Is Mcdonald’s In China? (locations, Menu + More)

McDonald’s is a fast food chain that was founded in the United States. Since its inception, McDonald’s have been a part of the cultural fabric of the country. The fast food giant has been in the US since 1940.

Additionally, are you curious about whether or not McDonald’s has any fast food restaurant in China? And if so, what kind of food does Chinese McDonald’s serve? Well, look no further for answers! I’m going to answer those questions and more below, so keep reading!

Is McDonald’s In China In 2022?

McDonald’s is expanding to China, and has over 3,800 locations in the world’s second most populous country. Special food at McDonald’s in China includes the Sichuan Double Chicken Burger, Japanese Beef Bowl, and Congee.

If you keep on reading to learn more about McDonald’s in China you will discover about what menu items are unique to China and when McDonald’s first opened in the country.

How Many McDonald’s Are In China?

There were 3,787 McDonald’s locations in all of China, and it was the second-most McDonald’s locations in one country.

What Is McDonald’s Called In China?

The Golden Arches is called Jingongmen in China, a name that started in 2017, and it roughly translates to “Golden Arches.” Before 2017, McDonald’s was called Maidanglao.

McDonald’s representatives stated that they had no plans to change the restaurant’s name.

It’s interesting to note that this name change comes as McDonald’s sold over 80% of its stake in the Hong Kong and China restaurants to a private equity firm.

When Did McDonald’s Enter China?

McDonald’s first opened its doors in the city of Shenzhen, which is near Hong Kong.

KFC may have opened its first restaurant in Beijing, and its second restaurant in Hong Kong, but it was in a different category of restaurants than those of Dosa and Woks.

Is McDonald’s Successful In China?

One of the reasons is that McDonald’s is still working on opening up more stores in China, and it is already doing well.

McDonald is a fast food chain that enjoys great success and is very popular in China. The Chinese can get their own version of the fast food chain and enjoy the Chinese influence and special items exclusive to China.

What Do McDonald’s In China Serve?

You’ll see that McDonald’s in China has its own menu that has more items and tastes different than the American menu, although you can also find classic American menu items.

Fried Pineapple Pie is the way I’ve always liked to eat it. I like that it’s sweet and sticky on the tongue.

China is known for many things, but one of those things is the Fried Pineapple Pie. It’s very delicious and it looks just like the apple pie.

The McDonald’s Bowl is a dish consisting of a serving of McDonald’s hamburgers, fries, and a soft drink on a bed of salad.

The McDonald’s Bowl is a bed of rice with either hamburger pieces of chicken on top of it with some lettuce and some sauce. The rice has the look of a ketchup-colored sauce, which is how it got its name.

Some people think it’s pretty filling because it has rice in it, which is a staple of Chinese culture. To be honest, it’s not that filling, but many people like it because it has rice in it.

Taro is a vegetable that has a starchy taste and has a hint of vanilla flavor.

Sichuan double chicken burger is a very famous dish in Hunan.

There are two chicken patties in the Double Chicken Burger, they are made with Szechuan sauce and a brioche bun.

Congee is also known as rice porridge. It can be made with any grain of rice but traditionally, congee is made with rice with a lot of glutinous rice. Congee is really popular in the Philippines and is usually served with savory dishes like pork or chicken. Congee is considered to be a healthy substitute for rice.

Congee is a common breakfast food for Chinese people. McDonald’s has its version, called Egg McMuffin, which contains corn, eggs, beef, and oats.

Congee is a healthy breakfast that’s worth trying if you live in China.

A juicy double beef burger.

– Order the German Sausage Double Beef Burger, with the side of fries, milk shake, or apple pie.
– Get a drink of the coffee, tea, or lemon water for you to cool off after a long day and eat a little more.
– I hope that you can get this burger and enjoy it. Have a nice day!

This item includes two double beef patties, two of your choice of German sausages, and has mustard squirted all over it, plus a soft bun!

I wrote some things for you.

At Mexican McDonald’s restaurants, you can order any of the chicken sandwiches that the restaurant has to offer.

Grill chicken, then use cheese to cover the chicken so to be able to take it off without burning.

I know you are not very hungry, but please have a bite of one of these burgers. You will be very happy with this meal!

The french have this amazing dish. The name makes it sound like they cut the potatoes into little pieces and fry them but they have no potatoes. They just throw them in the fryer and then top them with a ton of cheese, sauce, and various other toppings.

The Chinese are crazy about waffle fries. They use the crispy potato dough as a substitute for bread to make a variety of waffle food such as Crisscut Fries, and even use it to make pizza.

Japanese bowl made of beef and barley and steamed and served with soy sauce and green onion.

The Japanese Beef Bowl is a bowl that is covered with a thin layer of beef and cheese in between. The Japanese Beef Bowl is a trendy item in China, and it’s one of the most unique items that McDonald’s serves in China.

You will also find this filling bowl is packed with beef, noodles and vegetables…

Rolls filled with either beef or chicken, depending on your taste.

There’s a lot of demand for rolled food in China, so McDonald’s has to make it seasonal. These are usually available during the festival of the seventh month. The last time they were available was last year too.

The food was amazing! The rice bowl comes with beef, chicken, prawn, and beef chirashi.

We’re going to make traditional spring rolls, so if you’ve never had one they are very, very similar to a spring roll.

How Much Does McDonald’s Cost In China?

McDonald’s has similar prices in China to what you’ll find in other parts of the world like the U.S.

McDonald’s bases prices on the geographical location and the wealth of the people and economy in that country. McDonald’s also calculates the cost of the ingredients from different countries.

because McDonald’s uses geolocation data to determine where to source their ingredients, prices can fluctuate.


McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that is extremely popular in China. The number of locations is over 3,700, which is very surprising.

To make sure all of this is possible, the company is going to hire more than 10,000 new employees in the coming year.

But, McDonald’s has also hired people from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.

The Japanese beef bowl consists of meat, rice, veggies and sauce, all wrapped up in a thin layer of seaweed! The Taro Pie is an Asian favorite, but because there’s no actual taro in this item, McDonald’s replaced it with another sweet potato and a bit of apple pie.

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