Names That Mean Rain

Naming your upcoming bundle of joy may feel like one of the hardest things you have to do being pregnant (besides labor, of course). Deciding a name for your baby can be intimidating as your child will carry the name for the rest of their life.

Some parents choose a name because they like the sound of it while others choose a name that is meaningful for them.

And if you are someone who happens to be a lover of nature and gets overwhelmed by rainstorms, you might be on the hunt for good baby names that mean rain.

Look ahead as we bring you a curated collection of baby names for both girls and boys which means rain, monsoon, cloud, wind, or thunder.

These are beautiful and unique names that your little bundle of joy will be thankful to you for giving him or her a great start. So, browse through our list and select the name that amazes you the most.

35 Amazing Names for Babies That Mean Rain

  • Anan

Anan is a beautiful male Hebrew name, meaning ‘cloud’ or ‘vapour’. In the ‘Akan’ language, the name ‘Anan’ also means a fourth-born child.

  • Amaya

Amaya is a female name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘Night rain’. The Spanish form of this name is derived from the city of the same name and it is used as a surname.

  • Barkha

Yet another beautiful name for your little princess which means ‘rain’. It is a quite popular name in the Hindu and Urdu religions.

  • Breeze

Breeze is a beautiful name meaning ‘a light and gentle wind’. The name is widely used as a middle name but it would make a great first name as well.

  • Corentin

Pronounced as KAW-RAHN-TEHN, Corentin is a Breton name that means ‘hurricane’. It is quite a popular name in France.

  • Dalfon

Dalfon is a boy name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘raindrop’. It is a beautiful name with a distinctive sound.

  • Erjon

If you are looking for a boy name that means wind, Erjon could be a fabulous option. Erjon is an Albanian name meaning wind from the Ionian Sea.

  • Esen

Esen is a Turkish name that means ‘wind’. It is a perfect name for a baby girl who moves like wind and has a speedy delivery.

  • Gokcan

Gokcan is a pleasant Turkish name. The meaning of this name is ‘vast sky’. The name is perfect for a baby girl with big blue eyes.

  •  Guthrie

Guthrie is a beautiful baby boy name of Irish Gaelic origin. It is one of the most attractive Scottish names which means ‘windy spot’.

  •  Hanish

This male name, meaning ‘forwarns of storms’ is quickly moving up in the list of baby names. The name is of Hindu origin.

  •  Haneul

The name is of Korean origin meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’. It is a perfect gender-neutral name that is spelled as ha-nul.

  •  IIma

Iima is a popular girl name of Finnish origin meaning ‘air’. The name is a Hungarian variation of the name Amelia.

  •  Iravat

Iravat is the most attractive baby name which means ‘rain clouds’. The name is of Hindu origin for baby boys.

  •  Keanu

Keanu is a name of Hawaiian origin that means ‘cool mountain breeze’. It is also a gender-neutral name and pronounced as ‘Kay-AH-Noo’.

  •  Kalani

Yet another Hawaiian origin gender-neutral name that means ‘heavens’ or ‘sky’. It is pronounced as Kah-Lah-Nee.

  •  Lokni

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, go with the Native American name ‘Lokni’. The meaning of the name is ‘rain falling through the roof’

  •  Lulani

Lulani is a perfect name for a baby girl that means ‘sky’. The name is of Hawaiian origin.

  •  Mellan

Mellan is an Irish Gaelic name which is pronounced as Mehl-an which means ‘lightning’.

  •  Makani

Makani is also a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin which means ‘wind’. Woody Harrelson chose this name for her loving daughter.

  •  Moe

Moe is a ‘Burmese’ name that means ‘sky’ or ‘rain’. The name tends to be short for either Morris or Maurice.

  •  Naseem

Naseem is a name of Arabic origin that means ‘breeze’ or ‘soft wind’. It can be used for both boys and girls.

  •  Nephele

Nephele is a beautiful baby girl name of Greek origin meaning ‘cloudy’. Nephele was the goddess of clouds.

  •  Payne

It is a beautiful Mapudungun name which means ‘blue sky’. The name is most commonly used for boys.

  •  Phirum

Phirum is a Khmer boy name meaning ‘rain’. In some mythologies, Phirum is the name of the rain god.

  •  Sameer

A lovely name for your baby boy which means ‘wind’. The name is quite common in the Hindu religion.

  •  Stormy

Since Kylie Jenner named her daughter ‘Stormy’, it has become a quite common name for baby girls. As you can tell from the name, it represents a strong and forceful personality.

  •  Tal

This beautiful short and sweet name is of Hebrew origin and it means dew or rain. The name is so simple that you don’t need to shorten it more.

  •  Thor

Yet another lovely name for your little prince which means ‘thunder’. With its increased popularity thanks to ‘Marvel studio’, Thor has climbed up in the most widely used name list.

  •  Varsha

This is a lovely name perfect for your daughter of Hindu origin. The meaning of the name is ‘Rain’.

  •  Vrishti

Another beautiful name for your lovely daughter which again has the meaning ‘rain’.

  •  Wayra

Wayra is a native American name for baby girls and it means ‘wind’.

  •  Yuki

Yuki is a quite popular name in Asia which means ‘snow storm’. The name is most commonly used for boys born in December.

  •  Zephyr

Zephyr means ‘west wind’ and it is an Anglicized form of the Greek name Zephyros.

  •  Zerua

Zerua is a cute Basque name for a baby girl that means ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’.

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