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In this article, we will look at well-known Asian names and its meaning.

Asia’s diversity is one of its many charms. There are so many different cultures and languages that make up this vast continent, and it’s a great place to explore if you want to learn about the world.

Each country has its unique traditions and customs, which makes traveling in Asia an interesting and rewarding experience.

Asia is also a very diverse region when it comes to religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity are all popular faiths here, and each one has its own set of beliefs and rituals.

This diversity means that there’s something for everyone in Asia, whether you’re interested in ancient history or modern culture.

These are the most famous Asian boy and girl names, and they show Asia’s multiculturalism and each name has a lovely meaning.

Meanings of Prominent Asian Boy Names

The first common name is Akhil. Akhil is a Hindu name that means “entire”, “Universe”.

Akeno is another common name, it’s Japanese and means “beautiful sunrise.”

Aki is also Japanese and means “bright.”

Ambrosio is a name of Greek origin which means “immortal”

Akira is a Japanese name that means “intelligent.”

Agastya is an Indian name that comes from Sanskrit and its meaning is “mountain”. It was also the name of an ancient sage.

Anand, Anand is a very popular Indian boys’ name that means happy, joyous. A positive male baby names of Asian origin who makes others feel good with his presence.

Bourney is a fancy Cambodian name that translates to “county” or “estate.”

Did you know Bae is a name? We use bae to address our loved ones. However, is a name of Korean origin meaning “inspiration.”

Chang is a very common name in Chinese and Korean culture. Chang means “smooth, spontaneous, and free.”

Chenglei is a unique name that has an interesting meaning. Chenglei means “who is great.”

Cuong is a Vietnamese name. Cuong means healthy and thriving.

Chan is a very popular name in both China and Japan. Chan means snow.

Dae is a very common name that means “great and shining” originating from Korea.

Dingxiang is a Chinese name that means “bright fragrance”.

Dan is a Vietnamese name that means “steadfastness and justice”

Don signifies ‘glorious chief’ and is a shortened version of Donald.

Durgesh is an Indian name that means “the god of forts”.

Eshwar is a Hindu name, very common in India which means Lord Shiva.

Ebisu is a Japanese name. It translates to “Japanese god of labor and fortune.”

Haider is a striking name in Urdu, and it implies ‘lion.’ Lion embodies strong characteristics such as bravery, authority, and boldness.

Hiromi is a Japanese term that means ‘encompassing beauty.’

Jin is a charming, cheerful, and vibrant name for a baby. Jin is a Chinese name that means “shine.”

Kane is a Japanese name that appeals to people all around the world. It’s an easy name that translates to ‘trying to bring together or wealth’ in Japanese. Cane or Cain are the alternative options.

Kiran is a unisex Hindu name that is mostly affiliated with boys. It means ‘poetic, or rays of light.’ Kirin and Kieran are the additional two variations.

Longwei means ‘dragon majesty’ in Chinese.

In Hebrew, Michael means “God-like.”

Norio is a Japanese word that signifies “man of principles.”

Another Japanese name is Naoki. In Japanese, it means “truthful tree.”

Peng is a unique name. It translates to ‘roc – a mythical bird.’

Ping is a Chinese name that means ‘pleasant’.

Names that begin with the letter Q are uncommon. The Chinese name Quon means ‘brilliant.’

Renshu is a Chinese word that signifies ‘compassionate and kindness.’

Saburo is a Japanese name. It translates as ‘third son.’

Sanjay is an Indian name that means “victory.”

Seiji is a Japanese name that translates to ‘righteous and fair.’

You’ve probably heard of the famous Japanese show ‘Takeshi’s Castle.’ Takeshi means ‘ferocious or a fighter.’

The word Virote derives from Thailand and signifies ‘authority.’

Xiu is a lovely Chinese name that means “grace,” “charm,” and “elegance.”

Yuan is a Chinese name meaning ’round’.

Zian is a Chinese name. This is a phrase that means ‘fascinated deeply.’

Meanings of Famous Asian Girl Names

The first name is Ah Lam. It means peace and harmony.

Another name is Akemi, which means beautiful and harmonious beauty.

Asha is a well-known name in Southeast Asia. It literally means ‘faith or yearning.’

Barkha is a very popular name that means “rain” in Hindi.

Bedisa is a name that means fated to be here. It is a very thoughtful name for your baby girl.

Chika is a Japanese name for a girl. It signifies intellectual capacity and wisdom.

Chowa is a popular Japanese name. It means ‘harmony.’

Darapana is an Indian name that means “mirror.”

Durga is a Hindu name that means “the invincible one”.

Ehuang is a Chinese name that means beautiful.

Jhumpa is an Indian name that means ‘gorgeous.’

Helen is a Greek name that translates to “light” Hong is an adorable name of Vietnamese origin. It means pink.

Hermione is a classic Greek name meaning messenger of God. Familiar to most people through the Harry Potter series, Hermione was one of the three main characters in the books.

Jade- a kind of gemstone. The name sounds light and it is often given to girls who are delicate and soft just like the jade stone.

Kameko translates to “an icon of longevity” in Japanese.

Keiko is a gorgeous and classy name. It means ‘lucky or cheerful baby.’

Li means “plum blossom.” Li is a popular name in China. Lee is of Korean origin. Lee translates to English as “plum” or “black.” The most common surname used by Koreans comes from the Sino-Korean meaning “plum”.

Machi is a Japanese name meaning “wishing for long life.”

Mai is a Vietnamese name meaning “being a rebel” or “elegant.”

Namie: means “wave” in Japanese. This name is perfect for a graceful girl.

Noriko: means Law or order in Japanese.

Peijing is a very popular name originating from China. The name means Applauding grandeur.

Prajna is an Indian name meaning “wise, knowledge”

Reena is an elegant and classic name that means ‘gem.’

Riddhi is an Indian name meaning ‘Blessed or prosperous’.

Ruby is an English and French name, which means ‘red’. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Sachiko is a Japanese name. It means “true child or child of bliss.”

Sook is a Korean name. It translates to “pristine.”

Toshiko is another famous Japanese name. It means a bright and brilliant child.

Toyoko is a beautiful name that originates from Japan. It means child of abundance.

Unnati is a Hindu name that means reaching heights in life or being successful.

Uma is a Hindu name that means the mother goddess.

Vienna is a common girl’s name in Latin and means “the chosen one.”

Wen is common in China It means “warmth” or “favor.”

Xiang is a name of Chinese origin. It translates to fragrance.

Yoshiko means “noble kid” in Japanese.

Zhen is a Chinese name. Zhen means priceless.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Asian names are diverse as we saw and each name has its unique meaning and story.

There are many different types of Asian names with various spellings and pronunciations.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about the meanings behind some of the most common Asian names and their origins.

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