfaces are covered with a marble element. All used colours are metallic.

What Gloves are Suitable?

The best option to pair with this knife is Specialist Gloves Marble Fade. They appeared at the end of 2020 and immediately gained popularity among players. Their features are as follows:

  • The outer side is dark blue with gradient inserts in various shades of purple, pink, and yellow.
  • The inner side of the gloves is red and black.


Knives in CS:GO are extremely expensive. The chance to drop a special item from the case is only 0.25%, which is why their cost on the Steam Marketplace starts from about $100.

The Marble Fade skin has one of the highest prices among knives.

On DMarket, you can check all prices. There are only 2 types of quality in this skin:

  • In Factory New condition, it costs about $2,100.
  • Minimal Wear is valued higher among players and costs around $2,350.

The Marble Fade delights the vast majority of players. It has two metal handles and a slender blade with wave-like curves.

You can admire its design for hours, and only the appearance of the enemy makes you break away from watching the animations. The character can twist and throw a weapon by one of the handles, and also perform various tricks with it.

For every player, this skin is an integral part of the game. The longer a person plays this or that game, the more they want to get the coveted and most expensive skin.

Also, people often want to buy themselves some favorite skin for their preferred weapon, so that enemies and allies understand that you are excellent at this type of weapon.

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