Are Extra Dessert Delights Discontinued? (Find Out!)

The Extra Dessert delights product was introduced to the American market in 1984. It has since been a hugely popular chewing gum in America.

The Extra gums come in different flavors if you’re looking for chewing gum that lasts.

Extra gums can help you to keep your attention on long trips and meetings, or to curb a food craving that is causing weight gain.

Extra gum is a sugar-free option that won’t put you in the dentist’s chair. It has been approved by the American Dental Association.


Are there any more dessert delights?

Extra Dessert Delights were discontinued, and it doesn’t appear that there are any plans to bring them back on the market.

Continue reading …. to learn more about Extra Dessert Delights, and why they were discontinued.

Extra Dessert Delights chewing gum is a great way to remember how much you loved them growing up. You may not be able get the flavors you want from the Extra Dessert Delights product line.

You might see some listings on e-commerce websites, but you won’t be able to order them. Additional dessert delights are no longer in stock at retail stores due to discontinuation.

You can still get the nostalgic sweet taste of Extra dessert delights if you’re determined. A

A quick search for Extra Dessert Delights Lemon Square Gum can tell you where and how to find the gum as a collectible.

Although the gum is more expensive than regular flavors and has a unique taste due to its expiry date it may still be worthwhile.

You can also buy extra dessert delights gums as collectibles:

  • Additional Dessert Delights Apple Pie Chewing gum
  • Additional Dessert Delights: Peach Cobbler Chewing gum
  • Additional Dessert Delights Lemon Square Gum
  • Additional Dessert Delights Cinnamon roll Gum
  • Additional Dessert Delights Lemon Square &amp Key Lime Pie Gum

It is important to inquire about the safety of Extra dessert delights when you buy them as a collectible.

Why Did Extra Dessert Delights Get Discontinued?

Extra Dessert Delights was discontinued because of the short-term availability of special gum flavors.

One reason could be that consumers prefer the same flavor of the brand or that the market has been overtaken and a competitor brand has taken the market, leading to discontinuation of a product line.

What do the letters on extra packs mean?

You may notice the phrase “Find Your Other Half” in the packages of Extra brands.

This marketing trick encourages people to buy more gum packs.

You are welcome to order a gum packet with your initials, or a pair for friends.

A special gift pack can be shared with family and friends to create unforgettable moments.

Is there any health benefit to chewing gum?

Gum is fun and can be a great way to get your teeth cleaned.

  • Chew gum can help you burn calories.
  • Sugarless gums like Extra gums can help keep your teeth healthy and remove food debris from your mouth.
  • Chewing gum stimulates saliva production, which can help strengthen tooth enamel.
  • It helps to combat drowsiness

What are the Best Extra Gum Flavors

These flavors are great for long-lasting fresh gum.

  • Extra Peppermint Gum
  • Extra smooth mint gum
  • Extra Sour Green Apple Gum
  • Extra Berry Burst Gum
  • Extra Polar Ice Gum
  • Extra Winterfresh Gum
  • Extra Refreshers
  • Extra Sweet Watermelon Gum
  • Extra Classic Bubble Gum

Is Extra Gum Vegan?

If you are vegan, finding chewing gum can be difficult because many gum manufacturers use animal products as ingredients.

Extra gum has stopped using animal-derived products since 2019, so vegans can enjoy its large selection of chewing gum flavors.

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Extra chewing gums have been a favorite of consumers for many decades. Extra is loved by consumers for its wide range of flavors and unique packaging.

For long-lasting freshness, you can order online or grab extra gum at the store.

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