Does Abercrombie Have Afterpay? (Updated 2022!)

You want to purchase something from Abercrombie, but you don’t have enough money.

Afterpay is a popular way to purchase items like these, but you are curious if it works at Abercrombie.

Abercrombie has an afterpay?

Yes, Abercrombie & Fitch offers Afterpay. This allows you to pay your purchase in four installments. Abercrombie offers many payment options, beyond cash and credit cards like Klarna or Buy Now, Pay Later.

Abercrombie, which is a brand that most people are familiar with has joined Afterpay’s group of stores that allows you to shop at any store. Because it allows people to pay down their debts in smaller amounts, Afterpay has been growing in popularity in recent years.

Abercrombie is a luxury store so this may be a relief for some shoppers.

Continue reading to find out about these payment options available for your next Abercrombie order!

What is AfterPay?

Afterpay allows you to buy online with a payment option that doesn’t require you to immediately pay the entire amount. You can pay in four equal installments spread over two weeks. Afterpay sends SMS and email reminders to customers about due payments so that they don’t forget.

  • Afterpay lets you pay in four equal installments for the items you wish to purchase.
  • You can use your debit or credit card to pay for items.
  • The initial payment is due at the time of purchase. After that, the second payment is due every two weeks until the item is fully paid off.

What is AfterPay in Abercrombie & Fitch like?

Afterpay can be used to order Abercrombie & Fitch online and at retail stores. Here’s how it works.

  • Select the item(s), which you wish to purchase from Abercrombie & Fitch’s website or in-store catalog. When the items are ready for shipping, Abercrombie & Fitch will prompt you to fill in your personal details.
  • Choose ‘Afterpay’ for your payment method at checkout. Next, choose whether one package will be shipped to your home address or multiple packages that will be sent across different addresses (if applicable).
  • Before submitting your information, please review them carefully. This includes all payment information like bank account numbers and billing addresses. After you submit your details, Afterpay and Abercrombie & Fitch will send confirmation emails to each other. These emails will inform both parties what they expect of one another during the transaction process. This includes when funds are expected to transfer between accounts and when delivery dates have been set by each party.

Abercrombie has a Buy Now, Pay Later policy

Yes, Abercrombie offers the option to purchase now and pay later.

In collaboration with Klarna, Afterpay and other payment providers, Abercrombie & Fitch offers a buy now, Pay later program. A&F purchases made at checkout will qualify for four interest-free installments via Klarna or Afterpay for two and two weeks respectively.

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Does Abercrombie Have Klarna?


Klarna allows customers to make payments over time without any interest or fees, and they can ship the items out at their expense. You can now buy your favorite clothes and pay it off in three monthly installments. This is much more convenient than using credit or cash because you get free shipping and returns within 30 days. Why would anyone not want Klarna?

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Does Abercrombie Do Split Payments?

Klarna is a Swedish bank which allows you to pay in installments instead of all at once.

You can pay your products in three installments with Pay in 3. This is an interest-free alternative for standard credit.

These payments will automatically be deducted from your debit/credit card file every 30 days until you have paid the entire order price. You can also pay off one installment or the entire debt at once using our app. It is not possible to change the payment date for any reason.

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Klarna and AfterPay are available from Abercrombie so customers have multiple options for individual payments.

Customers will love this news as it allows them to shop online and still make purchases at the retailer.

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