Is Monster Mule Discontinued? (Find Out!)

Monster mule, a carbonated beverage made from monster beverages, is very popular across the globe.

It’s been on the market for many decades and has a surprising number of customers.

People who enjoy spicy ginger and partying will love this drink.

Regular consumers can be bored if they have a cold monster mule in their hands, especially during the summer.

Is Monster Mule now discontinued?

Monster Mule has stopped making the drink and is now producing other popular flavours. It’s temporary, but don’t be discouraged! Monster Mule will soon be back on sale, according to the company.

This amazing drink will be back in stores once the ginger mule orders have been fulfilled. Thanks to positive reviews and social media, the drink has seen a surge in popularity since its debut.


Continue reading to find out more about Monster Mule, and what you can expect…

What is the Flavor of Monster Mule?

Monster Mule is a Monster Beverage with a ginger-flavored fizzy drink. It has a sweet, spicy taste.

This drink has no sugar and is made from the Monster Blend of LCarnitine, Caffeine and Taurine.

Ginger Drink might not look like a brewed beverage, but it is not alcoholic.

Examples of discontinued Monster Beverages

All four Monster Energy drinks have been withdrawn due to the high use of propylene glycol. Propylene glycol, a popular artificial ingredient chemically similar to alcohol, is being withdrawn from the market. Monster Energy will discontinue all of these drinks:

  • Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy, 500ml
  • Espresso Monster Salted Caramel Triple Shot, 250ml
  • 500ml Ripper Juiced Monster Energy + juice, 500ml
  • Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot, 250ml

Top 10 Monster Energy Drink Flavors

Monster, a well-known energy beverage, comes in a variety of flavors. These are the top Monster flavors and descriptions.

Original: Nothing can compare to the original. It has a familiar flavor that will give you energy with 160mg of caffeine and a simple, smooth taste. It does not leave a bitter aftertaste. It is often considered to be their favorite brand.

Mango Loco: Mango Loco combines exotic fruits with delicious flavor. There are many other mango loco flavors. Each can be great with a full flavor.

Peach Tea: Monster-Rehab Edition includes the Peach Tea flavor. This is a blend of green tea and peaches with the perfect amount of sweetness and sourness. It doesn’t taste like energy drinks and it tastes a lot smoother that other flavors.

Pipeline Punch: Pipeline punch is a delicious combination of fresh fruits and accomplishes amazing feats. It is made with passion fruit, orange and guava. This delicious drink will leave you ready to conquer the world.

Zero: Absolutely Zero is one of Monster’s most popular flavors. You may also call it the “Father of All Monster Beverages.” It is a refreshing, tropical flavor. This amazing flavor can boost your energy levels throughout the day. Although it is slightly more acidic than Ultra Blue, it is still delicious.

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Monster Mule, a Monster Beverage exclusive spicy ginger beverage, is unique. The good news about Monster Mule is that it will not be discontinued.

Production is temporarily halted as more popular flavors return. Once orders are received, production can resume.

Below are some of the Monster beverages that were discontinued by the Monster beverage company due to high levels of propylene glycol.

However, they are unlikely cause any health problems for consumers.

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