Does Russia Have Mcdonald’s? (your Full Guide)

McDonald’s is the second-biggest fast-food restaurant in the world. The fast food giant was founded by two American brothers in 1930s.

Many people wonder if Russia has McDonald’s and if that’s actually a fast-food restaurant that a lot of people visit. And I’m going to answer the questions and more!

Does Russia Have McDonald’s In 2022?

In early 2015, when McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the menu featured two items: the Big Mac, and the Chicken McNugget, because the country only had a McDonald’s opening in its capital city, Astana.

McDonald’s restaurants can be found all over the world, except in Russia. These are one of the best franchises out there and they are considered a symbol of American culture.

When Did McDonald’s Open In Russia?

McDonald’s had its first restaurant in Russia in 1990 in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, which is within the city.

And when the first McDonald’s opened, it was estimated that 38,000 people waited in line to try the famous McDonald’s burgers.

The first McDonalds opening in the USSR was the most spectacular event that have ever happened. No one had ever eaten so many hamburgers in one day.

McDonald’s source most of their supplies from local companies around the world, to keep prices low and provide jobs.

What Does McDonald’s Serve In Russia?

The McDonald’s in Russia serves some exclusive menu items that you’ll discover only in Russia, so you should go if you happen to be in Russia.

And I’ll give you a little bowl of rice, and I’ll give you some pickled vegetables, and then you make your own.

If you’re looking to enjoy the Shrimp Roll at no extra cost, don’t forget that you can always order it from the McDonald’s McDelivery menu.

Furthermore, the shrimp roll is similar to wraps sold in America, with the shrimp being fried and rolled in a tortilla that includes lettuce, a special sauce, and onions. However, the dish is not served with rice as in the original.

There’s a good chance that you’ll only be able to enjoy that breaded shrimp sandwich for $4.04 today.

I do not support Donald Trump.

This year, the fast food giant made its debut in Russia, and they’re getting high praise from residents. They’ve been known to make the best McFlurry, but they also have chicken wings and burgers!

The chicken wings are very crispy and juicy. They taste great. The only problem is that they are very expensive, about $3.85 for a medium serving.

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They’re called fries, and they’re the most popular order.
We’ll have that and a shake.

However, you can still get fries from local suppliers and there are no plans for the US versions to return.

McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti, and I just got McFlurry Biscotti.

If you are looking to relax and rest, and you want to feel like you are at a nice restaurant where you can see the chef creating your McFlurries, then this dessert is the one for you.

If you are looking for that delicious chocolate taste but you want it to be low in fat and calories, then you’re perfect to taste the McFlurries Chocolate Macaroon.

The first time you open the package, you might just be surprised by the size of the macaroons.

Russia produces McFlurry that is much bigger than an American McFlurry and has pieces of strawberry filling inside as well as chocolate biscotti.

Also, it’s made with fresh vanilla ice cream that’s soft-serve and made with whole milk. You can also get choices of chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and lemon flavors.

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most populated regions, with beautiful scenery and tasty cuisine, including Tuscan beef.

It’s grilled two beef steaks, Emmental cheese, raw onions, a bunch of arugula, and a slice of tomato on a pita.

If you are planning to eat sushi, you should buy Japanese style sushi as it is prepared by hand. Additionally, it is a more expensive dish. It costs around $4.50 or 385 Rubles.

How Much Is McDonald’s In Russia?

The only downside to this is that you can’t get your own Big Mac and have to share a Big Mac with friends. Another downside is that McDonald’s in Russia can be really crowded and it’s usually impossible to find an empty table.

On the other hand, there’s one McDonald’s in all of Korea. So the price of a burger or a coffee is usually on the lowest side, and that’s why there’s a big fluctuation between American McDonald’s and Korea.

Does McDonald’s In Russia Serve Vodka?

So McDonald’s is no longer allowed to sell alcohol in Russia? I know there was beer available in the McDonald’s, but it was a watered-down cheap beer.

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Is McDonald’s Popular In Russia?

In Russia, McDonald’s is a very popular restaurant. There are over 900 locations throughout the country. It is the most convenient fast food restaurant in the country.

Since McDonald’s opened, Russians have been McDonald’s fanatics. They’ve been McDonalding all over the place, in Russia, in Kazakhstan (McDonald’s has even opened a restaurant there), in Ukraine (it has a huge franchise), and in Ukraine, McDonald’s has even opened a restaurant there.

McDonald’s has investments in Russia more than $2.5 billion and grows about 14% annually.


McDonald’s has more than 750 restaurants in Russia, making it the second largest fast food business, only behind Subway.

McDonald’s is popular in Russia since its opening, while the number of restaurants is increasing.

The most interesting part of the visit was the fact that you could not find the McFlurry De Luxe Strawberry Biscotti anywhere else in Russia.

This is because the Russian government and economy is a lot smaller, so if you want something, you can easily get it with the $2.13 Big Mac.

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