33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

IKEA is a Swedish company founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The company is famous for its high quality and affordability. It is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers with a network of stores in over 40 countries.

“The Swedish language is hard to pronounce”, the speaker says.

The Swedish language has words that have different meanings depending on stress or word order.

We are listing 33 funny furniture names and the meaning behind them. If you can pronounce these names, keep on reading!

33 Impossible To Pronounce & Funny IKEA Furniture Names [+ Meanings!]

Before We Start

The Scandinavian design is also carried through in the layout of the house, which is split into small rooms. Walls are also painted in the color of the country. The rooms are interconnected, so you can walk from one room to the next without leaving the house.


It was the black of the Norwegian Communist Party that gave rise to the name of the corner sofa bed that links to the newspaper that has been published since 1942.



ikea and hay collaborated to create one of the most successful collaborations in the history of IKEA. When you hear the Swedish word for excellent, you can use this phrase to describe how well the products work together.



If you’re not familiar with Örnsköldsjö, it’s a really small village located in the north of Sweden. Örnsköldsjö is very beautiful and well known for its white-green landscape.


“Versatile” EKET cabinets are designed with minimalistic features, suitable for any colored room. The word “Eket” is a singular plural of the uncountable noun “eke”. The origin of this noun can be found in old Swedish connotations of “oak.” Versatile cabinets are not only designed with minimalistic features, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be found in a wide range of stores.


Ikea collaborated with Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman to create handmade glassware and naturally woven furniture. The word is easier to pronounce than you might first expect; simply silence the G (“Vik-tit”).


The FRÖJERED kitchen is made from sustainable materials, it’s designed by people for people. The name comes from another village located in the southern region of Sweden.


In Denmark is called ‘Stenderhav’. The name is originated in the fact that in the old times, this area was occupied only by a small group of people, which mainly settled in the area of the present-day town. The name STENDERHAV is derived from the root word’sten’ (“stave”,) which means staff or stick.


“The step stool provides comfort and ease”

In this case, we cannot use an “ö” vowel. The “o” vowel should be replaced by a “a”, because the “a” vowel corresponds to a “y” vowel in “bekväm”.


The Ekolsund Castle dates back to the 13th century. It is a national treasure in Sweden! The name Ekolsund, shared by the recliner you are about to see, comes from the original title of the land where the castle was built.


If you are unfamiliar with the Swedish language, you might be surprised to hear someone pronounce it “svä-ta” instead of “svät.” The definition refers to the darkening of an object that moderately relates to the silver-colored loft bed frame with a dark reflection.


ikea beds are often named after areas in norway. hemnes for instance is a municipality located in northern nordland county, norway, and is situated east of the border with sweden.

The rest of the list is made up of generic nouns.


 Bestå collection is design to allow a modern living – whether it is in home, office or studio.  This collection also relates to consistency and endurance because these storage pieces’ function are the same. They are designed to be used in the home to improve the overall living environment.


You see, the FINISS wastebasket translates as Giggles. That means poor jokes belong in the garbage! Don’t let the spelling put you off, pronounce the word exactly how it looks.


Nissedal is a municipality in Telemark, Norway, where you will find a beautiful mountainside area with beautiful views, lakes, rivers and a variety of hiking trails as well as a rich culture. Our mirror is ideal for anyone who wants to add a beautiful piece to their home.


EXPEDIT storage units were any vinyl collector’s ultimate dream. It contained 16 separate compartments – like bookcases, or desk drawers – each with a unique design.

In November of 2014, the EXPLORATOR and EXPEDIT collections are discontinued.



The lights are named after units of measurement, seasons, nautical phrases, or Swedish locations. The pronunciation of KVARTAL seems pretty cool (and it is) however it simply means “quarterly” in English.


IKEA said that the name of their shiny new coffee maker was inspired by the phrase “rich in heritage.” Judging by the premium appearance, it looks like the ANRIK pot lives up to its name!


The IKEA glass cabinet is named after “Vittsjö”. The area is rich in Swedish heritage and the 1612 Battle of Vittsjö, where the Swedish King, Gustavus Adolphus, nearly lost his life. The durable IKEA glass cabinet was made in Hässleholm and placed on display at the IKEA Swedish Store.


This is a word which may not be easy to pronounce, but is easy to remember. You can bake delicious treats in silicone bakeware.


”“ÄPPLARÖ†means “pretty island†in Swedish. We were inspired by this when naming our outdoor furniture and we wanted to reflect the “pretty island†of our Scandinavian home in Stockholm.


Bedtime can be fun, especially if it helps your child grow and learn while they sleep. The MINNEN bed is designed with unique features that grow and expand as your child grows.



The name of this stool derives from the name of a tree the Romans used to plant their streets and squares. Its name is birch, and the wood itself is very light and easy to work with.


ikea’s INBJUDEN wedding furniture series is a romantic collection that provides a warm and cozy atmosphere, and will definitely be a great addition in your wedding.


Ikea’s new bathroom is the answer for those of us who need an affordable, modern design solution for our bathrooms. It’s made of a wood and stainless steel construction and comes in white or black.


– The collection is filled with winter essentials.
– The VÄRMER collection is filled with winter essentials.
– The VÄRMER collection is filled with winter essentials.


I think this is going to be the most expensive unit available on the market. It has the most beautiful and high quality stainless steel appliances.


ikea’s Bärbar bird printed tray with angled edges for easy grip was introduced for your convenience, and it was designed with the name “Bärbar” which means “carryable.” ikea unquestionably chose the name “Bärbar” which mirrors the product’s concept.


This rugs offer the best selection of colors on the market today. The colors used in the RÖDASK collection are reminiscent of the warmth and natural beauty of the forest. The woven cotton and cotton-chenille combine to create a plush feel. The name of the collection is translated as “Red Ash,” a name that justifiably links to the appearance of the rug.


IKEA named their table after the Swedish island of Öland. The island and its surrounding area is home to a lot of people and places of interest and thus, it’s perfect for the company to have a table with a unique theme.

Find out more about IKEA, or read about some of the interesting statistics on Ikea.


ikea’s furniture names may seem funny to anyone who does not speak the lingo. However, the unusual names genuinely set them apart from their competitors.

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