What Are 711’s Car Wash Prices? (all You Need To Know)

One of the 711 convenience stores has set up a car wash in the convenience store itself. It is a free car wash and they ask you to make your payment as well. However, you should make sure to bring cash as the stores don’t accept any form of payment, other than cash.

These are extremely inexpensive options. People in the United States have seen them in stores since the 80s, however they are starting to make a comeback. For more information, keep reading!

What Are 711’s Car Wash Prices In 2022?

As of 2022, you can always find the lowest prices for 711 Car Washes. You can call in to ask for a price, and the price will be for your area. For those who are looking for a budget option, the cheapest option is the no-wash.

Here’s everything you need to know about 711 car washes. Read below to learn why these are best!

How is the 711 Car Wash Rated?

If you are looking for the best car wash, the 711 car wash may not be the best place to go. However, it does get the job done and is extremely efficient.

The design of the car wash is also very helpful when it comes to protecting your car’s exterior parts from being damaged by the car wash.

In addition, you too can rent a car vacuum at the wash for only $1, which is also extremely cheaper and relatively easy to use.

What Forms of Payment are Accepted at 711’s Car Wash?

Usually, the cost of the service depends on the location. It may require payment in cash and credit cards.

People who wash cars are usually hired based on a contract.

If you’re particularly concerned, you should call and find out about the payment options.

Can 711 Car Washes Cause Damage To My Car?

Some 711 car wash stations are reporting that the machines are causing more damage than they are fixing. One car wash company reported nearly 2-3 times more damage than the number of cleanings it claimed to have provided.

However there are some rare cases of when a car washes owner can prove that the damage happened on their car while it was being washed.

This is usually the car wash’s word against the customer.

The 711 car wash you may visit is not covered by any insurance. You are therefore not liable for any damages that may occur.

And I know I’ve been in 711 a couple of times, so I know that the guy who runs it is pretty busy.

So, even if a car got damaged at the other car wash, your local store won’t damage your car.

Does 711 Car Washes Offer Free Military Cleaning?

The company was founded by a soldier and now provides care for the military and veterans.

However, this is not always the case, and there is also a good possibility that you do not have to pay.

While Veterans Day is a common day for 711 to offer a free wash, you are able to choose a specific car wash.

In fact, this often includes the top-of-the-line car wash.

Keep an eye on the calendar, they can save you a few dollars on car wash.

The best time to shop is definitely whenever discounts are available, so be sure to check your local stores calendar to find when they’re having special military discounts.

Note: The discount for military service members is only valid at stores that are currently open. Make sure your local store is in business, and make sure you shop on store hours.

If you want to read more about 711, you can either read some of our old posts about 711, or learn more about how they operate.


Even those that are more common can include this option. It’s a good way for customers to make sure their car is clean before they drive away and it also can save you money on having a car wash installed at your business location.

The cost of the service is higher than some other budget car washes. You might be paying a little more for this type of service, but the price is still affordable.

The lack of information and the low-quality products don’t make them the best option in the market.

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