Is Ikea Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans? (all You Need To Know)

Ikea has announced that, contrary to widespread belief, they are still moving forward with their plans to open up a store in New Orleans.

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Is IKEA Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans In 2022?

Ikea currently has no plans on opening any store locations in Louisiana, New Orleans, or surrounding areas as of 2022. Before Ikea ventures into new markets, they like to ensure that the store will be located in an area to serve a population of 2 million people in a 60 mile radius, hence why there is no Ikea in Louisiana.

So if you want to be a part of IKEA’s opening day, and keep on learning more, keep on reading, because IKEA has a lot more to offer.

Why Is There No IKEA Store In New Orleans?

The land on which the New Orleans store sits is owned by the city, rather than by IKEA, so they cannot simply build an IKEA store in the city because it is privately owned.

Ikea opened a store in New Orleans, but the store is not very profitable since a lot of the Ikea products are more expensive and the area already has plenty of furniture places.

Are There Any IKEA Locations Nearby To Louisiana?

If you are living in Louisiana and would like to visit a IKEA store, you still have a few options, but it will require a decent journey.

The nearest IKEA stores to Louisiana are in Texas, where there are five IKEA stores. These are located in areas such as Houston, which is the nearest store, and Austin and Ft. Worth.

A journey by car from New Orleans to the Houston IKEA location would, on average, take just over six hours!

Does IKEA Deliver To Louisiana?

IKEA endeavors to deliver to every state, although there might be some exceptions which are not known to me.

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There are also some independent delivery companies that specialize in delivering IKEA products from Houston to their customers in Louisiana. These companies include Louisiana Swedeheart and others.

IKEA Louisiana Potential Locations

The company has not announced plans to open a store in Louisiana, and are unsure about the possibility of doing so.

But it is also important for IKEA to be able to serve a population that lives at a greater distance than the population served by the nearest store. IKEA can therefore serve some communities that it could not serve in the past because they did not have the right population density.

The New York Times had an article recently about what an Ikea might look like in New Orleans, which was also linked on the show. The article describes the Ikea being a combination grocery store, a pharmacy, and a liquor store.

And you can see all the other countries in North America by searching on Google Maps.

Conclusion – Is IKEA Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans?

IKEA can only afford and/or choose to open stores in locations that have a large population of high earners with good purchasing power. Also, IKEA does not seem to care that much about profit margins; the profit margin issue was an interesting discussion piece for the Wall Street Journal that concluded that for every $1,000 dollars that an IKEA store makes, it saves $25 dollars in logistics costs.

Because of the high demand for Louisiana products, Louisiana has a number of stores located in nearby states.

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