Hollister Vs. Abercrombie: Which Is Better?!

Abercrombie & Fitch Co also started Hollister, but they have very different target markets. Many people are curious about the differences between these brands and which one is better.

Hollister, being for younger people, is considered fast fashion because they serve different audiences. Abercrombie & Fitch, on the other hand is more sophisticated and Abercrombie Children is better suited for younger children. These brands can be great if you’re looking for the right clothes.

If you’re looking to compare the two brands, this article is for you.

Let’s not go on, but let’s take a look at the main differences between these stores and decide which one is best for you based upon your needs.

Is Abercrombie better quality than Hollister?

Many people wonder if Abercrombie has better quality than Hollister when they consider factors such as price and fabric.

Let’s answer that question by comparing these brands so you can decide which one is better.

The Hierarchy Of The Companies

The main difference is, of course, who owns the companies. Although Hollister might not appear so, Abercrombie owns it.

But, Hollister is not the only one who legally owns Gilly Hicks.

The Timeline of When the Companies Were Founded

Another distinction is the date they were established. David T. Abercrombie, Ezra Fitch and Ezra Fitch founded the original Abercrombie brand in 1892.

Hollister was founded in 2000, despite the fact that the parent company was established around 130 years ago.

The Abercrombie Kids brand was launched in 1998. Gilly Hicks was launched in the latter part of the 2000s.

The Target Audiences

These shops have different target markets because they are different shops. Hollister is designed for teenagers and young adults between 14-18 years old.

Abercrombie & Fitch is a brand that overlaps with this age group, but it’s for older young adults.

Abercrombie Kids is the last brand and is designed for children aged 5-16 years old. All three brands produce clothes for different ages.

The Different Types of Clothes

It is also very different in the way clothes are styled. Hollister is the place for those who wish to live in “Californian Summer” year-round.

Their dresses are summery and flowy. Abercrombie, on the other hand has its own brand of clothes and more mature clothes such as workout outfits.

Hollister’s color palette is also earthy with browns, dark reds, and pale blue dominating. Abercrombie prefers neutral tones such as dark greys, crisp whites and a contrasting color.

Clothes Quality

Some claim there is no difference between the brands in terms of quality. Hollister is the only brand that is perceived to be cheaper because of its style.

On closer inspection, however, Hollister seems to be more flexible about the quality of the material.

The Hollister clothes have a lower quality stitching and design than Abercrombie.

Clothes Prices

Because of the difference in quality, there will be a price difference.

Hollister is more affordable than Abercrombie mainly because they target teenagers and teens who cannot afford expensive clothes.

Abercrombie is a luxury brand that offers more expensive clothing. Perhaps because they are known for their quality, Abercrombie is considered more luxurious.

Brand Popularity

Hollister was founded by Abercrombie, but this brand made them so successful within the fashion industry.

For many years Hollister was the preferred choice of teenagers, making Abercrombie famous.

Hollister is a brand that most people recognize.

Hollister’s popularity is higher than other Abercrombie brands, and that is why Hollister is so popular.

Is there any similarity between The Hollister & Abercrombie’s?

There are many similarities between these brands. Both brands were founded by the same people, and they have locations around the world.

The stores also share many similarities. Both stores are dark and smell great, and they have the same layout. These stores are almost identical in appearance, but they target a similar age group with different styles.

Both stores offer online access to all the clothing that is not available in-store. You now know both the similarities and the differences between Hollister & Abercrombie.

Is Abercrombie A High-End Brand?

Abercrombie is a brand that can be considered “near luxury” because their clothes are high quality and expensive.

Hollister isn’t considered a luxury brand. Abercrombie is the perfect choice if you are looking for something between very affordable and very luxurious clothes.

Is Abercrombie Not Popular Anymore?

Abercrombie closed over 450 stores between 2010-2018 for a variety reasons. However, the store is gaining popularity again.

It was rebranded and expanded its range of styles and improved its clothing in 2018. The brand is now back in popularity.

What is Hollister famous for?

Hollister is a popular brand among teens because of a number of reasons. The brand’s colorful T-shirts and cotton hoodies are what made it so popular in the first place.

They continue to offer similar-styled clothes, but they also come up with more fashionable styles. Hollister is well-known for this.

What Does Hollister Say About 1922?

Many Hollister clothes have the year 1922 printed on them, but it doesn’t seem like there is any real meaning to these numbers.

But there’s a reason for this number. This number is significant because it is the year 1922 when the original plan was created for the brand.

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You now know the differences between Hollister & Abercrombie so that you can choose which store suits your style best.

These brands are both well-known and beloved by many teenagers.

You now know that they offer different styles and target different markets. They also have different price points. This article should have helped you get to know these brands better.

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