5 Reasons to Include Water in your Business

Water is one of, if not the most essential element and resource on Earth. The majority of living things need water to survive. So it makes sense that water should be included in your business to give your business a sense of importance and necessity. 

Water may seem like a still and simple element, but it can be highly useful in businesses. We took a look at bottled water suppliers like My Own Water at https://myownwater.com for tips and tricks on including water in your business. What we found out is that bottled water may be a basic element, but it is effective in growing your business.

1. Water is fluid and essential

First off, water is fluid. Fluidity shows how well your business can adapt to certain situations, and also gives off the vibe that your business is willing to meet client expectations whether it be through a partnership project, collaboration, or whether your business can adjust to client requests or not. Associating your business with fluidity makes you look more amicable. 

On the other hand, water is also essential. Associating your business with water presents your brand as essential and practical. When done correctly, incorporating water elements into your business gives your brand a pleasant, calming, and refreshing look while continuing to uphold professionalism. Remember, subconscious aspects matter in brand awareness and association!

2. Everyone needs to drink water

Compared to other promotional materials, water is a cost-effective product that everyone can relate to. Everyone needs to drink water, and by providing water to your patrons, you can reach your customers regardless of your target market demographics. This shows that your business is open to everyone, ingraining a sense of inclusivity into the subconscious of consumers.

For example, restaurants and cafes often provide free drinking water since it costs next to nothing to supply, yet it keeps clients happy with a refreshing drink option that they can consume. You may not notice it, but you subconsciously prefer dining establishments that offer complimentary water as compared to ones that don’t. 

3. Bottled water can bring more business to your brand

Instead of tap water or service water, you can provide your patrons with bottled water that they can carry around. Bottled water is sanitary, convenient, and can be customized to include the logo and name of your company. Plus, bottled water is a practical promotional tool that can get consumers to remember your brand better than your competitors’.

Sometimes, the simplest promotions are the most effective. You don’t need to go viral to gain a successful marketing campaign. More often than not, it’s all about bringing the customers what they need instead of what you think they want. Water should be accessible, and can bring more business to your brand.

4. Bottled water is like a portable ad

By advertising with bottled water, you are getting your brand name out there to a wider audience as your consumers bring their bottled water with them wherever they go. This is partially the reason why theme parks, sports arenas, and malls have their own customized bottled water – so anyone who sees their patrons walking around with the bottle will remember the brand.

Brand awareness is one of the most crucial initial steps to an increase in sales and customer loyalty. By branding bottled water with your business logo and name, you are effectively creating a simple, yet efficient portable billboard that gets the attention of potential customers.

5. Flowing water connotes success and affluence

In Feng Shui beliefs, businesses can benefit from flowing water as it connotes success and prosperity. This is why many Asian businesses place water fountains within their business establishments in strategic locations. Some businesses may even have a theme that revolves solely around water and marine elements!

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, water has the elements that connote business success. First, water is essential, which ensures that there is always a demand for clean, drinking water. Second, water shows that your business can adapt to any container – that is to say that you can adapt easily to the ever-changing market. 

Overall, water is often taken for granted as the element is seen as still and stagnant. However, when integrated properly, your business can gain multiple benefits from associations with water, as well as providing bottled water for your patrons!

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