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Naming is significant to Chinese culture. It is believed that a name can bring good fortune to a child. So, a child’s name has to be selected carefully. Usually, parents consult astrologists to suggest befitting names for their children.  

However, it is no surprise to see a Chinese with an American name. This has become more common in recent times. Shockingly, it even started after the Reform and Opening-Up in the late 1970s. 

At this time, the Chinese became more exposed to western cultures. And so, they embraced American names.

So, what are the common Chinese American Names? Continue reading to figure that out. 

Common Chinese American Names For Males 

Andrew: Andrew means strong, manly, and courageous. It’s the short form of Andy. 

John: The name John means ‘Graced by God, or God Is Gracious.’ It is derived from the Hebrew word Yohanan. This means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ 

Albert: Albert means noble, bright, and famous. It is derived from an Old German language. 

Peter: Peter came from the Greek name Petros. It could mean rock or stone.

 David: It is derived from the Hebrew word dod. And, it means beloved. 

James: James is a classic name. It means ‘supplanter’ or ‘replacer.’ However, it comes from the Latin word Jacobus. And, it means, “May God protect.”

Josh: The name Josh has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘Jehovah is salvation.’

Alan:  This was initially a saint’s name. It means harmony, stone, or noble. Alan also means fair and handsome. 

Robert: This is an old German name. It means ‘bright fame.’ It is taken from the old German name Hrodebert. The name is made up of two elements, “Hrod” and “Beraht.” While ‘Hrod’ means fame, “Beraht” means bright. The short forms are Rob and Robby.

Williams: The name Williams comes in the form of the name William. William is derived from an old German word Wilhelm. And it means ‘strong-willed warrior’ or ‘resolute protector. 

Kelvin:  Kelvin is an English name with a Scottish origin. It was formed from the old English words’ friend’ and ‘ship.’ But, it means ‘Riverman.’

Bruce: Bruce has a Scottish, French, and English origin. It means wood thicket.

Eddie:  Eddie comes from the old English name Eadwine. Itch means rich, happy, and friend. However, Eddie means ‘rich in friendship’ or ‘wealthy friend.’

Jacob: The name Jacob has both Hebrew and Latin origin. In Hebrew, it is Ya’aqov. And, in Latin, it is Iacobus. However, Jacob is a classical name that means ‘supplanter.’

Raymond: The name Raymond has a German origin. It means ‘wise protector,” famous protector,’ or ‘counseling protector.’

Richard: Richard has its origin from old French. It simply means’ strong to rule.’ 

Jerry:  Jerry means ‘may Jehovah exalt.’ It has its origin from old French. And it has quite a few spelling variations. Some of which include Gerry, Gerald, Jared, Jerome, Jeremiah, etc. 

Ken: ken comes from a Scottish word that means ‘handsome.’ It is the short form of Kenneth’s name. It could also mean ‘Good health’ or ‘intelligent.’

Joe: This is usually short for Joseph. It comes from the Hebrew verb Yousaf. It means ‘to increase’ or ‘he will add.’

Noah:  Noah has its origin in the Hebrew word ‘Noach.’ It means ‘rest’ or ‘repose.’

Common Chinese American Names For Females

Jenny: This is a short form of Jennifer. It means ‘fair one.’ The name Jennifer comes from the Cornish word Guinevere. Guinevere is derived from the Welsh name – Gwenhwyfar. It means white wave or white shadow.  

Jessica: Jessica is from the Hebrew wordYiskah. And it means ‘rich, or God’s behold.’

Emily: Emily means to strive or excel. It also means ‘rival.’ The name is derived from the name Aemilius. Aemilius is a Roman family name.

Tiffany: Tiffany comes from the Greek word Theophania. And it means the manifestation of God.

Katherine: Katherine is from the Greek word Katharos. It means pure. Additionally, Karen is a variation of Katherine, while Catherine is a spelling variation of the name. Katty is a short form of Katherine. 

Joanna: Joanna mean‘God is gracious.’ It comes from the Hebrew name Johannah.

Angela: Angela is from the Greek word Angelos. It means angel or messenger of God.

Amy: Amy is derived from the French word Amee. It means “beloved.”

Sally:  Sally has a Hebrew origin. It means princess, essence, or speckled. It also means ‘woman of high rank.’

Hannah:  Hannah comes from the Hebrew name Channah. It means favor or grace.

Sarah: Sarah means princessIt has a Hebrew origin. 

Nancy:  Nancy means favor or grace. It has a Hebrew origin. 

Bernice: Bernice has a Greek origin. It means victory bringer.

Anita: Anita means gracious or merciful. It is of Hebrew origin. Ann is a short form of Anita. 

