Is Kroger Gas Top Tier? (quality, Who Makes It, Ethanol + More)

As the price of gas, you will pay more to fill up at a gas station. You will have to look for the stations that have a high-quality gas.

Kroger is one of these grocery stores that has it’s own affiliated gas station. If you happen to be a Kroger shopper, you may be wondering if their gas is top tier? If so, read on to see what I learned!

Is Kroger Gas Top Tier In 2022?

As of 2022, Kroger gas is considered to be “good quality” according to some sources, however, the gas company is not top tier certified and receives its gas from multiple suppliers as of 2022. Additionally, Kroger gas is said to be bought from Shell, Shell, and BP, which are top tier suppliers. However, there is a chance that Kroger buys gas from Exxon as well.

If you’re more interested in learning more about the gas we buy at Kroger, if it’s ethanol-free, and whether a small percentage of our gas is ethanol-free, keep reading!

Is Kroger Gas Good Quality?

So the quality of gas at an individual gas station can vary from Kroger stores. However, the overall quality of gas at a given gas station will be similar throughout the chain.

However, Kroger must carefully examine the company themselves. For example, they may choose suppliers based on prices, quality of service, and other relevant factors.

Kroger will generally work with major oil companies. Therefore, many Kroger gas stations carry very high quality gasoline.

Is Kroger Gas Good For Your Car?

When you pump gas into your car, you should always read the labels on the gas pump to make sure the fuel you choose is actually a good fuel for your vehicle’s engine. Kroger gas is recommended by reputable car repair shops.

Any concerns regarding the quality of our gasoline should be brought to the attention of our Gas Station Supervisor, who is the best person to assist you.

Customers can also search the prices by gas station to check if their local Kroger is cheaper or more expensive than nearby gas stations.

Who Supplies Kroger Gas?

We have heard of Kroger gas stations that only get fuel from Shell, BP, and Exxon. These gas stations were generally better stores and offered a higher selection in their products. At the same time, these gas stations were a tad bit more expensive. We have not found any Kroger gas station that only gets their fuel supply from Shell, BP, and Exxon.

It’s important to note that even though a Kroger gas station may currently get Shell gasoline, they regularly switch out their suppliers.

Kroger has numerous oil companies where they source their fuel. While the names of these companies are not available online, they can be contacted through customer service.

Is Kroger Gas the Same as Shell?

Kroger often sources their gasoline from Shell. As a result, these select gas stations will carry gas that is of the same quality you can receive at Shell.

Citi’s energy team says that as a result of these changes, retail and automotive fuels will be more expensive than they were before the agreement, and the company will absorb about $30 a month in price increases.

Is Kroger Gas Ethanol Free?

The fuel is either Ethanol free, or blends Ethanol with gasoline as the main mix. Ethanol is an alcohol that is a different chemical compound and a different type of fuel, not a different type of alcohol as a part of the gasoline mix.

Customers report that Kroger’s gasoline contains 10% ethanol, a requirement to make up for the reduced octane rating of Ethanol-blended gasoline.

Therefore, the amount of ethanol in Kroger gas will vary per station, depending on the fuel supplier they source their gasoline from.

This kind of confusion would not happen under a context free grammar, where the grammars for each of the sentences are well-defined, even though the sentences are generated from the grammar.

You can look to those stickers if you live in a state that has to add ethanol.

 Any customer can ask at the gas station or call customer service if they will like more information on Kroger gas ethanol content.

Is Kroger Gas Open 24/7?

The Kroger gas station hours are usually the same as those of other gas stations. However, some locations open earlier. Check with the store manager for exact times.

The gas stations do allow customers to pay at the pump for 24 hours a day.

If customers would like to know the hours that the local Kroger gas station is open, they will be able to find that information by contacting their local Kroger gas station.

Is Kroger Gas Expensive?

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, Kroger has also been awarded the No. 1 company on the Fortune 500 list. This means that Kroger has the highest revenue of any store in the United States.

The Kroger gas prices are updated automatically, so make sure to check again. If a new or different price is available, you can use the search bar to enter the price and make sure you have the right location.

For customers who have a Kroger Card, they will receive $1 per gallon gas when they earn $1,000 in fuel points.

You can earn these points by swiping your Kroger Card every time you make an in-store purchase. You may redeem points for up to 35 gallons of gasoline or diesel.

Where Can I Find Kroger Gas Stations?

If people who live in or are traveling through the above states would like to find out specific locations of Kroger Grocery stores, they can do so by phoning Kroger customer service.

If you want to check out another popular supermarket chain, you can also read about Publix food safety, Publix and Walmart price matching, Publix customer service hours, and many more.

In this article, we have only discussed the top retail stores in the world. Keep reading to see what other stores you might want to check out.


Kroger gas is not considered to be good gas, because they are not consistent.

Kroger did not want to take a chance of having high-quality gas, so they made the decision to not source fuel from Shell.

In short, the Kroger-owned stations that use Shell-sourced gas are likely to have better-quality gas than the average (non-Kroger-owned) station, but not as high-quality as the high-volume Shell stations.

This gas station has the lowest prices in town, and Kroger card members can get $1 per gallon if they’ve saved $1,000 points.

The Kroger Cash program offers 35 gallons of fuel at 1.25 per gallon.

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