Does Best Buy Convert Vhs To Dvd? (try This Instead)

VHS is a type of tape used for recording audio and video.

For people who do not know anything about the technology, VHS means ‘video home system’.
A VCR is a device used to record movies, broadcast video and play prerecorded tapes or video discs.

You may be wondering if Best Buy converts VHS tapes to DVD, or if you will be able to buy a VHS tape and have it converted to DVD at your local Best Buy store.

Does Best Buy Convert VHS To DVD In 2022?

Sadly, Best Buy does not provide DVD to VHS conversions as of 2022, but Best Buy sells software that can convert VHS to DVD alongside iMemories kits which can be send off for converting various videotapes. Alternatively, customers can visit Walgreens to Wal-Mart for VHS to DVD conversions.

What kind of converter do you need to convert TV to DVD? Well, you may not need anything, but if you are not sure about what you need, the easiest way is to search the Internet. You can search for a converter application, or a converter program if you are looking for something simple.

Best Buy Customers Can Try This Instead

If you’ve ever wondered where all that VHS disappeared to, remember that stores only keep VHS long enough to rip it apart, then shred it.

In most cases, you can purchase VHS-to-DVD converter software, and then follow the instructions given to convert VHS into DVD.

VHS and other formats can be converted to DVD media with the Pinnacle software.

[Source: Best Buy]

[Disclaimer]: The above information comes from Best Buy, and thus may be incorrect, biased, and/or slanted. Please consult the referenced websites, for more complete information.

If you have any questions, please call one of our experts.

This company receives your photos and video for processing and returns it in a few days.

A few Best Buy stores will sell this kit. Otherwise, customers can buy the service from the iMemories website.

Which Other Stores Besides Best Buy Can I Get My VHS Converted To DVD?

If you don’t want to watch DVDs, you may visit the reliable store for quality conversion services.

VHS to DVD converters are widely available on the market.

The best time to visit any department store is Saturday morning when stores are packed with customers and there is never a line.

Will Best Buy Guide Me On How To Convert VHS To DVD?

The Best Buy guide advises customers on how to convert their old videotapes to DVDs.

There are so many ways in which you will be able to get your hands on VHS to DVD conversion software, and you will be able to do it without any issues. Just use the internet, or any other ways that you would be able to find, and you are good to go.

If you have problems when converting while at home, you can contact Best Buys Geek Squad remote support via chat or calling them on 1-800-433-5778.

If you want to know other related products that Best Buy offers, make sure to check our other related posts and find out if Best Buy offers a free return policy, has a great exchange policy, and if it offers discount coupons.


You can buy VHS to DVD Converter software from Best Buy which may not be able to convert VHS to DVD directly but can help you convert VHS to DVD so that you can use it on your DVD player.

You can easily contact Geek Squad for 24/7 assistance in converting your VHS to DVD or visit a commendable store for commendable services.

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