Rachel: Rachael has Hebrew origin. The name means ewe or female sheep.

Sandra: the name Sandra means the defender of humankind. Some prefer to call it – defender of the people. In Arab, it means – sacrifice.

Diana: Diana means divine. It is related to some Latin words like ‘daylight’ and ‘sky.’ 

Maggie: Maggie means pearl. Usually, it is the short form of Margaret. But, it has become independent in recent times. 

Fiona: Fiona has a Scottish origin. It means ‘white, fair.’

Betty: This is usually a short form of Elizabeth. It is from the Hebrew name Elisheba. It means ‘God is satisfied’ or ‘Oath of God.’ 

Common Gender-neutral Chinese American Names 

Sam: The name Sam is of Hebrew origin. It is used as a short form for Samuel. And it means ‘told by God’ and ‘God hears.’ Sam is historically a male name. But, it has some female variations like Samantha, Sami, and Samuela. 

Eric: Eric comes from the Norse word ‘Eirikir.’ It means ‘sole ruler’ or ‘ever powerful.’ However, Eric is known to mean ‘always ruler’ or ‘forever ruler.’ It also has a female variation, Erica. 

Nicky: Nicky is primarily a gender-neutral name. It can also be called Nick. The name is of an English origin. And it means ‘Victory of the People.’ It is usually a short form of Nicholas or Nicole. 

Alex: Alex is originally a Greek name. It means ‘man’s defender’ or ‘warrior.’ It is a common name for boys. But some females also bear this name. 

Charlie: Charlie is a derivation from the classic name Charles. And, it comes from a German word meaning ‘free man.’ The name is also used for females. 

Dan: Dan means God Is My Judge. It is primarily a male name. But most females bear this name as well. In Chinese, Dan is a female given name that means ‘red.’

Jason: Jason has Hebrew and Greek origins. It is derived from the Greek word ‘Iaomai,’ which means ‘to heal.’ In Hebrew, however, it means ‘The Lord is salvation.’ 

The name also has some spelling and pronunciation variations. Some of which are Iason, Jase, Jayce, Jaye, Jayceon, Jacyn, Jayson. Jaye is a feminine variation. 

Brandon: Brandon comes from the Old English words’ Brōm’ and ‘Dūn.’ ‘Brōm’ means gorse-bush, and ‘Dūn’ means hill. Its feminine variants include Branwen, Brandy, and Brenda.

Michael: Michael is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘who is like God’ or ‘gift from God.’ The name Michelle is its female variant.  

Vivian:  Vivian is a gender-neutral name. It has its origin traced to a Latin name of the Roman Empire period. Its variants are Vivien, Vivianus, Vivienne, and Viviana. The name means ‘alive.’

Victoria: Victoria is the female variant of the name victor. It comes from the Latin name Victus. It means ‘victor’ or ‘conqueror.’ 

Jackie:  This unisex name is derived from old English and Hebrew. It means God is gracious. It could also mean ‘he who supplants’ or ‘son of man.’ 

Kelly:  Kelly originates from the Gaelic tradition. It means ‘descendant of Ceallach.’ It also means ‘warrior’ or ‘female warrior.’ It is also derived from the Hebrew name Yehoshua, which means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’

Ashley: Ashley has its origin from an Old English surname. It comes from the Old English words æsc and lēah. The word ‘æsc’ means ‘ash,’ and ‘lēah’ means ‘forest gland.’ And it means “Dweller near the ash tree meadow.” It is called Ash for short most of the time. 

Mary: Mary can mean bitter or beloved. It is derived from the Hebrew word Miryam. It has male variants like Marion, Mario, and Marius.

Facts About Chinese American Names

The most common male Chinese American names are David, John, and James. And Jenny, Angela, and Amy are most common for females. These names are also popular amongst Americans.  

Names like Andrew, Peter, Dan, and Albert are more common among Chinese Americans than Americans. Other more common male names are Eric, Sam, David Alan, and Alex.

Also, we have more Chinese bearing Grace, May, Cecilia, Cindy, Alice, Jane, and Vivian. These names are rarely found among Americans. 

Chinese usually bear the short form of a name. Americans, however, typically go by the more extended version of a name. 

Furthermore, the Chinese avoid English names with a great emphasis on ‘L.’ That’s because they have issues pronouncing the letter ‘L’ with a Western Accent.

Final Note

The Chinese culture attaches so much importance to names. They would go through several traditional procedures before naming a child. They believe that names are sacred and can bring good luck to the bearer.

The most common Chinese American male names are David, John, and James. For females, they are Jenny, Angela, and Amy.

You’d most likely see a Chinese bear a shorter version of an American name. Americans prefer the more extended version of a name. 

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