YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac: New Sensation Revealed!


Are you fond of listening to your favorite YouTube song while traveling? Or are you looking to dedicate a perfect song to describe your feelings for someone at the right moment? Well, you must have a YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac to download and store your most loved songs on your device.

A YouTube Playlist Downloader facilitates you with a downloading facility of videos in a bunch from the account you are using for YouTube. You can create a personal playlist here and use offline saved videos. With the availability of great tools, you can get your playlist hands-on. However, only a few offer bulk downloading facilities to save time for other useful stuff.

A More Simplified Way To Downloading YouTube Playlists

SYC PRO, developed by Softorino, is the best YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac. The budget-friendly software does not create interruptions or involve bugs or error messages while working on your videos. Additionally, with this, you can opt for batch downloading your favorite content on YouTube making the most of your spare time. It works with not only YouTube but also assists you in downloading videos from multiple platforms, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Notable Features:

  • You will find streamlining in the process of copying and pasting.
  • It is easy to understand and navigate through its user interface and design.
  • Its time efficiency with the built-in search feature is excellent.
  • You will find all the video/audio formats friendly with the interface of macOS and iOS.
  • You will get top-notch output videos and 4K UHD 60FPS support.
  • It assists with downloading videos along with subtitles.
  • Budget-friendly and offers higher value than most of its counterparts.
  • You can transfer videos to iOS devices without using wired connections. 

Steps to Use

Step 1: Downloading and Installation of the Software

First, complete the Download and installation using the official website Softorino for SYC PRO. Then, you will get all the premium features with the trial version, including using the software for 24 hours without disrupting ads.

Once you are done with its installation, let the software find its place on your Mac device and go for launching it. You will receive a prompt for sharing your email address, which will send you the trial activation key. Fill in the required fields of the activation key on the window of SYC PRO and enjoy using the trial version immediately. 

Step 2: Finding Playlists on Youtube looking to Download

Once you update to the full version, it will facilitate you with a built-in search bar with the software. Go ahead by opening any browser on your Mac device and then open Youtube. Locate the playlist on the platform and copy its link.

As soon as you are done copying the link, SYC Pro uses intelligent technology for its detection, and the playlist gets automatically pasted into the section meant for it. So you can skip the hassle of link-pasting.

You can go on with this process and create a queue for Download. You will get the facility of batch conversions and the transfer of videos.

As soon as you are done with adding the playlist you are looking to download, move towards setting some preferences for converting it. You can either make amendments in the settings for transferring the playlist or notice destinations for output for transmitting the playlist to the desired location. Then, go ahead and choose your preferred folder in the software environment.

Step 3: Selection of Desired Settings and Hit the Transfer Button

You can send the files converted to an iOS device as an alternate option using an internet connection.

For use on iOS, use the following steps;

  • Go ahead with connecting Mac and iOS devices utilizing the USB cable and switching on Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Transfer files to your iOS device.

For Android devices, use the following steps;

  • Start by creating a folder for custom favorites in the software.
  • Set the output destination in your SD card.
  • Start transferring the files converted to an SD card in your Android device.

More Online Options as YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac

The market is filled with YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac, so there are options that you can take into consideration before you settle on the right one. However, we are giving you some options to check out to save your search time.


DDownr is a simple YouTube Playlist Downloader for Macthat works as an online tool to help you with your favorite videos. There is a good choice of formats to avail the videos. The simple copy-and-paste options are straightforward, even for beginners to operate. You can download YouTube videos in multiple formats per your need or choice.


  • It helps in selecting a wide variety of formats for downloading.
  • It helps in making a selection of output quality.
  • Assists in opting for the playlist range.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Very straightforward to use on multiple devices.

If you don’t want hefty software that takes up space on your Mac, then is a perfect option as an online tool. It downloads videos faster and converts them into different required formats. The simple user interface is easier to operate and allows you to get results with a simple copy-and-paste option. So be it Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, you can use it on any of these. Apart from downloading YouTube videos, you can also use them to get videos from other platforms.


  • Easier to operate.
  • It provides individual and bulk video download facilities.
  • It helps in automated conversion for videos.
  • It supports a playlist with almost 20 videos.
  • It allows you to choose a video format.

Upsides of Using a Downloader for YouTube Videos

We found specific points when we compared SYC Pro- a YouTube Playlist Downloader for Macwith the online tools. These points indicate the pros of a downloader that automatically highlights the cons of its online counterpart. These are;

  • Option for batch conversions.
  • Support for UHD 60 FPS.
  • It helps to download videos and audio in bulk.
  • It works for wireless transfer between macOS and iOS and Apple TV transfer.
  • Easy Download and convert videos into desired formats for use on various devices by transfers.
  • Eliminates the risk of tapping on wrong links flooded online and getting your data hampered by them.
  • Eliminates the need for any third-party tool to be used for converting or transferring videos or audio.


Keeping the comparison points in mind, we conclude that SYC PRO is a reliant, efficient, and trusted YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac. Softorino has worked meticulously on this software to make it an apt option for Mac users. We have also provided you with some online tools to ease your job. However, we believe that instead of risking your personal information to an online threat or scam, it is better to opt for SYC PRO. It is safer, faster, and much better.

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