Is Chemical Guys Worth It? Here’s What You Should Know

Chemical Guys is a global manufacturing company created to meet and exceed the cleaning needs of car owners. They specialize in making and distributing quality car care chemicals, accessories, machines, and buffing pads.

They’re one of the most used car detailing options available, offering some of the best prices available for car cleaning products. However, reasonable prices and a vast customer base don’t always mean good quality.

Therefore, car owners and cleaning companies must know what value they get whenever they purchase and use Chemical Guys products.

So, let’s answer the question.

Is Chemical Guys Worth It? 

Yes, it is. It is worth the price and the hype it is getting. Chemical Guys are not only one of the most used car cleaning products in the market, but it is also one of the best, according to customers’ reviews. Chemical Guys have excellent customer feedback on almost all their products.

They make advanced car cleaning and shining products that are easy to use. These products leave your cars looking brand new. 

This post contains valuable information on Chemical Guys’ products and their effect on your car. Keep reading:

Car Detailing With Chemical Guys Products

Car detailing means different things to different people; it might be simply washing a car to some people. To others, it might involve a more specific activity like ceramic coating or paint correction.

Car detailing goes beyond simply washing your car. Even though it starts with it, it involves chemical decontamination, paint correction, protective coating, waxing, quick detailing, etc.

Chemical Guys have a variety of products for your car detailing needs. So, whether you’re going for a thorough or straightforward clean, there is a Chemical Guys product for you.

Car Washing With Chemical Guys Products 

Car detailing must always start with a wash. There are different forms of cleaning, and chemical guys cater to all. Here are the various forms of cleaning and Chemical Guys products to use for each:

Maintenance wash:

For a maintenance wash, use chemical guys’ pH-neutral shampoo with gloss enhancers. For example, Chemical Guys glossworkz gloss booster and pH neutral auto wash.

The idea of a maintenance wash is to keep the car clean and shiny without removing the car’s protective coating. Chemical Guys’ glossworkz auto wash is an effective way to achieve this because, unlike regular soaps and detergent, it cleans without stripping the car’s protective coating.

Also, the gloss component of the auto wash gives your car’s paint or wax a consistent shine that lasts long. This particular product is safe to use on your newly painted or waxed car.

Decontaminating wash:

Decontaminating wash is also called a strip wash. Use chemical guys’ clean slate shampoo to strip wash.

The clean slate deep surface cleaning car wash soap is the product of choice for a chemical guys’ strip wash. It removes all previously existing product layers on the paint like wax and sealants.

It strips the car of all external additions on the paints. This stripping is usually done before polishing, waxing, or applying new products to the car’s paint.

Deep Clean:

The essence of a deep clean is to break down grime, grit, and any other build-up of contaminants on your car. Use chemical guys’ citrus wash and gloss for this wash. Citrus-based shampoo gets your deep cleaning done and leaves your vehicle shiny.

Decontaminating With Chemical Guys Products 

Decontaminating is an essential aspect of your car detailing process. It paves the way for other parts of the process to be effective. By removing every contamination on the paint, it allows the newly applied products to take maximum effect.

You can do the decontamination manually or chemically. Or you can choose to do both for maximum results.

For manual decontamination, use chemical guys’ clay bars. These bars are famous for their effective removal of deep-seated contaminants in paint. They remove those things that ruin a car’s paintwork over time. Clay bars are highly effective.

A combination of both manual and chemical decontamination produces good results. So, to decontaminate chemically, use acid-based cleaners (light). Acid-based cleaners break down particles like rust and salt deep within the car’s paint. These cleaners break down and rinse off contaminants.

Chemical Guys has many light acid-based cleaners you can use. Decon Iron remover is one of them.

After using these products to decontaminate, you must wash the car’s surface to remove any chemicals left over from the process.

Paint Correction With Chemical Guys Products 

Paint Correction is a crucial part of car detailing because it determines the steps to take in protective layering. The condition of the car’s paint determines if you should polish it before layering Chemical Guys protective products on it.

Your paint might be in three conditions. These are:

Good condition:

If your car’s paint is in good condition, then you can go directly to layering the productive products your car needs.

Moderate condition:

If your car’s paint condition isn’t bad but isn’t good either, you must polish it first. You can choose to use either Chemical Guys cutting polish or their one-step scratch and swirl remover. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can go again with the chemical guys V38 final polish.

Bad condition:

Your paint is in a bad place if it has scratch marks or shows signs of oxidation. To proceed to the protection phase of car detailing, you need to carry out a two-step paint correction process. The first step involves using a cutting compound (V34 or V32) with a cutting pad (preferably the orange hex-logic).

The second step involves using a finishing polish to remove the scratches that the cutting compound couldn’t. The Chemical Guys’ finishing product for this job is the V36 cutting polish. Use this with a white hex-logic polishing pad.

Paint Protection With Chemical Guys Products 

There are different routes you can take for the protective layering of your car’s paint. However, you can rest assured that chemical guys have products to go whatever path you choose. Here are some protection methods and the best chemical guys products to achieve it:


There are several chemical guys glazes. Glazes are temporary solutions to your flawed or imperfect car paint. They have gloss enhancers and fillers as active components. Therefore, when used, they make paint shiny even before they get layered with protectants.

Ensure that you apply another layer of protection after using the glaze. That’s because as shiny and as effective as glazes might seem, glazes are not “protectants”, in comparison to other actual protectants.

They possess sealant properties which are responsible for the sleek and shiny look their application gives. And these properties aren’t enough long-term protection for your paint.

Ceramic coating:

Ceramic coating is also called protective coating. This coating can last for almost a year. It is the most durable coating you can use on your paint. Ceramic coating goes deep into the paint to form a solid layer of protection.

Only apply a ceramic coating after you have washed, decontaminated, and corrected your paint. You can use chemical guy’s Hydroslick intense gloss ceramic coating hyperwax.


Unlike synthetic paint sealants, wax is a natural protectant. It is made from refined palm tree leaves, and it is either in liquid or paste form. Whichever form it is in, wax is an effective protectant for your paint.

Chemical guys carnauba wax allows the paint’s natural shine to find expression while repelling contaminants and UV rays. As a result, a waxed car is always shiny and transparent.

You can wax after coating with glaze or after using ceramic coating or paint sealants. Wax can last for about 3-5 months if it is properly maintained.

Paint Sealant:

Paint sealants are long-term synthetic protection. This form of protection is made with advanced technology, forming a solid and impenetrable layer over your paint. Paint sealants repel the different contaminants the paint may be exposed to daily.

Like ceramic coating, a sealant can last for as long as a year. When properly maintained, it keeps its shine. The chemical guys Jetseal durable sealant and paint protectant keep grime, dirt, UV rays, and water from ruining your paint.

Quick Detailing With Chemical Guys Products 

Quick detailing is the last part of the car detailing process. It is crucial to finish your vehicle detailing with quick detailing if you want all the work you’ve done to last for an extended period.

Chemical Guys’ quick detailers are specially made to remove light contaminants from your paint after washing, decontaminating, correcting, or protecting the paint. It takes out the smallest contaminant on your paint, like fingerprints or drops of water that may leave watermarks on your paint.

You can stick to using wax to maintain your paint, but a quick detailer has a better and final effect. It gives your paint a shiny finish, and it lasts long.


This post answers the question, “are Chemical Guys worth it.” Chemical Guys have products for almost all (if not all) your car cleaning and maintenance needs. Their products have undergone years of research, and they designed them to give your car the touch it needs.

So, yes, Chemical Guys’ products are worth it.

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