Does Abercrombie Own American Eagle? (& More Faqs!)

Abercrombie & Fitch, an American retail store, sells mostly clothes. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., a similar clothing brand, has the same target market.

They are different companies and Abercrombie doesn’t own American Eagle. Despite the similarity in branding and clothing styles, some assume they are the same company. However, they are run by completely different people.

The direct answer to the question “Does Abercrombie own American Eagle?” Is no. Abercrombie & Fitch, a large brand, owns other companies. However, American Eagle is not among them. Both are big brands that are owned by different companies, but they share similar styles.

You should not confuse them. This article will provide information about Abercrombie and the companies that it represents. This company was founded in 1892 and has been a focal point for fashion and clothing ever since.

Are Abercrombie & American Eagle the Same Company

Yes, Abercrombie is a different clothing company than American Eagle. Both companies share similar origins as they both started out providing outdoor gear and outfits to those who loved the outdoors.

In the 1980s, both companies decided that they would target young adults and not outdoor enthusiasts. In the 1990s both companies became public and opened a number of stores across the United States. Both companies have their headquarters in Ohio.

Abercrombie & Fitch claimed that American Eagle tried to imitate their marketing strategies and clothing styles to confuse customers. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. was established in 1977 after the Abercrombie business. Many people were confused because of the similarities.

Despite all similarities, the companies offer different styles and prices. Their clothes and merchandise are a hit with young teens.

Who owns the American Eagle?

You probably know that American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch, are two different companies. They each have different owners. American Eagle was founded in 1977 by Jerry Silverman and Mark Silverman. Retail Ventures currently owns it.

Aerie is the sole subsidiary of American Eagle. These companies both focus on clothing for similar age groups, but Aerie has been more successful than American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Abercrombie & Fitch, on the other hand was founded in 1997 by David T. Abercrombie & Ezra Fitch. Fran Horowitz–Bonadies is the owner. She was an American businesswoman who was appointed CEO in 2017.

What Brands Does Abercrombie Have?

Abercrombie doesn’t own American Eagle. However, it does have other brands that are well-known. These brands are probably familiar to you, and you may have even bought from them.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch is the original clothing brand. It has been in business since 1892. This brand is well-known for selling fragrances as well as clothes. This brand is the one that people are most nostalgic about, even though it’s quite old.
  • Abercrombie Kids: This brand caters to children and offers clothes that are suitable for all styles. This brand is a subsidiary of Abercrombie and was launched in 1998. It focuses on children aged 7-14 years old.
  • Hollister Co. Hollister is the brand for which Abercrombie is most well-known. This brand is designed for teens and offers unique and comfortable clothes. Hollister clothes have a summery aesthetic because they are light and airy. Hollister was founded in 2000, and is now one of the most popular brands in teen fashion.
  • Gilly Hicks: Although technically this is under Abercrombie, it falls under the Hollister brand. It’s underwear, loungewear and sleepwear for teens of all ages.

These are Abercrombie brands, but there are many other subsidiaries. The company has 860+ stores around the globe. Their stores can be found in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Who owns Abercrombie and Fitch

Fran Horowitz Bonadies, an American businesswoman, is the CEO of the company.

In 2017, she became the company’s owner after Mike Jeffries, the previous CEO, was fired for not offering larger sizes in the brand’s clothing. She was the former president of Hollister Co., a brand owned by Abercrombie.

Hollister is the same as Abercrombie?

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. owns the Hollister brand and sells clothing online as well as in-store.

Both are identical, but Hollister is more targeted at teens so it has more trendy, summery clothes while Abercrombie & Fitch offers clothes for all ages.

Abercrombie & Fitch is a Luxury Brand

This brand is known for selling clothes that are “near-luxury”, so they aren’t exactly luxurious.

The brand produces clothes that are high-quality and not too expensive. It’s a great compromise between high quality and affordable, which makes it ideal for middle-class people who want comfortable clothes.

Is Abercrombie Fast Fashion?

This brand is fast fashion. It is however not as affordable as other fast fashion brands.

Fast fashion is when a brand produces trendy clothes at a low price and does not sustainably. Fast fashion brands include the most well-known fashion brands, such as Zara, Shein, and H & M.

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Abercrombie, a well-known fashion brand, has been in business for more than 100 years. They still sell trendy clothes to all ages.

American Eagle should not be confused the brand with American Eagle. They have very little in common, other than some coincidental similarities.

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