How To Order Water On Starbucks App? (What To Know!)

I am a frequent customer at Starbucks. It’s been a real problem. It’s not something I plan to fix anytime soon.

You should drink water if you are a coffee addict. Is Starbucks offering water free of charge? Can you order water through the Starbucks app? This is what we discovered after looking into it…

How do you order water through the Starbucks App?

It’s easy to order bottled or canned water via the Starbucks app. Scroll down to the Cold Drinks section and then to Water.

These water options may not be free. You can click on any of these to see more information, including nutritional information and availability.

You can add water to your order through Starbucks App. This must be done at pickup. You won’t have to wait, if the store isn’t too busy.

This article will show you how to get water from Starbucks. It will also explain what options are available and what is free.

Starbucks offers water for free

Starbucks offers water delivery online or in-store. However, you will need to specify the type of water you would like. You will need to pay for bottled water if you want it.

However, if you ask for a glass of filtered water or a cup, it will be yours for free.

Starbucks: What kind of water can you get?

You can choose from a variety of bottled water options on the Starbucks online and in-store menus. One of these options is available for free. The app allows you to order and pay for the items in-store or online. There are many options:

  • Dasani Bottled water
  • Ethos Bottled water
  • Hawai’i Volcanic Water
  • Plain iced water (served with a tumbler).
  • Galvanina Sparkling Water (bottled).
  • Spindrift Grapefruit Sparking Water (can)
  • Spindrift Raspberry Lime Sparking Water (can)
  • Galvanina Sparkling Water Lime (bottled)

The plain iced water is not free, but some Starbucks outlets are charging extra for plastic cups.

Starbucks offers triple-filtered tap water. If there aren’t enough venti cups left, you won’t receive a venti-sized cup. Customers have also reported that different outlets use different sizes of water cups.

Starbucks advises that employees are not permitted to refill customers’ water bottles, thermoses, or mugs.

Is it possible to order iced water from Starbucks via your mobile phone?

The Starbucks app doesn’t allow you to order iced tea. Only the paid water options are available through the app.

Starbucks offers a complimentary cup of iced tea. This means that you can ask for one when you order (or dine) in-store.

The iced water is free so there isn’t a corresponding option on the app. Experienced customers suggest that you can ask for iced tea when you pick up your order.

This means that you will need to pick up your order, then go back to the counter and start over. You must register even a cup of water into the shop’s computer system. This could mean that you will have to wait, especially if there are many customers and the baristas don’t offer free coffee.

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Starbucks has always provided filtered iced water free of charge with every order, whether it’s a meal or a cup of coffee. This water cannot be ordered online and is not available for free.

You can’t order it and have it delivered by any of the delivery companies Starbucks uses. You can only order iced water in person, or stop by to pick it up at Starbucks.

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