Is Tommy Hilfiger A Good Brand, Or Does It Offer the Same Quality As Primark?

Tommy Hilfiger has been in business since 1985. Since its inception, it’s been defined as a premium fashion brand. However, that hasn’t stopped people from questioning its quality.

So, is Tommy Hilfiger a good brand? Today, we’re going to answer this question for good.

We’ve put some effort into exploring the reasons behind this question and will share our findings right below. So, let’s get started.

What Sort Of Brand Is Tommy Hilfiger?

Before we judge whether Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand or not, we must understand what kind of brand it is. Technically, Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t focus on a single niche, but they offer products in all sorts of categories. For example, sports, designer, fast-fashion, etc.

So, even if we find it to be a great sports brand, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s a great luxury brand as well.

Designer Clothes 

If you’re looking for a quality designer brand, then we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the products Tommy Hilfiger offers.

Their classic color palette consisting of white, red, and blue is a fan favorite, and if you want a design straight out of the 80s’ but with a touch of a modern vibe, then you can’t go wrong with these.

Since its inception, Tommy Hilfiger has expanded their product designs far beyond the classic one, and you’ll find other colors and cuts from them as well. They have a wide variety, so finding the right apparel to compliment your taste shouldn’t be hard.

The best part about their designer choices is that they added a twist of trendy west coast style with the classic east coast style. It has allowed them to develop timeless designs that can be worn to any party or meeting.

However, if you aren’t getting one of these from their stores in Hollywood Boulevard or New York, then there’s a chance that you’re getting knock-off clothing, as is with any apparel brand.

Fast Fashion 

Tommy Hilfiger can’t be considered as a fast-fashion brand as it tends to stick to the regular collections and offers collaborations only every once in a while. In the typical sense of fast fashion, it doesn’t provide new choices every week, so that people are forced to throw away their wardrobe regularly.

Plus, they were scored decently by sustainable clothing analysis websites, and the brand itself has announced that they’re trying to cut down greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

Luxury Items

Tommy Hilfiger offers luxury collections from time to time, but this isn’t considered a mainstream luxury brand because of how accessible it is. That being said, the luxury apparel offered by Tommy Hilfiger provides excellent quality, but it isn’t a Luxury Brand in general.


Tommy Hilfiger manufactures all of its watches from a Swiss company like most other popular fashion brands. Still, their watches are considered one of the best. That isn’t coincidental either, as the founder himself comes from a long line of watchmakers.

Back in 2001, Tommy Hilfiger struck a deal with Movado, an international watchmaker, and started its line of timekeepers. What makes them a well-known watch brand is that most of their watches can be found under three hundred dollars.


Tommy Hilfiger also offers tailored suits, and their outfits manage to hold up to their reputation pretty well. Their slim-fit suits are one of the most preferred everyday suits out there.

They usually tailor the suits from a wool blend to be worn throughout the year in most cases. Their outfits can be found in lower-mid, mid, and upper ranges, so you’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide variety.


Other than these, Tommy Hilfiger is also renowned for offering an extensive collection of shoes, bags, and wallets. Their shoes are sought-after for being sleek, versatile, and comfortable. Although most people prefer Adidas, Puma, and Nike over their shoes, Tommy Hilfiger shoes are loved for their universal designs.

Their classic looks allow the user to wear them with any outfit. They offer a range of sneakers, flip flops, boat shoes, and different types of shoes for women.

You’ll find a range of bags from them as well. However, the reputation of their bags isn’t as good. The bags offer unique designs, and their shapes are impressive.

However, many users have complained about how poorly their bags are made and how easily the fabric tears. That is why we aren’t confident about how good they are as a brand for bags.

Finally, there are Tommy Hilfiger wallets. These wallets hold a reputation rivaled by only a few other premium brands. They are simple, robust, yet sleek. Even though they cost you a fortune, they won’t fail in providing a lifelong service.

Is Tommy Hilfiger A Good Brand 

As you can see, Tommy Hilfiger is a versatile company, and it isn’t a good brand in every fashion industry sector. Like every other fashion house, it has its strengths and weaknesses, and that’s only natural.

However, what truly makes them a good company as a whole is their accessibility. No matter which product line of theirs you’re looking at, you’ll see products in all ranges. It just makes Tommy Hilfiger easier to afford than most other brands.

Not only do they offer products in all price ranges, but they also ensure quality products. Well, even though this doesn’t apply to their bag collections, the rest of the products are top-notch.

In the end, it can be said that Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand because of how accessible it is. It isn’t a luxury brand in general, and you shouldn’t expect them to come up with new designs every weekend either.

What they’re truly offering are products that are well-designed, sustainable, and affordable. The world in its current condition could do better with more companies encouraging their customers to purchase sustainable products.

Why Do People Doubt Their Quality?

If Tommy Hilfiger is so good a company, you may question, why are so many people questioning their quality? Well, there are multiple possible answers to this question, and you can’t rule out any of them.

Failing to Meet Customer Expectations

For starters, whether a brand is good or not depends largely on the perception and expectations of the consumer. If Tommy Hilfiger is failing to meet the design and product expectations of a specific customer, they may not think of it as a good brand despite the quality products.

That is why we’ve found many people saying Tommy Hilfiger isn’t a good brand only because it isn’t matching their expectations in terms of design or value for money. In fact, we’ve found that some people prefer cheaper brands over Tommy Hilfiger only because they’re happy with those brands.

Bad Experience with Tommy Hilfiger Knock-Offs

Let’s face it, the majority of the market, irrespective of where you live, is dominated by knock-off products. Most of the major fashion houses source their raw products from factories in Asia or South Asia.

They start by producing these products in a smaller quantity, bringing them to their main fashion houses, sewing the labels, and adding other details. They usually send these products to celebrities for promoting them, and they also collect reviews on how these can be improved further.

Once the company decides that a product will perform well with or without additional improvements, they mass produce them.

However, as we’ve said earlier, it’s not possible to mass-produce apparel at their own fashion houses. That is where they contact one or multiple manufacturers to get this job done for them.

While mass producing, it’s not possible to control the quality of each product equally. So, the products are sorted according to their quality, and only the finest are sent to the company.

This is why you won’t get the same quality of apparel from the same brand if you get them from different stores. For example, you can’t expect the quality of a shirt bought from their New York outlet to be the same as that of a shirt bought from K-Mart.

The point here is a lot of people may come across a damaged or decayed product of Tommy Hilfiger, and they may have had a bad experience with that product. However, that doesn’t make it a bad brand. Every brand has knock-off products, and the brand can’t be blamed if you come across a bad replica.


Now that we’re at the end of our discussion, it’s clear that the question is Tommy Hilfiger a good brand, has different answers, none of which are wrong.

However, in a general sense, Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand because it offers classic apparel, timeless watches, unrivaled wallets, and comfortable shoes, all of which are made to sustain.

So, despite its shortcomings, labeling Tommy Hilfiger a bad brand as a whole isn’t accurate.

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