Tomboy Names For Girls

Are you looking for a decent name that will not look too feminine for your little girl? Or a name that avoids all the flowery and too-dramatic things that girlish names might have? Then you have arrived at the correct place.

A tomboy is a girl who acts or exhibits qualities like those of a boy. She takes in male things such as attracting men’s clothing and participating in demanding games and activities for boys. 

Floral and elegant names do not go with the image of a tomboy. Thus, you must come up with a rough and tough name for her that will suit her attitude later.

Take a look at our list of tomboy baby girl names bold, heroic, and unique.

The Top 30 Tomboy Names For Girls


The name Casey is of Irish and Gaelic origin that means alert and watchful.  You can use the name for both girls and boys as a nickname or a familiar name. You can pronounce it as Kay-cee.


Emerson is a name that people used during the old English age. The meaning of this name is “Emery’s son.” Also, it is the surname of a great poet of the 18th century, Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Jude is a Hebrew name that means “praised.” It is also an English, French, and German name. It is a variation of Judas in the New Testaments. People use it to refer to Judas Iscariot, the second Judas.


Bobby or Bobbie is a hypocorism, given name, and sometimes a nickname for men and women. It is a male or female version of Robert.


Noah is a name from the Hebrew word “Noach,” which means “rest” and “comfort.” God picked Noah as the only honest man in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.


Aidan is a modernized variant of the Irish male given name Aodhán, a Scottish Gaelic name.


Cody is a baby name in the Christian religion and has a Gaelic origin. The “cushion” is the meaning of Cody’s name. Cady is a name that sounds like Cady.


Colbie is a gender-neutral English name that means “from Koli’s Farm.” Colbie is also a particular type of cheese.


The meaning of the Wren in modern terms is “little bird.” Wren was a melodious songbird and could be the next Robin.


Avery is an English and French name that means “ruler of elves.” It is a combination of the Anglo-Saxon name Alfred and the Old Germanic name Alberich.


Carson is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means son of a car. There are several variations to this spelling, and you can pronounce it as Kar-sen.


Margaret’s Swedish and Danish diminutive is Merrit. Furthermore, Merrit is a Swiss abbreviation for the Latin name Dementia. Merrit is a form of Maria in Frisian.


Shawn Meaning and Origin Shawn is a girl’s name of Irish origin that means “God is gracious.” In all its spellings, Shawn is a name that has become less unisex and more male throughout time.


Blake is a version of Black 1, which means “dark-haired,” from a form of the Old English adjective ‘black.”


Georgios is a Greek name derived from georgos, which means “farmer” or earth-worker.” The term ge means “earth,” and ergon means “labor.”


Kai has Frisian roots in Europe, as it is a short form of the name Kaimbe, which means “fighter.


It is a unisex name and you can pronounce it as PAY-ten. Peyton is of Old English origin, and its meaning is “fighter’s estate.”


Quinn is a name with Irish etiquette. It means “Conn descendant.” In Ireland, Quinn is also a prevalent surname. Other possible interpretations of the name include “wise” and “advice.”


Robin is both a given name and a surname for both men and women. It was derived from the prefix “Ro” and was once a diminutive masculine name or nickname of “Robert.”


Ryan is a traditional Irish surname that has grown in popularity as a first name for boys and girls. Ryan is derived from the Gaelic words “right” and “an,” implying “small king” when combined.


Evan is a Hebrew, Welsh, and Scottish name that means “God is gracious” or “born of a youth.” From John, a Welsh version of Iefan, a later form of Ieuan.


Sydney’s meaning is derived from several different etymologies. It might have the same or distinct meanings in different countries and languages.


Taylor is a French surname used in the British Isles, derived from the Norman occupational surname that means tailor in France.


Spencer is a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Butler or Steward. Spencer Tracy is an actor.


Rowan is an old male Irish and English name. The name is from the Irish name Ruadhán, which means “red-haired” in Ireland.


The name Phoenix is generally a gender-neutral Greek name that means Purple-Red. The phoenix is a mythical bird that emerges from the ashes, most in Greek and Egyptian mythology.


Charlie’s meaning is behind several different etymologies. It might have the same or distinct meanings in different countries and languages.


Cleo is a name that refers to both men and women. It could be a misspelling with other similar names. It is a Greek prefix for “pride” or “glory.”


Austin is a beautiful English name that means “excellent” or “wonderful.” It is the medieval abbreviation for the term “Augustine.”


Clover is a gender-neutral English name meaning “Meadow Flower.” It is usually given to babies that have lively and playful personalities.


Becket is a name from the Anglo-Saxon period. It was a moniker given to someone who had a large nose. Berkshire is the name from the Old English terms “beo” and “shire.”


Beatrix is a feminine name originating most likely from “Viatrix,” a feminine variant of the Late Latin name Viator, which meant “voyager.” It was later influenced in spelling by the Latin word “beatus,” which meant “blessed.”


Gus is a masculine name with an English origin that means “great.” Gustav, Angus, August, or Agustus are diminutive forms of the names Gustav, Angus, August, or Agustus.


Alex is a Greek surname that means “protector of mankind.” Both Alexander and Alexis are diminutives of this name.


Parker is an Old English unisex name that means “park caretaker.” Parker is also an Old English occupational surname.


Robin is both a given name and a surname for both men and women. It was derived from the prefix “Ro” and was once a diminutive masculine name or nickname of “Robert.” 


Tyler means “tile maker,” “tile layer,” “house builder.” Remember that many names might have distinct meanings in different nations and languages.

Final Thoughts

These tomboy names for girls are gender-neutral, so you do not have to worry about the identity of your child getting affected by name. 

What are your current thoughts on our list of tomboy names for girls? Did we leave out any of the names? Also, which of the names are your favorite ones?

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