What Is Amazon Dress Code? (Full Guide!)

Although it might not be something you consider when searching for work, there is one thing that most companies are very serious about: a dress code.

You may not have to choose your clothes for certain jobs, but you will need to be able to dress well and shop for the right clothes.

What would the dress code be if you wanted to work for Amazon? Let’s see…

What is the Amazon Dress Code?

Amazon’s dress code is casual. To work, employees can wear jeans or t-shirts as well as hats. It is acceptable to wear clothing to work as long as it isn’t too revealing or offensive. However, high heels and open-toed shoes are not permitted.

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Amazon’s Dress Code

Amazon employees don’t need to wear uniforms. The most important thing about Amazon’s dress code for Amazon employees is that everyone is comfortable in what they’re wearing.

There are guidelines that can be followed by those who wish to work for Amazon, including those that have some similarities with other companies.

Amazon warehouse employees are required to use large tools like pallet jacks and forklifts to pack and sort the products and then transport them to different stations. Employees must ensure that they don’t cause damage to products, their co-workers, or their own property while carrying out their duties.

Amazon: Can You Wear Anything?

You won’t be allowed to wear certain clothing at Amazon.

Amazon warehouse workers can’t wear loose tops like big t-shirts or sleeves that are too long, or crop tops that are very revealing.

Hoodies can be worn, but they must not have hanging strings.

You should also avoid wearing anything that has images, brands, or text.

Amazon employees are comfortable in jeans and loose, comfortable pants. To work, you are allowed to wear sweatpants.

Leggings can be worn by women, but policies will vary from one warehouse to the next.

Shoes are very versatile. The only thing that is restricted is the need to wear closed shoes that have thick soles. Employees should be as comfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, women can’t wear heels and open-toed shoes.

Last but not the least, the most frequently asked “questions” is “Can I wear a helmet to work at Amazon?”. Fortunately, it’s possible to wear a helmet to work at Amazon provided that it does not display any offensive content to other employees or anyone else.

Amazon: Can I wear accessories?

Amazon prohibits employees from wearing any accessory, including jewelry, bracelets, or rings.

Amazon claims that this is done to prevent theft from their warehouses. Amazon does not allow accessories to be brought to work.

Can I use my phone on the Amazon Warehouse?

You can’t bring your smartphone into the warehouse. However, you can use it during breaks if you need it.

Amazon allows me to wear my hair down

You can’t let your hair down if you have long enough hair. If it is, then it should be properly tied so it doesn’t get caught in machinery or other situations that could involve long hair.

You can have shorter hair if you want, but who knows? Maybe you are ready for a new look.

What is the dress code for administrative roles at Amazon?

The warehouse workers have to follow safety and efficiency guidelines. There are not many. The most important thing in the office is to be professional, but casual. Warehouse workers won’t have to lift heavy objects or work with many coworkers. This makes it a safer environment that can pose potential dangers.

What is the Dress Code for Delivery Roles?

It is comfortable, with no long hair and no accessories.

Amazon allows tattoos

Amazon doesn’t strictly enforce tattoos. Sometimes visible tattoos are allowed provided they don’t offend other employees.

Sometimes, a supervisor may tell you to cover your tattoos. But that’s about it. If you have tattoos, don’t worry too much.

Amazon allows piercings

Companies are often concerned about employees getting piercings from being in direct contact with customers. This is a common concern. However, Amazon is an online retailer, so this is not an issue.

Supervisors should still object to piercings. This is mainly because it could pose the same risks to others accessories that have strict guidelines.

What happens if I violate the Dress Code at Amazon

You can be punished if you don’t comply with the Dress Code Rules of Amazon. Amazon has a points system. Each time you break a rule, you receive one point. This can be a risky situation, as it takes only 6 points to terminate your contract. However, Amazon isn’t that strict so it is important that you follow the rules.

Amazon’s Dress Code Is the Same in Other Countries?

Although most guidelines are the same, there can be slight changes due to weather or policies. Make sure to read the guidelines for each warehouse in your country.

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You don’t have to worry about what the dress code looks like if you are going to start work soon or if you want to work at Amazon.

Amazon’s most important policy, being comfortable, applies to all positions at the giant ecommerce company. Warehouse employees and delivery drivers follow more guidelines.

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