Aztec Boy Names and Meanings

Aztec ethnic group is one of the most important and old ethnic groups in Mexico.

They were a powerful civilization that built up their cities with pyramids and temples on top of them from around the 1400s.

The Aztec people were a proud, strong, and courageous society. Their culture was rich in tradition and their leaders were highly respected.

Their names are very unique and rare. In this article, we will look at Aztec boy names and their meanings. 

Aztec Boy Names and Their Meanings

Acalan: Acalan is a name of Aztec origin which means narrow, long rowing boat.

Acatl: Acatl is a name of Aztec origin which means reed.

Ahuatzi: Ahuatzi is another name inspired by nature which means small oak.

Chicahua: Chicahua translates to a strong, powerful man.

Chimalley: Chimalley signifies a shield. Implies someone who is a protector. Chimalli is another variant of this name.

Citlalee: Citlalee is an Aztec name that translates to “star.” It is a glowing sign.

Cuallee: Cuallee means “good” or “beautiful.” This name invokes the positive aspects of life. Another variant of this name is Cuallea.

Cuetzpallea: Cuetzpallea is a male name that means Lizard. The synonym of this name is Cuetzpallee.

Eztli: Eztli is a name for both boy and girl which means Blood.

Guatemoc: Guatemoc is a male name that means Falling eagle. Cuathemoc, Cuauhtemotzin, and Guatimozin are other synonyms of this name. 

Huitzilin: Huitzilin is a name for both boy and girl which means Hummingbird.

Ichtacka: Ichtacka translates to a secret.

Ilhicamina: Ilhicamina is a boy name from the Aztec origin which means “The one who shoots an arrow at the sky.”

Itzcali: Itzcali translates to “beautiful house.”

Itzcoatl: Itzcoatl is an uncommon name that means “Obsidian serpent.” Itzcoatl was the Aztec emperor of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Dynasty’s capital.

Itzli: Itzli was the god of sacrifice in Aztec mythology. He was considered to be a very important deity. Itztli means “obsidian knife.”

Matlalihuitl: Matlalihuitl is a lovely Aztec boy’s name that means “greenish-blue feather.” It was inspired by birds and feathers in Aztec society, which was regarded as highly valuable.

Mictlantecuhtli: Mictlantecuhtli is a male name that means Lord of Mictlan.

Montezuma: Montezuma refers to a furious archer lord. The Aztec Empire’s last ruler

Nahuatl: The name Nahuatl comes from the Aztec deity of rivers and water. It’s an Aztec name that can be used by both women and men.

Nahualli: Nahualli is a unisex name and it means Shadow soul.

Netzahualcoyotl: Netzahualcoyotl is A lengthy Aztec name driven by the natural world. A starving coyote is what it refers to.

Nochehuatl: Nochejuatl means constant or persistent.

Ocotlan: Ocotlan is an Aztec word that means “pine.”

Ohtli: A significant Aztec name is Ohtli. It implies “a person who is a warrior,” which is a beautiful significance for your child’s name.

Ollin: Ollin is a unisex name and it means Movement.

Patecatl: Patecatl is a boy’s name meaning Lord of healing.

Patlee: Patlee is a very meaningful Aztec name that that means medicine. It signifies a healer, one who can restore balance and wholeness within people. Patlea is a synonym of this name.

Quetzalcoatl: Quetzalcoatl is one of the most famous names that means wind and rain. Quetzalcoatl is a male god name meaning Feathered Serpent.

Tenoch: Tenoch is a Nahuatl name meaning “fruit.” Tenoch was also a Mexican ruler in the fourteenth century.

Tlacelel: A strong name, Tlacelel is perfect for a son who you hope will be brave and determined.

Tlanextli: Tlanextli means radiance or splendor. The synonym of this name is Tlanextic.

Tlatoani: One of the most revered positions in Aztec society was that of tlatoani or emperor. The tlatoani was the supreme ruler of the empire and held great power and authority.

Tlatlauhqui: means “red” and is the color normally associated with this god and the sun i.e., Tonatiuh. If you are looking for a regal name for your son, this may be a perfect choice.

Tochtlea: Tochtlea translates to ‘rabbit’. The two other variants for this name are Tochtlee and Tochtli.

Toltecatl: Toltecatl means an artist or an innovative individual and may be an excellent name for toddlers displaying creativity.

Tonatiuh: Tonatiuh means sunshine. Tonatiuh was an Aztec God of the sun.

Tonauac: Tonauac means someone who possesses light and life. It is the perfect name for a little boy who brings brightness and joy into your life.

Tupoc: Topic is an Aztec boy name that means “warrior” It is a perfect name for your baby boy. Tupack is a variant of Tupoc.

Ueman: Ueman is a popular Aztec boy name, which means vulnerable time.

Xihuitl: Xihuitl has many meanings like a comet, turquoise, and grass.

Xicohtencatl: Xicohtencatl means someone who is like an angry bumblebee.

Xipil: Xipil means someone noble.

Xipilli: Xipilli suggests that the adorned aristocrat and could be a lovely Aztec name.

Xiutecuhtli: This is another powerful name for boys, meaning the gentleman of the fire.

Xochipilli: Xochipilli means prince of flowers.

Xolotl: Xolotl means charming twin in and it can be adopted as a name for twins.

Yaotl: Yaotl means “enemy” in Nahuatl, the Aztec language. It also means a warrior or a fighter. Yaotyl and Yaotel are other variants.

Yolotli: Yolotli is an Aztec boy name that means heart. This is a perfect name for any boy who has a kind and caring heart.

Yolyamanitzin: Yolyamanitzin is a term that refers to someone thoughtful and fair.

Zipactonal: Zipactonal is a boy name from the Aztec origin that means a harmonious light.

Zolin: Zolin means “quail” in the Aztec language. It is one of the most popular Aztec names.

Zuma: Zuma denotes “Lord Frowns in Anger” in Aztec. It is a Nahuatl word that is short from Moctezuma or Montezuma.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of beautiful and meaningful Aztec names with meanings that can be applied to modern-day life.

If you’re looking for a unique and special name for your child, consider an Aztec option!​

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