How to Convert EML Files into .MSG for Outlook

Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and some other mail systems save individual messages and items like contacts and tasks as EML files. Opening this data in Outlook requires conversion as it saves individual files with another extension — MSG. There is no way to manually move your data between programs in one go. Here is what you should do instead. 

Even though you can open EML files in a text editor, Outlook is different. The fastest and safest way to convert eml to msg safely is by using a dedicated converter. Email migration is always complicated due to the conflict of formats. Moreover, as the files may include attachments, accuracy is paramount. 

Why Convert Files?

Typically, migration becomes necessary due to the size and compatibility of the files. Generally, MSG data needs less space, so this format is more preferable for archiving, particularly to cloud drives. Secondly, Outlook does not work properly with the EML format, while the recognition and opening of MSG are always smooth.

Automatic Transfer: Step-by-Step Guide

If you need to convert multiple files to MSG smoothly, use a dedicated converter. The tool can even keep them in their original subdirectories. All of the messages will be imported automatically, so batch conversion will help you save time and effort. After starting the wizard, there are just a few steps left:

  1. Specify the folder with your EML files (browse or type in the path).
  2. Let the software detect the files and produce a list, so you can select all or some of the data items.
  3. Configure the available options and filters if necessary and enable “Convert EML and MSG files to:” 
  4. Choose between plain converting and importing (in the new window). 
  5. Select the destination format (MSG) and launch the process. 

Upon completion, you will see that all of your individual files have been converted, so their MSG duplicates are found in the same location. If the automatic import was enabled, the email data will land in Outlook. You can also move the files to another computer — just copy the *.msg items from the source folder. 

When using a converter like The Outlook Import Wizard, you can also perform the reverse conversion (from MSG to EML) or transform other mail formats. For example, .EML, .MSG, and .EMLX files can be turned into HTML, PST, RTF, etc.

Is Manual Conversion Possible?

Yes, but it does not work for bulk processing. You can only transform your files one by one using a two-step conversion.

First, turn EML into PST. Then, transform PST into MSG. As you will need to repeat this procedure for each of the files, this is a real drag.

However, the biggest drawback is the probability of data loss. Utilities designed especially for the task can guarantee that all of your data stays intact. Manual methods are generally unreliable, particularly if your messages contain attachments.

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