Does Costco Balance Tires? [price, Location, Vehicle Types + More!] 

Costco offers a huge range of services to help make the lives of it’s customers easier.
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Costco tire balancing is not available at this time. Costco is in the process of researching information for their auto club. They just launched it about a month ago.

Does Costco Balance Tires In 2022? 

Costco offers a tire balancing service alongside tire rotation and nitrogen inflation, which costs $21.99 for the entire vehicle. You need to be a Costco member and book an appointment to access this service.

To learn more about prices, times, wait times and more, check out this page.

How Do I Have My Tires Balanced At Costco?

You must make an appointment with an employee to have your tires balanced.

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Costco will be hosting a new program called Costco Now, where Costco members can have their cars inspected for damage. The service will be offered in 1,600 locations in the US, and is expected to become available in Canada later this year.

The tire service team will carry out the appointment, so customers can continue shopping while they check and balance their tires.

Typically, the wait time for a tire rebalance at Costco is around 45 minutes, which can vary on how busy they are. If you need a tire rebalance faster, you can visit a tire shop or a tire dealer.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Tires Balanced? 

Costco has some service packages that cost less than others. The tire balancing and tire rotation package costs $21.99; the price is right for your budget.

Because Costco provides free tire balancing and rotation, as well as other services, this means customers can enjoy worry-free driving every time they come to Costco for new tires.

What Vehicles Will Costco Perform A Tire Balance On?

The road hazard warranty covers tires on most of the vehicles that are sold and serviced at Costco.

To ensure that your vehicle is eligible, search for your model by clicking here. This is a much easier way to check if you have any problems with your vehicle.

[Text for a video of the above]: This is a video of a Costco associate telling a customer about the car washes at Costco.

Costco also does not perform tire balancing for some vehicles. These include golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs.

What Costco Locations Can I Have My Tires Balanced At? 

If you own a car that needs this service, Costco stores are the place to go. They also provide collision repair services and service to all of your vehicle’s components.

When Costco customers are using the Costco Tire service booking online, they will be able to find out which Costco stores have tire balancing centers available.

To learn more about Costco’s propane filling service, you can see my guide on Costco propane filling, and Costco tire installation.

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