Starz Free Trial Amazon (all You Need To Know)

Starz is the name of a premium cable and satellite TV network that has been around for a long time. It consists of original series and movies that are streamed to TVs and computers, and are often exclusive to the network.

Have you heard about the Starz Prime Trial? If yes, you may be interested in signing up. In this video, I will discuss all the details you need to know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments!

What Is The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

Amazon has teamed up with HBO to offer a 7-day free trial of HBO Go and HBO Now to Amazon Prime members. You can also add HBO to your Amazon cart or continue watching HBO on Amazon Instant Video for $14.99 per month.

If you want to know more about the Starz free trial on Amazon, what you get, and how to sign up to the Starz for free service, then keep reading!

How Long Is The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

The Starz trial lasts for seven days, allowing you to test out the service and see if you like it. There is no obligation to carry on after the trial.

Make sure you sign up during the free trial period, because you can watch it for 7 days and then decide whether you want to continue to watch it or not.
For you to get the first time free 7 days, you can watch the first time free trial for 7 days.

In truth, Starz is full of content to satisfy a variety of interests. That’s why their vast catalogue is filled with movies and television series. And although you can watch it all on one device, you can also use your browser to stream their movies and shows whenever you want. The channel recently added a new feature called “My Starz” which allows you to watch movies and TV shows on mobile or desktop devices.

What Do You Get With A Starz Free Trial?

A trial of Starz through Amazon gives you access to hundreds of recent blockbusters and great original TV shows.

The Starz free trial is a great opportunity for Starz members to enjoy new original programming without having to pay for it.

Lionsgate is owned by Comcast, which could be problematic for the company’s future.

You can also download the Starz app to your iOS or Android device for a free preview of the full schedule.

Does Amazon Require A Credit Card For The Starz Free Trial?

Amazon has a similar tactic to Apple. They send a gift card. You get a little money at the beginning until you buy something. They keep the money until you do.

The company will require credit card information to start your free trial. You will not be charged for the free trial. After your free trial period is over, the company will require a credit card to continue your service (unless you cancel).

If you want to use the Starz app, make sure you do sign up for the Starz free trial. You’ll be charged after the seven days are up, so you should cancel your subscription before the trial expires.

And if you wish to continue the free trial, then your subscription automatically renews
after your free trial ends. You will be charged at then-current rates for the renewal term, and your credit card will be charged on the first day of the renewal term. You can cancel at any time by contacting Amazon at The renewal term will automatically be charged to your credit card a few days before the renewal date.

How Much Is Starz On Amazon After The Free Trial?

All of the Starz channels are available for free on Amazon Prime, but you might have to pay an additional subscription fee for them to be available.

There is a free trial for Starz, which is about $9.99 a month. Amazon Prime costs around $12 a month.

There are many people who recommend Starz to people who have not yet tried the service. The service has some of the biggest blockbuster movies and popular exclusive TV shows too.

Starz is available on Amazon Prime Video and you’re allowed to cancel anytime, but you may need to pay additional fees.

How To Cancel The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

If you’re subscribed to a premium subscription of the Amazon Kindle Prime, you will probably get “caught by surprise” on the final charge you should pay as Starz.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to switch off the auto-renewal function in Amazon Prime Video and any added subscriptions, including Starz and other similar channels.

There are a number of ways to cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

You will have to log into your Amazon account and you will need to select the option that says “Digital Content and Devices.”

-Now that you have added a Digital Video Player to your device, you will have to register it.

Now click Apps and more, to see the apps associated with your Prime membership. You will see that the Amazon Video app is listed. If you tap it, it will show you the latest Amazon Video content that you can watch.

You can then choose to turn your subscriptions on or off. By turning the subscription on, you will continue to receive notifications while the subscription is active.

This only stops you from being charged by Amazon and Starz, but also means you will no longer be able to view the shows you have purchased.

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The Starz channel is not available through Netflix, but you can use a free trial of the service and then sign up for a monthlong free trial of the premium channel. The Starz channel is available through Amazon Prime, so you can take advantage of a free month before signing up for a $8.99/month subscription.

If you do cancel the subscription, Amazon will charge you a prorated subscription fee to the date of cancellation.
Amazon Prime allows you to stream up to two simultaneous devices, and you also get a free subscription to Twitch every month, so it’s definitely worth it for me.

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