Why Should You Wear a Helmet When Cycling?

Every cyclist should be aware of the potential dangers on the road. It’s important to wear a bike helmet to minimise the risk of injury on the road. A helmet could be the difference between life and death in an accident. And yet, many cyclists do not wear a helmet and put themselves at much greater risk. 

According to Australian statisticians Olivier and Creighton, a helmet can reduce your chances of a serious injury by up to 70%. Helmets disperse the energy from impact, so your brain avoids a potentially fatal injury. Head injuries can cause hearing loss as well as multiple other complications. Helmets are an absolute must.  

Here are a few more reasons why you should wear a cycling helmet. 

Make yourself visible 

A helmet can help others to see you on the road. Most cyclists ride in city environments where there are numerous other pedestrians and vehicles. Your helmet should have a reflective strip on the front and back so people can see you in the dark. You could go for a neon helmet to stand out even more. Wear reflective neon clothing as well to make yourself as visible as possible.

It might be illegal not to wear a helmet 

In twenty-two US states it is against the law for cyclists aged 18 and under to ride without helmets. Children under 18 can have their parents fined if they ride outdoors without a helmet. However, adults also need helmets to be safe on the roads, and you should wear one at any age. You face the same risk on the road, no matter your age. 

 Set an example to your children

It’s your responsibility to show your children how to cycle safely. If you do not wear a helmet, your children will grow up thinking they do not need one either. Make sure you are setting a good example to your own children and younger cyclists around you. 

Make a fashion statement

Cyclist fashion is of an acquired taste. Lycra and neon aren’t for everyone. You can buy more stylish cyclist clothing in animal prints and muted tones. Just remember that most cyclist gear is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. You will be thankful for those reflective panels and neon colours when it gets dark on your ride home. Make sure your clothing is comfortable to wear so you can cycle without getting distracted. 

Stay safe on your next ride and be a model cyclist. 

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