Sam’s Club Gas (price, Opening Hours, Discounts, Locations + More)

Samed’s Club is best known for their huge warehouses, awesome bulk deals and their exclusive membership base.

No, well then, Sam’s Club is also the place to shop for gas.

I’m not sure if you have Sam’s Club gas stations in your area, but I will tell you that you do have to be a Sam’s Club member to buy fuel from them.

Now it’s time for your complete guide with everything you need to know about Sam’s Club fuel centers!

Sam’s Club Gas In 2022

Most Sam’s Club gas stations will only be open to members of the club. However, select locations will be open to the public for a minimal discount. Sam’s Club fuel isn’t Top Tier; however, it does have a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund.

To save some money on your gas purchases, find more locations at

Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy Sam’s Club Fuel?

Of course you must be a member, you are paying a membership fee.
[Sam’s Club]: You are not a member, you are a guest.

However, there are some locations where Sam’s Club gas stations can be open to everyone.

In a large number of states all public gas stations, and some private stations, must be open to the public.

Consumers who are Sam’s Club members or Walmart+ users can do more than just save at their local Sam’s Club or Walmart gas station.

Only a handful of states prohibit fuel discounts for members. These states, as indicated below, are located outside of the United States.

How Much Does Fuel Cost At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has a gas section where their fuel is sold and also offers fuel discounts, usually around 30%, depending on the amount you purchase at Sam’s Club and the current gas prices.

A comparison of gas stations shows that Sam’s Club’s prices are often between $0.05 and $0.10 lower than other gas stations.

To know the prices of gas at the different locations, you can use the locator feature.

When Are Sam’s Club’s Gas Stations Open?

In order to keep the pump open as long as possible, Sam’s Club gas stations have extended hours. Hours for Sam’s Club fuel centers are from 6 AM – 9 PM Monday through Saturday and 9 AM – 7 PM on Sunday.

We’re located right near the intersection of Highway 77 and Highway 36/81. The closest airport to Sam’s Club is the Tulsa Airport.

Is Sam’s Club Gas High Quality?

All of Sam’s Club’s products, including its fuel, are backed by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Both are entirely accurate, but have a different tone.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can exchange or return it within 30 days of purchase.

Although not the highest quality, the gasoline from Sam’s Club is at least suitable for most uses.

if sams club gas is good read our full gas guide.

Does Sam’s Club Offer Discounts On Fuel?

Sam’s Club members have the best benefits and perks available, and they have access to great online savings and discounts.

There are rewards when you pay with the Sam’s Club MasterCard. This card is only available to Sam’s Club members and there are opportunities for rewards.

Sam’s Club offers 5% cash back on gas purchases up to $6,000 every year. For the following years, members receive Cash back on gas purchases.

The members that are Sam’s Club MasterCard holders can receive 1% or 3% cash back on other eligible purchases.

There are a small number of Sam’s Club gas stations that are open to the public. Sam’s Club members have access to a five cent discount at these locations that non-members don’t.

I haven’t worked with the Sam’s Club gas payment system before, so I’m not sure if there is a limit on the length of a gift card. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions at the bottom of the card to ensure that you can use it. Also, make sure the card is valid (make sure to check the expiration date) because otherwise it may seem like the gas station can’t validate it.

If you have an extra gift card lying around, you can use it to save some gas money!

Do All Sam’s Clubs Have Gas Stations?

I was disappointed that there was a gas station without a store.

If you are curious where the nearest Sam’s Club gas station is, there is a website you can check to see if it is close enough for you, and if you like gas stations, you will probably want to know where the closest one is if it is too far away for you to drive.

Here are the nearby gas stations to Sam’s Club. To book a gas station, click on the checkbox next to the gas station.

The website will display the nearest Sam’s Club gas stations, their fuel prices, and the availability.

What Payment Methods Are Acceptable At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

To make sure your transaction is successful, you should ensure that the transaction is processed by a reliable and trustworthy payment method.

If you can not pay for the gas with a credit card, there will be a sign on the pump to let you know.

If you want to run a gas station business, a Sam’s Club Private Label credit card is NOT the way to go.

Are There Car Washes At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

In addition to a car wash, Sam’s Club gas stations also have a variety of other services that are similar to other gas stations.

Currently, 39 Sam’s Clubs offer car washes alongside their gas stations. For more information on these Sam’s Club gas stations, click here to view the current list.

As with any other automotive parts retail store, you might also want to read up on whether or not Sam’s Club installs car batteries, if Sam’s Club installs tires, and if Sam’s Club fixes flat tires.


Sam’s Club offers both fuel and grocery-store services, as well as a pharmacy and even a beauty salon! They also offer a wide variety of other services for people of all ages.

Sam’s Club offers exclusive pricing benefits for Sam’s Club members, which is why Sam’s Club is the perfect place to save money when you own a Sam’s Club MasterCard.

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