Trader Joe’s Dress Code (hats, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes, Pants + More)

The same is true when it comes to choosing where you want to apply to work.
Sometimes, a dress code may be as simple as asking the HR person what they wear.
Sometimes, the dress code also applies to when you are in the office — after all, you wouldn’t want to come across as too casual.

If you are considering Trader Joe’s and are an adult then this Trader Joe’s information will help you avoid a dressing faux pas. Keep reading the rest of the article to know the Trader Joe’s dress code.

Trader Joe’s Dress Code In 2022

If you are going to be working at Trader Joe’s, you will want to be well groomed and dressed properly to make a good impression on your customers. Employees will have a few guidelines to follow, and are able to dress as they see fit as long as they are appropriate for their position and they don’t distract from the store’s mission.

If you want to learn more about the Trader Joe’s uniform, including what is considered a tattoo, nail polish, hair color, and more, keep reading.

What Is Trader Joe’s Uniform?

Trader Joe’s employees are required to wear a uniform shirt in a color of their choosing.

Not only does the name tag has to be visible but the name tag must be paired with the pants or shorts. If there are tears or holes in the pants or shorts then you are not allowed to wear them.

If a name tag is not paired with pants or shorts, then you can only wear a hat when it is worn with the pants or shorts.

All employees can provide themselves with the exact clothing they desire as long as it is close-toed. Lastly, Trader Joe’s gives its employees a jacket and gloves.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Trader Joe’s Employees Supposed To Wear?

I’ve noticed that whenever I visit Trader Joe’s, all of their employees have a pair of black shoes or boots that they wear.

Does Trader Joe’s Care About Tattoos?

Trader Joe’s encourages its employees to come into the store with what they want to do, and to express themselves, while being respectful of others.

In 2016, I found myself having to explain the difference between expressing oneself in public and expressing oneself in private.

It’s my understanding that Trader Joe’s does not provide long sleeves for shoppers who wish to cover their tattoos.

Because the Trader Joe’s doesn’t require any ID, it’s the perfect spot for a late-night snack run, and the store is open until midnight on Sundays, there’s really no reason to be concerned about picking something up at the grocery store at 2 am when you’re already drunk.

Does Trader Joe’s Allow Piercings?

“The piercings are the most recent expression of our individualism – we love our bodies and we know you do too.” ~Ana, a customer service employee
There’s no doubt that this expression of individuality is a great thing for the company and is often used to help distinguish one Trader Joe’s employee from another. But with the recent controversy over a former employee’s tattoos, it seems like the company is going out of its way to encourage their employees to express themselves.

So, a store may have a different range of prices, and a different assortment from location to location.

The company makes sure that management sticks to the guidelines that are decided by the management.

Are Beards & Long Hair Acceptable For Crew Members At Trader Joe’s?

If you want your job, then you need to start acting like a Trader Joe’s employee.

Employees have the right to keep beards and long hair if they don’t allow it to grow out of control.

Can Employees Have Colored Hair At Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s allows you to color your hair. It is not necessary to abide by a normal hair color palette.

You don’t have to dress a certain way and there are no rules about hair, tattoos or piercings.

Are Trader Joe’s Employees Allowed To Wear Hats?

Trader Joe’s locations accept anything that is a hat, and hats in any color, pattern, shape, or size. However, if there is a particular type and color of hat in question, it is preferable that it be in good condition and not overly worn.

Generally speaking, it is up to management if you can wear it, but in theory, as long as you can display the brand logo, it should be fine.

What Should You Wear To An Interview At Trader Joe’s?

According to Trader Joe’s employees, they didn’t wear any fancy garments to their interviews and they were just given jeans and a t-shirt to wear.

Some people, even those who were dressed business casual, wore something more formal, like a suit. I felt as if I was attending a religious cult, and I didn’t really like it.

What Should You Wear To Your First Day At Trader Joe’s?

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You will be standing all day, so it is important to wear something on your feet that you can be comfortable in.

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It can mean a lot of things. Some people mean that they would prefer to dress differently, while others might only prefer to be a bit more conservative.

I really love how you put that. But in all seriousness, if you go to Trader Joe’s and have a good experience, you’ll be good to go.

The stores are very casual and you don’t have to worry about how you dress.

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