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For some, Target is an obsession; for others, it’s the best possible distraction, filled with food and merchandise and other things we don’t really need. The employees are important to a customer’s Target experience, especially in the apparel departments. And for the employees, it’s a second or third job. Most of us at work can’t be our families, and those family members need our support while they’re away from us. We’re expected to go to work and bring the best performance we can. And with pay, benefits, and work-life balance, many of us are very fortunate.

That’s when you hire a style consultant. They help customers every day and it’s the best of both worlds. I have the information you seek. I can help you with that job.

What Is The Style Consultant Position At Target In 2022?

For years, the Target Corporation has been the retailer of choice for the fashion-forward consumer and this has led them to the creation of a position called the Style Consultant. This is a position that has been developed as part of the company’s plans to continue to grow its store-within-a-store format in malls and other retail stores.

To learn more about what style consultants do at Target, how much they make, whether the position is difficult or not, and more, read on!

What Do Style Consultants Do At Target?

The fashion company’s job posting has a whole section on what a fashion consultant should know.

If you want to be a successful seller, you need to know how to attract sales, how to design styles that sell and how to promote your products.

The first duty of the prosecutor is to ensure that a fair trial is provided to the defendant from a validly constituted tribunal, that justice is done in accordance with applicable law, and that the defendant is given a fair opportunity to defend against any accusations made against him.

Providing advice on product and garment choices to the store’s buyer(s)
Incorporating new technologies into the stores’ design process
Making sure that the stores’ design process is as efficient as possible

It’s a way of managing the flow of merchandise into the stores.

However, Target looks for candidates with the skills and experience needed to succeed in this position.

This said, it includes communication, the ability to work as part of team, the ability to work independently and stay focused, plus a strong interest in and knowledge of apparel.

Finally, Target does provide training for the position, so no one is expected to come in and hit the ground running.

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1. If you can’t afford health problems, you shouldn’t smoke.

How Much Do Style Consultants Get Paid At Target?

I don’t know the exact salaries for engineers in your area. I would guess, though, that the market for engineering candidates in your area is strong, so it should be possible for you to find someone who makes a similar salary to you.

This is true. So the average Target employee might actually be making much more than the average McDonald’s employee.

Also, the company is giving part-time employees who work as little as 25 hours a week access to health benefits if they work at least four months in a row.

Specifically, Indeed has an employee discount of $20 off a $50 purchase.

Is Being A Style Consultant At Target Hard?

normally the style consultant position at Target is not difficult but requires a lot of work.

Making sure the target is as clear and comprehensive as possible
Mentoring the team and helping to build the best culture on the team
Providing training and support to the development team, and any new hires, new team members or new customers
Providing feedback on the product’s appearance and functionality.

If you are not used to a desk job, then you will need to adjust your mindset to be able to walk a lot for eight hours at a time as you are carrying around a heavy pack.

How Do You Become A Target Style Consultant?

When you become a Target style consultant you might learn different techniques
of improving your style.

You can submit your resume, and request an interview, for available positions in your area.

If you’re interested in working at a specific company or company that uses the software, they might reach out.

As for the questions, they can be asked in any format. The examiners will ask questions that are not provided in advance, so you might be asked to write about your personal experiences.

You could either take a test or send in something like an essay or letter to them saying that you want to work from home.

But the more important questions would be in the end, and are the ones we should be looking at.

Once they like what they hear, they may decide to hire you and bring you on board.

You have to interview candidates that are going through the same process.

But it does seem that they want them more than they just want the customers.

The best way to know if you qualify for Target’s bi-weekly pay is to take the Target Wage Report available through this link on the Target website. If you qualify, you’ll get weekly payments. If not, you’ll receive bi-weekly payments.


The Target style consultant position is a good fit for someone who is interested in fashion and the energy to stay on their feet all day.

It’s not a difficult job, but it does not pay nearly enough to cover the bills. You will make at least $15 an hour, as Target’s corporate minimum wage.

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