Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

Have you ever wondered why it is illegal to carry butterfly knives in all parts of the world? Well, this is because butterfly knives have the potential to become useful as a threatening weapon. They have become illegal due to their association with violent crimes.

This knife is also known as Balisong, and it can fold, making it a portable pocket knife. The knife originated in the Philippines and its handlers can rotate around the tank of the knife to conceal the blade.

This knife had performed various criminal acts before, making it illegal to use butterfly knives in public in many countries of the world. There are separate laws for these knives around the world.

In this article, we are going to tell you all the factors related to butterfly knives. Not only this we will be covering the aspects which make the knife illegal to use in various countries.

The Significance and History of Butterfly Knives

We can see the knife’s description in the French book “Le parrot” in 1700. The knife is described as a utility knife named “Balisong,” which people denote as a broken horn. This is because people were making it from animal horns in the old days.

The butterfly knives have two handles that can rotate around the tank when the two handles come together. At last, a person can shut down the butterfly handles and conceal the blades of the knife.

It makes it a strong and controversial blade worldwide, and the government has made certain restrictions on the legality of these knives in the United States.

This knife is closely associated with crime and violence; therefore, it is not easy to travel between states and carry it to new places.

Why Are There Separate Laws for Butterfly Knives?

People from many parts of the world see the knife through its negative aspect because there is a stigma that butterfly knives adjust the other name of crime and violence.

From the year 1981 to 1985, we can see immense growth in the number of butterfly knives being sold and shipped from Japan, the Philippines, Korea, and China to all parts of the United States.

During those times, the number of crimes rose drastically, and to control knife-based crimes, the government had to create separate laws for the use of such knives to stop the crime.

When knives were banned, all the crimes suddenly dropped off, and lawmakers were proud of their firm decision. Thus, people perceived the use of knives as a criminal weapon.

For the rest of the years, people have seen the use of the knife for cruel reasons in the movies where the fictional characters used knives in violent ways. It creates a stigma in the minds of the people.

This is the reason why butterfly knives became outdated, and the laws never changed.

The Places Where it is Illegal to Carry Butterfly Knives

It is illegal to use butterfly knives in the following places:

  1. United States

Here, people call knives offensive weapons and “daggers.” Here are eight different states where the knife is of no use.

  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • Kansas
  • New York
  • Hawaii
  • California
  1. Switzerland

In Switzerland, people cannot buy, trade, carry or use butterfly knives.

  1. Australia

In Australia, everything which gets opened with pressure or force is illegal to use.

  1. Germany

In Germany, people cannot buy, lend, carry or use the butterfly knives, and there is a penalty of €10,000.

  1. Philippines

There were prevalent crimes and altercations in the UK, and thus it is a utility knife and not a weapon.

  1. United Kingdom

The government of the UK has stated it as an offensive weapon since 1989.

  1. Canada

People of Canada call butterfly knives gravity knives and have attempted to use them.

All the other states and countries other than those above have allowed the use of butterfly knives for citizens and visitors.

The Specific Codes and Restrictions

The states that allowed people to use the butterfly knives have done this with certain codes and restrictions.

  • The knives should not be concealed for usage and carrying.
  • People who do good hunting and fishing with the help of knives should make the process legal with the help of permission.
  • In New Hampshire, certain people can own knives.
  • The people who have criminal obligations against anything are not allowed to own or carry such knives.

Knife Laws, Offenses, and Penalties

Offenses that violate knife laws, as well as their penalties, vary by state, but violations of these laws may include:

  • Concealing a weapon that is only for carrying or utility purposes.
  • Violation of a state’s law and ownership restrictions.
  • Taking out any weapon includes wielding a knife or drawing a knife during a fight.
  • Assault with a deadly weapon is like brandishing a weapon, except that the knife must cause injury to the victim.

Legal Defense For Butterfly Knife Charges

Below are some of the legal defenses, which are as follows against the knife charges.

  • If the police find the knife in any of the illegal locations, the law will take the site owner to custody, and it will serve as the most prominent evidence of misconduct.
  • A person carrying a knife, the law will take the person into custody, and the prosecutor will ask for proof of his innocence.
  • If a person conceals the weapon, the law will state that the person may be a criminal.

Final Thoughts

Have you seen what has insisted the government and the federal government take immediate action to ban the use of butterfly knives?

Even in states where owning and carrying a knife is legal, there are still places where knife possession is under prohibition.

All federal property is in this list of prohibited areas. Citizens may not carry butterfly knives, concealed or otherwise unless they are federal agents on federal property.

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