What is a Style Consultant?

The pressure of looking and wearing good clothes can be really exhausting, especially when you have a special event to attend.

While some people complain that they have nothing to wear, others get confused about their style statement.

This is where a stylist consultant comes into play.

A personal style consultant is a professional who advises clients on clothing, makeup, accessories, shoes, and hairstyle.

They help you create the perfect look so that you can feel your best.

What Does a Style Consultant Do?

Fashion stylists work with fashion houses, magazines, and clothing brands. Their main job is to bring out the latest trends and designers to the readers.

Then, there are celebrity stylists who help celebrities and models choose and coordinate outfits for photo shoots, red carpets, award shows, or movies.

Then comes personal style consultants who help normal people dress extraordinary.

No matter for whom stylists work, their main job is to make clients look good and confident in their clothes, hair, and makeup.

They work either for an agency or as a freelancer. The work hours of a style consultant are often unconventional.

The job responsibility of a style consultant consists of everything from clothes to makeup to footwear and hair. Most style consultants not only have a degree in fashion but also have expertise in the styling and makeup industries.

When do Celebrities Hire a Style Consultant?

Celebrities hire a style consultant not only when they have a fashion show or red carpet to attend but also for day-to-day clothing and formal wardrobe.

Some celebrities prefer their consultants to purchase their entire wardrobe. These consultants or stylists have the best eyes to find flattering pieces to help their clients look fashionable all the time.

They sometimes borrow and return fashion pieces from boutiques or directly from the fashion designers for their celebrity clients.

Can Anyone Hire Style Consultants?

Style consultants are masterminds in creating the impactful looks of celebrities. But it isn’t just the rich or famous who could hire stylists for special events.

Style consultants are even available for ordinary people who want to overhaul their wardrobe and upgrade their everyday looks.

It could take years to cultivate your style but a style consultant can find the perfect piece that not only matches your style but also takes your wardrobe to the next level.

Do Style Consultants Take Any Special Training in Fashion?

Yes, most style consultants have extensive training and degree in fashion and style. They study styles, trends, and designers.

Some consultants even study psychology as they excel at creating a polished, professional image that captures the unique characteristic of an individual.

They offer advice on what would look good and which hairstyle would be flattering.

How Much do Style Consultants Charge?

Hourly charges for style consultants vary from $50 to $500 an hour. Some consultants charge fees by the hour and some charge a flat fee for services such as clothes, makeup, shoes, or styling.

The biggest factors that affect the fees of style consultants are their client list and level of experience.

What Does a Personal Stylist do?

The responsibilities of a personal style consultant include-

  • Recommending new pieces as per the client’s taste, personality, body type, and skin color.
  • Giving relevant suggestions in terms of hair and makeup.
  • Putting together accessories, shoes, and clothing as per the event.
  • Assisting clients in the shopping
  • Empowering their clients through revamped personal appearance.
  • Giving complete makeover

What Does a Celebrity Style Consultant do?

The responsibilities of a celebrity stylist include-

  • Shopping for celebrities including shoes, bags, clothing, and other accessories.
  • Creating a complete red carpet look
  • Choosing every day, airport, interviews, movies premier,  and gym outfits for celebrities and models
  • Sourcing clothing pieces from fashion houses or designs for celebrities’ photoshoots or brand campaigns.

What Happens in the First Meeting With Style Consultant?

In the first meeting, the style consultant and their client get to know each other. The client discusses issues and his/ her personal style, taste, and preference.

While the consultant takes notes on the client’s personality, likes/ dislikes, appearance, personality, and field of work.

Based on the notes, a style consultant makes recommendations to help the client improve his or her personal image.

What are the Advantages of Working as a Style Consultant?

One of the biggest advantages of working as a consultant is hefty paychecks. Along with that, many stylists also receive couture samples or free products.

They get invited to elite parties, events, and fashion runway shows. They also get a sense of satisfaction in helping clients feel good about themselves.

Are there Any Downsides of Working as a Style Consultant?

The downside of working as a style consultant is long and unpredictable working hours. A consultant also needs to have a lot of patience as they sometimes have to deal with egoistic celebrities or clients with irrational mood swings.

Along with that, if a client goes out in public without taking the consultant’s advice, the consultant could still be blamed for bad fashion choices.

Should I Really Hire a Style Consultant?

If you are someone who doesn’t wear the majority of your clothes and keeps on repeating the same pieces over and over again then you can think of a style consultant as an investment.

A style consultant will help you develop your personal style, streamline your shopping strategy and maximize the potential of every piece of clothing you own.

Hiring a style consultant will also save you money and time. Style consultants or stylists are not just reserved for the famous or wealthy. Hiring a stylist consultant for yourself is a lot more affordable than you think.

Most consultants will be more than happy to negotiate their price as per your preference. So, go ahead and upgrade your day-to-day look.

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