What Is A Style Consultant At Target? (All You Need To Know!)

Target employees are part of a collaborative, guest-driven team that creates experiences that make customers fall in love with them. Target is a place where you can help families find the joy in all things.

Target employees work with a passionate, dedicated team who take pride in what they do. Target is a great place to shop for Instagram-worthy looks at a very affordable price.

Style consultants are among the many Target employees. How can you get one? Continue reading to learn more.

What is a Style Consultant at Target?

Style consultants are passionate about accessories and apparel. With the help of engaging in-store presentations, style consultants bring out the energy and spirit of fashion. This allows for quick and easy self-discovery. Target’s style consultants are a great resource when it comes down to serving the many customers on the sales floor.

They may be able to help you in the fitting rooms. These people have the resources to help you with accessories, outfitting and creating the basket that will increase your sales.

What does a Style Consultant at Target do?

Target believes that its employees should have experiences that will allow them to develop their skills for their future careers. This is how style consultants can help this retail giant grow:

  • They offer personalized selling strategies, gust styling consultation, and personal shopping. These all help to build baskets for guests.
  • Retail business basics such as inventory management and department sales trends, pricing, promotions, guest shopping patterns and basic visual merchandiser are all covered by style consultants.
  • The role of style consultant is central to industry trends. This includes fit, style and brand differentiation.

Is it hard to be a style consultant at Target?

Target style consultants will generally find their job enjoyable as long as you are organized and time-conscious.

Once you join the company, you will go through a rigorous training program where you will learn all about how to do your job.

Your job will be easier if you are familiar with the rules, regulations, and tools that are used.

What is the Average Salary of Style Consultants at Target?

Target style consultants in the United States typically make $18 an hour. Target tech salaries typically range between $14-$26 an hour. This is 28% higher than the national average.

A Day in the Life of a Target Style Consultant

Target consultants typically spend their day using store tools to learn about business’s inventory levels, sales goals, peak hours, guest traffic, and other important information.

How to be a Style Enthusiast

Style can be your passion.

  • Visitors are encouraged to create ensembles by personal contact, attractive visual displays, and mannequin moments.
  • You can create a pleasant shopping experience by keeping up to date with current trends and brand guidelines. This can be achieved by following visual merchandising guidelines and aesthetic standards.
  • Encourage customers to conduct a survey of accessory and apparel areas. Then organize, sign, and promote products that match current fashion trends.
  • Verify that the items are available to purchase by assessing and charging backroom stocks and the sales floor.
  • Clearance products and promotional offers can help you improve your business skills. You can ensure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Update brand spaces and re-merchandize new products. This will allow you to rally support for product changes and inspire your visitors year after year.

How to Sell Actively


  • As you manage current tasks, greet visitors and introduce yourself to them.
  • Open-ended questions to find out visitors’ needs and desires, and inform them about features and their benefits.
  • To build brand loyalty, actively promote and introduce new brands to customers.
  • Engage visitors on the sales floor by suggesting accessories and styles that might be of interest to them and then continuing the conversation in the fitting rooms.
  • MyCheckout allows you to create an order in-store and let your guest know about any unavailable options or sizes
  • Reminding Target shoppers to thank them for shopping at Target and to let them know that they can always reach out to you for assistance in the future.
  • Balance activities by focusing on the floor pad and clothing accessories fitting room.
  • Offering personalized services and shopping experiences
  • Always lead by example
  • You will be responsible for any other duties that the company has given you.

What does it take to be a Target Style Consultant?

Target is looking for style consultants. The following people are good candidates:

  • Tea-lovers work in dynamic environments.
  • Target is a company that empowers consumers to fall in love with it.
  • People who don’t want desk jobs because you will be constantly on your feet
  • A person who wants to sell at Target

What skills do you need to be a style consultant?

These are the skills Target will require to hire you as a style consultant before they consider you.

  • Unending interest in all things related to clothes and accessories
  • Hospitality and assistance to fellow team members as well as guests
  • Understanding and adapting to the modern technological demands of today’s world
  • Communication skills that are effective
  • Ability to work as a member of a team and alone
  • Rapidly resolve guest questions on-the-spot

What is the Work Environment like?

Your job as a Target Style consultant requires that you are able to accurately handle cash register transactions. Your job requires you to climb and descend ladders, scan, handle, and move things safely and efficiently.

This job also offers flexible work hours. You can choose to work when you are most convenient.

Target Employee Benefits

Target offers many perks. These include:

  • Health: Vision eyewear, dental benefits, pharmacy and medical benefits.
  • Financial: TGT401(k) plans, family leaves, life insurance protection, identity theft protection, access to your paycheck before payday, Target Credit Union and disability insurance among other things.
  • Career: Mentoring and coaching, leadership development programs and growth through education assistance.
  • Education: Free tuition assistance and coaching at renowned schools.

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This article will give you some insight into what it takes to become a Target style consultant. Style consultants must be able to communicate and organize well. They must also be friendly and offer immediate answers to guests’ questions.

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