Does Abercrombie Burn Unsold Clothes? (& More Faqs)



Abercrombie refuted these claims and said that they destroy only defective or damaged merchandise. Many people believe the company still burns clothes as they were caught on camera burning garments in the past. We will discuss the issues and help you make your own conclusions in this blog post.

What does Abercrombie sell?


They can charge more for merchandise if they keep the brand unique.

Abercrombie Controversy

Abercrombie & Fitch is a controversial company with a long history. The company has been subject to a lot of criticism, from burning unsold clothing to racism and sexism. Abercrombie cares more about maintaining its image than any other thing.

Abercrombie was also accused of sexism and racism. The company’s lack of diversity and offensive marketing strategies have been criticised.

People’s reactions to burning

The public has been very critical of Abercrombie’s practice to burn unsold clothing. Many are shocked and disgusted that Abercrombie would burn perfectly good clothes to preserve its brand.

Abercrombie may be doing the same thing as any other business: getting rid of defective or damaged merchandise. Many believe the company is still burning clothes as they were caught on camera in the past.

It doesn’t matter if Abercrombie still burns clothes. However, there is general agreement that it is unethical. It not only contributes to pollution but also wastes resources. It sends the message that only people who have the money to purchase new clothes are entitled to wear Abercrombie’s clothes.

Is Abercrombie still burning regularly?

Abercrombie does not burn unsold clothing often, but that’s not because they aren’t trying. Business Insider was told by a spokesperson for the company that they don’t burn unsold clothes regularly, but may burn damaged or overstocked merchandise.

Some people might be surprised to learn that clothing retailers would prefer to get rid of their stock rather than let it go. Business Insider says that Abercrombie’s policies are grounded in tradition and environmentalalism.

Abercrombie & Fitch stated in a blog post that it destroyed unsold clothing to stop it being stolen or sold on black market.

History of Burning Practice

The practice of burning unsold clothing dates back as far as the 1990s, when customers found charred pieces of brand-new jeans in dumpsters near Gap stores.

Denim retailer denied liability, blamed third party contractors for the fires and never explained why they would want clothes that were perfectly good to be burned.

Since then, the company has called for an end of this practice. Other brands continue to destroy merchandise once it is no longer useful, or before it goes on the market. This is done to prevent theft and counterfeiting.

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Last words

Abercrombie & Fitch is a company known for producing high-end, exclusive clothing.

They took their brand to the next level when they started rumours that they were burning unsold clothing to preserve their exclusivity and brand image.

  • Although the company initially denied these claims at first, recent investigations have revealed that they may be true.
  • Abercrombie does not burn clothes often, but it has a history of doing so in past. You should be concerned about the fate of your unsold merchandise.
  • What does this all mean for Abercrombie & Fitch, you ask? What can other companies learn?

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